How to get Armament Haki V2 in King Legacy?

How to get Armament Haki V2 in King Legacy

Last Updated on 16 January, 2023

How to get Armament Haki V2 in King Legacy – Busoshoku Haki + The Upgrade to V2 – All the steps and a video guide

How to get Armament Haki V2 in King Legacy – Steps

First you must get the standard version of Armament Haki – Busoshoku Haki, and then the improvement, we show you the steps and the locations

  • Buy the standard Armament Haki – Busoshoku Haki – for 500k Beli on Bubble Island
  • Go to soldier Headquarter and talk to NPC Lee
  • Get diamonds from Pung: Go to Pirate Skull Island > Meet Pung (Sand buildings) > Defeat the Dark Beard boss > Talk to Pung again
  • Give the Diamonds to Lee (Soldier Headquarter)
  • Upgrade Armament Haki to V2 (you will need 35M Beli)
  • If you want you can change Armament Haki V2 color for 5 gems ( Starter Island > Armament Shade NPC)

So yes, you’re going to need a lot of Beli, so make sure you’ve gotten them beforehand. It is expensive, but buying Haki is almost required since it gives a large damage increase on 2 of the 3 categories of offense. You can check if there are any gift codes that Beli gives at this time here > Codes

This form of Haki allows you to injure Logia users with your sword attacks and creates a black effect on your sword(s). Haki will coat heart’s you get from the Ope-Ope no Mi and any devil fruits your holding with a black shiny coat, so turn it off if you want to get a better look at either of those.

Video Guide

A video guide is always helpful if you don’t know the locations, since it’s easier to get an idea watching a gameplay than reading some texts, so we leave you this Joseelix video guide in which in less than three minutes he shows you how to complete the whole process

You can also check the King Legacy Map, and the scripts, How to get Gems, Trello Link & Wiki, Devil Fruits, Codes

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