King Legacy Map – Islands & Seas

Last Updated on 14 July, 2023

King Legacy Map – Islands & Seas – First and Second Sea Maps, with all the island and info about what you can find in each island, also how to unlock the second sea

King Legacy Map – First Sea

This is the full map of the first sea, see the islands details below:

king legacy first sea

Islands Info

0+ Loguetown – Start Island

  • Quest on Starter Island
  • Tashi Blade Drop
  • Katana Seller
  • Gacha
  • Black Market

50+ Orange Town – Pirate Island

  • Quest on Pirate Island
  • Map with the islands near the boat seller.

100+ Shells Town – Soldier Island

  • Quest on Soldier Island
  • Soru Seller (spawn house)

180+ Arlong Park – Shark Island

  • Quest on Shark Islan
  • Shark Blade Drop
  • Cyborg Seller

250+ Baratie – Chef Ship

  • Quest on Chef Ship (Island)

400+ Drum Island – Snow Kingdom

  • Quest on Snow Island

500+ Rocks Island

  • Quest on Rocks Island
  • Dark Leg Style Seller
  • Triple Katana seller

525+ Alabasta – Sand Kingdom

  • Quest on Sand Island
  • Gear 4th Snake Man seller

525+ Skypiea – Sky Island

  • Quest on Sky Island
  • Pole Drop
  • Kenbunshoku Haki Seller
  • Devil Fruit Remover (Mysterious Wizard)
  • Red bird for Gear 4th

800+ Skypiea – Sky Island

  • Quest on Sky Island
  • Pole Drop
  • Kenbunshoku Haki Seller
  • Devil Fruit Remover (Mysterious Wizard)
  • Red bird for Gear 4th

1000+ Sabaody Archipelago – Bubble Island

  • Quest on Bubble Island
  • Pipe Seller
  • Black market
  • Busoshoku Haki Seller
  • Special Quest

1250+ Enies Lobby – Lobby Island

  • Quest on Lobby Island
  • Devil Fruit Remover (Mysterious Wizard)

1500+ Thriller Bark – Zombie Island

  • Quest on Zombie Island
  • Shadow master orb drop chance > raid boss Oars.

1750+ Marineford – War Island

  • Quest on War Island
  • Golden Arena Mode
  • Bisento Drop
  • Mini Mace Seller on one Pillar
  • Quest for second sea

2000+ Fishland

  • Quest on Fishman Island
  • Fishman Karate style

3000+ Stone Arena

Expert Swordsman/Shanks/Mysterious Swordsman every 6 hours

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King Legacy Map – Second Sea

This is the full map of the second sea, see the islands details below:

second sea

How to unlock the Second Sea?

  1. Get the map in Fishman Island: Kill the seasoned Fishman in Fishman Island until you get the map
  2. War Island: Complete the quest to locate a map (100k belli & 150k exp)
  3. Find Elite Pirate: Behind a secret wall at Start Island (by the snake quest)
  4. Set the spawn in the second sea after the Elite Pirate teleports you there

2250+ Floresco

  • Deck (2250)
    • Boat Seller
    • Elite Pirate
    • Black Market
    • Hint (NPC)
  • Floresco Town (2550)
    • Gacha
    • Drago (NPC)
    • Cyborg Seller
    • Fishman Karate Seller
    • Dark Leg Seller
    • Dragon Claw Seller
    • Bounty Leaderboard
  • Oden (King samurai) spawn

2300+ Fons Land

2400+ Hibernus Land

2700+ Carcer

2850+ Torrefacio

2950+ Viridlans

3025+ Skull Island /Onigashima

  • Dragon Orb Drop
  • Authentic Mace Drop
  • Boat Seller

3100+ Dead Tundra

  • Quests on Dead Tundra
  • Anubis Axe Drop
  • Adventure Knife Drop
  • Boat Seller

3200+ Loaf Island

  • Sunken Blade Drop
  • Cookie Sword Drop
  • Metal Trident Drop
  • Phoenix Blade Drop
  • Kioru Seller
  • Boat Seller

2950+ Viridlans

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