Kill It With Fire Objectives guide

Kill It With Fire Objectives

Last Updated on 6 January, 2022

Kill It With Fire Objectives guide – Complete all objectives with this guide – First Contact, Close Encounters, Domestic Duties, Major Inconvenience, Garden of Evil, Barnstormer, Paper Trail, Contingency Omega, Consequences

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Kill It With Fire Objectives – First Contact

These are all the objectives in First Contact:

  • First Blood: Kill a spider
  • Get the tracker: Take the spider tracker from the closet
  • Find more firepower: Get the hairspray from the bathroom
  • Get warmed up: Burn 20 objects
  • Throw the book at ’em: Kill a spider with a book (better later with the energy drink)

Kill It With Fire Objectives – Close Encounters

These are all the objectives in Close Encounters:

  • Spawn of Evil: Kill 10 spiderlings
  • Erase the past: Shatter 10 picture frames
  • Check for skeletons: Open the top drawer of nightstand (bedroom)
  • Double trouble: Kill two spiders with one shotgun blast (queen + spiders that spawn)
  • Suburban secret: Discover a hidden room (Study > 2nd shelf > pull the blue and yellow book)
  • Power up: Find 5 batteries

Kill It With Fire Objectives – Domestic Duties

These are all the objectives in Domestic Duties:

  • Make new friends: kill 6 jumping spiders
  • Do the dishes: smash 20 dishes
  • Clean the fridge: remove all items from the fridge
  • Provide snacks: feed cheese puffs to 3 spiders
  • Clean the garage: take care of the 3 barrels in the garage
  • Organize tools: return tools to the pegboard (garage > spiders and explosions)

Kill It With Fire Objectives – Major Inconvenience

These are all the objectives in Major Inconvenience:

  • Blown away: kill 8 exploding spiders
  • Shopping spree: scan items worth $100 (green pizzas, blue/yellow pizzas & purple pizzas)
  • Have a blast: detonate the propane tank
  • Take out the trash: put 5 trash bags in the dumpster
  • Fight spider with spider: kill a spider with an exploding spider (Propane tank)
  • Back in business: fix 3 electrical problems

Kill It With Fire Objectives – Garden of Evil

These are all the objectives in Garden of Evil:

  • Sticky situation: kill 5 web spiders
  • Beacons bright: Riddle > light the 3 braziers
  • Life imitates art: Riddle > match the 3 small pink trees with the large pink trees
  • Reveal the hidden paths: Riddle > burn the bushes behind the cat in the first area and on the wall
  • Herd the cats: Riddle > place cats from smallest to largest on the pedestals
  • Strike swiftly: Riddle > kill a spider with a shuriken (check the Strike Swiftly guide)

Kill It With Fire Objectives – Barnstormer

These are all the objectives in Barnstormer:

  • Regicide: kill 3 queen spiders
  • Master gardener: shatter 20 pots (and vases)
  • Slash and burn: burn 15 hay bales
  • The ‘ol classic: drop the anvil on a spider
  • Bountiful harvest: pick 23 vegetables

Paper Trail Objectives

These are all the objectives in Paper Trail:

  • Not natural: kill 5 radioactive spiders
  • Erase hard drives: burn 8 computers (gasoline)
  • Hack the mainframe: insert 8 USB drives (Pizza guy picture, Chair, Computer, Picture of the lady with cat, Garbage can, Shelves, Cart to the right of the desk, Monitor)
  • Make a wish: blow out the candle (Fire Extinguisher)
  • Shattered thrones: destroy 6 toilets
  • Dead is better: kill 10 zombie spiders (radioactive spiders create zombies)

Contingency Omega Objectives

These are all the objectives in Contingency Omega:

  • Sight Unseen: kill 3 invisible spiders
  • Corporate Secrets: discover a hidden passageway (button in the bathroom)
  • Codebreaker: open the vault (code is 6174) Red 6, Green 1, Blue 7, Yellow 4
  • Arm Contingency Omega: insert arming keys
  • Arms Race: get the flamethrower

Consequences Objectives

These are all the objectives in Consequences:

  • Parting Gifts: open your partner’s old office (x4 Arachno-Gauntlets)
  • Treasure Trove: open the downstairs office (x6 Arachno-Gauntlets)
  • The Last Dance: face the music (All Arachno-Gauntlets)
  • No Time to Explain: step into the light (complete The Last Dance)

Down The Spider Hole objectives

These are all the objectives in Down the Spider Hole:

  • No Spiders Allowed: Place Planks
  • Round Up: Gather Recruits
  • In the Weeds: Mow the Lawn
  • Break On Through: To the other side
  • Mystery Machine: Reassemble the Device (Check the Code Guide)
  • Perplexing Puzzle: Crack the code (Check the Code Guide)

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