Kill It With Fire Achievements Guide

Kill It With Fire Achievements Guide

Last Updated on 6 January, 2022

Kill It With Fire Achievements – All the achievements and how to unlock them – Guides, locations, tips and more

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Kill It With Fire Achievements Guide – Full List

  • Just Say NOPE: Kill a Jumping Spider in mid-air
  • Ragtime: Level 1 > With the Clipboard, smack the piano once
  • Oil Boom: Level 4 > When you reach the gas station, blow up the gas pumps
  • Blind Justice: Level 5 > let a web hit you, then kill any Spider while it’s blocking your vision
  • Tiny Game Hunter: These are all the spiders you have to kill:
    • Black Spider: Standard Spider found on most levels.
    • Spiderling: Introduced on Level 2 (Close Encounter).
    • Queen Spider: Introduced on Level 2 (Close Encounter).
    • Jumping Spider: Introduced on Level 3 (Domestic Duties).
    • Exploding Spider: Introduced on Level 4 (Major Inconvenience).
    • Web Spider: Introduced on Level 5 (Garden of Evil).
    • Radioactive Spider: Introduced on Level 7 (Paper Trail).
    • Zombie Spider: Introduced on Level 7 (Paper Trail).
    • Invisible Spider: Introduced officially on Level 8 (Contingency Omega)
  • Eclectic Tastes: Find every flavor.
  • The Only Way To Be Sure: You’ll beat the game once the Arachno-Gauntlet in Level 8 (Contingency Omega) finishes
  • Live by the Sword…: Kill an Exploding Spider with C4
  • That’s All Folks: Level 6 > right of the garage > attack 3 balloons to the anvil > lure spiders > shoot the ballons
  • From Downtown: Shoot a spider with the Revolver from a long distance
  • Extreme Landscaping: Level 5 >  burn 95% of the hedges
  • Sub-Par: Level 8 > Office > place the ball in the hole
  • Ultimate Exterminator: Find all equipment
  • Sending a Message: Level 2 > complete 5 Objectives to unlock the safe > equip the Hairspray > set the money on fire
  • Jam This: Level 7 > Complete x4 challenges > RPG is the yellow crate, then find the printer in the room with cubicles
  • Smarter, Not Harder: Find every upgrade (Check the Upgrades guide)
  • Knowledge Is Power: Find every tracker upgrade (Check the Upgrades guide)
  • Out of Business: Last Level > Outside the building > shoot the letters
  • Line of Succession: Level 2 > Kill a Queen spider > Lay a Royal Grape Cheese Puff down
  • Lilliputian Commando: After you get the lvl 9 upgrade tiny comando, activate it and complete any level
  • High Voltage: Find batteries (Check the batteries locations guide)
  • Spick and Span: Level 3 Dishes locations:
    • 2 Mugs / 2 Plates in/by the sink
    • 10 Mugs in the Dishwasher
    • 8 Plates in the cupboard by the fridge
    • 9 Mugs in the next cupboard to the right from the previous one
    • Outside of the window in the laundry room is a BBQ with a plate to the left of the grill. Break the window and then shoot the plate to break it
  • MLG Pro: 360 no-scope a spider with the Assault Rifle
  • Unintended Consequences: Complete all of the Arachno-Gauntlets and then press the red button in the final level (Consequences)

Anniversary Edition Achievements

  • Web of Lies: Lure some spiders using the new flavor (Best Buds Blueberry) > Kill one bro spider
  • Shoe Potential: Unlock the shoe’s true power
  • Home Turf: Eliminate every blade of grass in the yard

Kill It With Fire Achievements – Level Guides

For these two achievements, check our level guides:

  • Eclectic Tastes: Find every flavor.
  • Ultimate Exterminator: Find all equipment

Level’s Guides: First Contact, Close Encounters, Domestic Duties, Garden of Evil, Major Inconvenience, Barnstormer, Paper Trail, Contingency Omega, Consequences, Down The Spider Hole


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