How to Have Unspoken Rizz in Stardew Valley

how to have unspoken rizz

Last Updated on 2 December, 2022

How to Have Unspoken Rizz in Stardew Valley – Become a rizz goddess and conquer the non-married characters in Stardew Valley!

Have you encountered difficulties in Stardew Valley finding a female partner? You can become a Rizz God in Stardew Valley by rizzing any of the six stunning single women there—Haley, Emily, Abigail, Penny, Maru, and Leah—by following the instructions in this guide.

How to Have Unspoken Rizz in Stardew Valley – Guide

General Rizz Tips

I’m going to teach you general unspoken rizz methods that will work on every single female in Pelican Town before we go into specifics about how to rizz up a particular character in Stardew Valley. If you follow these guidelines, every lady will adore you.

Talk with Females

Talk to single women as often as you can. This will gradually increase your friendship score (+20) and win them over. Queens don’t want to be distracted, so don’t try to rizz her up while she’s preoccupied; instead, wait until she’s focused so you can rizz her more effectively.

A rizz god, for instance, wouldn’t bother Haley in this image because she’s working, and conversing with a woman while she’s busy makes you appear desperate and as though you have no rizz.

Check their heartbeats

In Stardew Valley, characters’ heart meters make it simple to tell how much they like you.

Before getting married, singles are limited to eight hearts. As you progress in rizzing, pay attention to the hearts, which indicate how much a woman likes you. This will help you to know when to bring up marriage.

Go to the Flower Dance

Women will like you more if you bring them to the Flower Dance. Always dance, but only if you have at least 4 hearts of rizz; otherwise, you will be rejected (being rejected Means no rizz). Never, ever accept rejection.

Give liked and loved gifts

You will eventually discover what each woman enjoys and what all women enjoy (universal liked and loved gifts). In order to avoid appearing needy, we rizz gods only offer queens what they enjoy the most no more than twice a week. Spending too much on gifts is preferable though, as the rizz gods ought to have plenty of money and you can’t afford to waste it as a farmer, especially not on women.

The finest gifts for rizzing while also safeguarding the money are those you retrieved from the ground and the garbage, but make sure the girls enjoy the presents (they will never know you got it out of a trash can). It also goes without saying, but be careful to only search through the trash at night or in the rain because doing so will make you appear impoverished to any queens (no rizz).

The Queens

Now that we’ve covered the broad, vague, unsaid rizz, it’s time to choose somebody to rizz up. I’ll go through the justifications for rizzing up each of these lone queens in Pelican Town as well as any particular advice on how to rizz them up.

Haley (Mean Girl)

Haley will be an ♥♥♥ to you until you rizz her up enough for her to start being kind, thus if you want to date her, you need to have some sort of humiliation kink. She is the only blonde evil guy in Stardew Valley, therefore it’s rewarding. You’ll have to put up with the taunts for a time, but you can finally win her heart and get her to stop picking on you. Haley turns 14 in the spring. She frequently visits the beach and the fountain, making those locations attractive spots to rizz her. However, because she is a ♥♥♥, she occasionally chooses to ignore you.


Emily isn’t that horrible, but if you wish to disregard this major red flag, there must be something wrong with you for liking a woman with blue hair. Since Emily is a bartender, you can find her in the Saloon. Despite the fact that she is employed there, she is always willing to accept rizz. On March 27th, she turns 27.


Leah loves nature, so be sure to pretend to love the world, the environment, and nature while keeping your love of money hidden from her.

She prefers food off the ground, so if you come across her in Cindersap Forest, you may simply rizz her up by offering her something you’ve picked up off the ground.

She is not in love with money like most ladies are, which makes her a fairly simple character to rizz without spending any money. The best spot to find her is in Cindersap Forest, where she resides. You’ll make her love you for sure if you buy her a salad while she’s at the saloon. The 23rd of Winter is her birthday.


While not the most well-liked match in Stardew Valley, Maru will be friendly to you right away, unlike Haley, and she can’t wait to meet you when you move in. She works at Harveys and resides in the highlands.

She was born on July 10. Maru is an excellent choice for farmers who enjoy intelligent ladies because she is gifted in science and technology.

She enjoys metals since they are something she can utilize, and she particularly adores pricey precious metals like gold, iridium, and diamonds. She adores radioactive metals and even battery packs! If you desire a sociable, intelligent wife in Stardew Valley, Maru is a person to take into consideration because she is underappreciated by Rizz.


The e-girl of Pelican Town is Abigail. She is also the Wizard’s daughter, and because of her cool naturally purple hair, she is a relatively well-liked rizz contender. Give her some pricey rocks to eat because she enjoys eating amethyst, and she will adore you. Her birthday is in the fall. If you want a magical gamer girl to be your girlfriend, she is the ideal choice.


Despite her shyness, Penny is a nice and giving girl who tutors kids. She is impoverished and resides in a trailer, but she will move into your home if you marry her and make her your queen.

Penny will first be attracted to Sam, but if you rizz her up, she will warm up to you. She was born in fall 2. Even though her mother is nasty old Pam, if you take Penny away from her, make sure to be friendly with Pam.

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