How to Get Gems in King Legacy?

How to Get Gems in King Legacy

Last Updated on 28 October, 2023

How to Get Gems in King Legacy – Raids, Codes and More – The most effective methods to farm the premium in-game currency, Gems

How to Get Gems in King Legacy – Farming Guide

Regardless of the codes, the best way to farm gems is to defeat certain Second Sea NPCs. We explain that NPCs drop gems and decide which one you like best to repeat it until you get the amount of gems you want or need

  • Hydra (Best farming method): 35 – 50 gems per day depending on the tier of the chest
  • Golden Arena Raid (Second Sea): At least x5 gems in Easy Mode and x15 gems in Normal mode, drop chances are higher when defeating bosses. Although the rewards are higher in Normal Mode, speedrunning is easier and faster in Easy Mode, although it is your decision
  • Kaido & Oden (Second Sea): Defeat them for x5 gems
  • Sea King & Ghost Ship (Second Sea): Defeat them for x2 to x10 gems
  • Redeem codes: Check our valid codes list. It is the best method without a doubt, but sometimes it takes time for new codes to appear
  • Purchase gems with robux: Of couse you can buy gems if you want, check the in-game shop if you have robux, but check the previous methods if youdon’t want to spend real money
  • Battlepass: Each battlepass provides between 30 and 50 gems

How to Get Gems in King Legacy – Uses

It is perhaps more important to plan what you want to spend the gems on, since a very common mistake is to waste them, and it costs a lot to get them so that they disappear later.

  • Awaken fruits: although you can awaken any fruit with gems, we recommend that you reserve them for awaken Dark Fruits
  • Starter Island Random Fruits: The gacha NPC on the starter island sells them very cheap, at a cost of 1 gem per fruit, but it will be a random fruit, and we believe that it is not worth it since the chances of the best fruits are quite low
  • Black market: The Black market is interesting since you know what fruit you are going to buy and sometimes they are really cheap. In any case, we recommend you to control the prices and review them frequently to ensure that you make a good purchase.

Video Guide

In case you have any questions, we leave you this Joseelix video guide in which you can see the opinions and tricks of the youtuber to farm gems effectively

You can also check the King Legacy Map, and the scripts, Armament Haki V2, Trello Link & Wiki, Devil Fruits, Codes

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