Last Epoch Drops The Darkness Unleashed Update

Last Epoch Darkness Unleashed update

Last Updated on 17 April, 2024

Last Epoch has just dropped the April update, which includes many changes and additions. Titled “Darkness Unleashed”, the update contains the Thaemine Legion Raid, the new Transcendence progression system, the Veskal Guardian Raid, and much more! Read on to check out all of the new additions and balance changes.

Last Epoch: Darkness Unleashed

Thaemine Legion Raid

The arrival of the Darkness Legion Commander was imminent. The most powerful of the Legion Commanders is now ready to rush Arkesia. The saga of Thaemine will unfold throughout April, with three key dates for adventurers to keep an eye on.


1. Even without finishing the prelude task for “Darkness Legion Commander Thaemine,” players can still take on the Legion Commander Raid.

2. The Thaemine Legion Raid’s entry item level changes according to difficulty:

  • Normal: Level 1610 or above for items
  • Hard: 1630 or higher item level
  • There are no unique difficulty settings available for the Thaemine Legion Raid.

3. There are three gates in normal mode and four gates in hard mode for the Thaemine Legion Raid:

  • Players must have successfully passed Hard difficulty Gate 3 in order to challenge the Hard difficulty Gate 4.
  • Even if players pass Normal difficulty Gate 3 after successfully completing Hard difficulty Gate 3 for the first time, they can still attempt Hard difficulty Gate 4.
  • Every week, Gates 1 through 3’s entry attempts for Hard and Normal difficulties are reset. Clear opportunities for challenging situations Gate 4 is reset every two weeks beginning with the release Darkness Unleashed.
  • You can view the current cycle information by moving the mouse pointer over the gate information.
  • Along with the entrance reset, the ‘View More Rewards’ feature is also reset after Gate 4 is cleared.
  • However, the cost of ‘View More Rewards’ is set according to character-specific requirements for content development and gold acquisition, thus the use of free extra reward viewing could change based on the character’s standing at the time of the weekly usage.

4. The suggested skills in the ‘Legion Commander Raid’ category now include a new entry for ‘Darkness Legion Commander Thaemine’.

5. The Legion Commander Raid “Darkness Legion Commander Thaemine” rewards players with materials for the new “Transcendence” system, including “Dark Fire” and “Magick Spring Water,” in addition to gold, honing materials, and other items.

Related Updates

  1. Regarding the Legion Commander Raid “Darkness Legion Commander Thaemine,” 34 New Achievements and 10 Titles have been added.
  2. Added six more trophies.
  3. The Party Finder’s ‘Legion Commander Raid’ category now includes ‘Dark Baratron’.
  4. The Task Tracker’s ‘Legion Commander Raid’ category now includes ‘Thaemine’.
  5. The item dictionary now includes clear prize information for the Legion Commander Raid, “Dark Legion Commander Thaemine.”
  6. ‘Thaemine Emoticon Pack’ is now available for the Legion Raid Exchange NPC.
  7. There are now three additional mounts available for the “Darkness Legion Commander Thaemine” Legion Commander Raid.
  8. Players can use Selfie Mode at Gate 4 of the Legion Commander Raid “Dark Legion Commander Thaemine” after passing Gate 4 on Hard difficulty. It is not compatible with earlier gates.
  9. Updated Trixion Training Grounds: The Despair of Thaemine:
  • Can practice the Clash minigame (at HM difficulty) on Gates 3 and 4.
  • Entry: Gates 3–1610 and 4–1630.
  • Anyone discontinue taking part without any limitations.
  • When a player dies on the training grounds, their gear’s durability is unaffected.

Thaemine The First

The unique race to beat the hardest difficulty level of the Thaemine Legion Raid is called Thaemine The First. It will be difficult to clear, even for the most seasoned explorers. However, great difficulty also brings great prestige, and those who can defeat Thaemine in his most potent form will be eligible for several distinguished awards. For those who have completed Hard Mode, the Thaemine The First race will start on April 20 at 10 AM PT (5 PM UTC).

To learn more about Thaemine The First, do check out this article that covers all the details.


You can now improve the basic effects of your gear by making use of Gear Transcendence by using ancient power sealed within ruins. The crafting materials for ‘Dark Fire’ and ‘Ancient Soundstone’ used in Transcendence can be obtained from Legion Raid ‘Darkness Legion Commander Thaemine’. 4 new achievements related to Gear Transcendence have been added to the game.

Beginning Transcendence

By using the Transcendence UI, you can check the basic effects and extra effects of Gear Transcendence.

  • You can search the Codex or use the ‘Transcendence Info’ button on the Transcendence UI to find transcendence information.
  • By examining the Upper Ancient Gear (Akkan gear) in the Codex, players can verify the information.

You must meet the following conditions to start Transcendence:

1. Upgraded Ancient Gear for items 1610 and higher.

2. ‘Dark Fire’ releases the gear.

  • Darkness Legion Commander Thaemine is the Legion Raid that leads to the acquisition of “Dark Fire.”

3. Players are not limited by equipped gear.
4. It is impossible to transcend locked gear.

  • By turning on ‘Enable Locked Enhancements’ in Settings, players can bypass locked gear.

5. By visiting ‘Gear Transcendence’ objects in major cities, players who possess the required materials and gear can transcend their gear.

6. After finishing the task “[Guide] Secrets Sleeping in the Ruins,” Gear Transcendence can be initiated.
7. After finishing the ‘[Guide] Gear Transcendence’ quest in Ereonnor, Elgacia, players can obtain some transcendence guides.
8. Only when the player has multiple ‘Dark Fire’ in their inventory may they accept guide quests about transcendence.
9. The ‘Gear Transcendence’ object will not function if the player has no gear available for transcendence.

Release Ruins

In order to advance onto transcendence, players must release the ruins that correspond with each piece of gear. By pressing the [Liberate] button, players can enter the ruins, where each gear part has an old magick circle. Gears cannot be transcended by players unless the ruins are released first. With each transcendence degree, ruins must be released. Regardless of the transcendence levels of their previous gear components, players can unleash the next transcendence level and advance through transcendence.

Gear Transcendence

Clicking on the Released gear in Transcendence UI allows players to enter ruins that are sealed with ancient magick circles. Once the elementals’ strength has destroyed every basic stele, ancient magick will become enchanted in the gear. Steles that enclose old magick circles must be broken to advance with the gear transcendence. Players can break the seal by utilizing the power of the Elementals below to destroy every stele and save the warped ones. Each time a player employs an elemental’s power, gold is used. Every item of equipment has a level 7 transcendency.

  • Once you’ve finished ‘Darkness Legion Commander Thaemine’ Hard Gate 2, you can access Transcendence level 4.
  • The ‘Darkness Legion Commander Thaemine’ Hard Gate 3 must be completed in order to access Transcendence level 7.

With the summoned Elemental, Steles can be destroyed (by a predetermined chance). After destroying a stele, players can select one of the two elemental powers listed below:

  • Depending on the kind of element, Steles have different ranges and chances of destruction.
  • Players can examine the destroyable Steles and their respective chances of destruction by hovering the cursor over the power of the selected Elemental.
  • When two available Elemental powers are the same, the power is enhanced to increase its efficacy. One can enhance an elemental power up to twice. The opposite side vanishes when an elemental strength is enhanced.

Players can use the following “Elemental power” in order after using the summoned Elemental power to destroy the Stele. By selecting the ‘Change Elemental’ button, players can alter the element.

  • In the ‘Check Next Elemental’ section, players can see which element is next in line.
  • The restricted usage of the “Change Elemental” button can be replenished by destroying specific Steles.

There are three types of Steles:

1. Ancient Steles: A common stone tablet that needs to be broken to transcend

2. Ancient Distorted Steles: Stone tablets that, when destroyed, produce three random tablets

  • If specific Elementals destroy the Distorted Steles, no tablets will be formed.

3. Enduring Elemental Stele: Provides several advantages to support when destroyed. One of the six following effects is added to a Stele in the ruins whenever an Elemental is summoned:

  • Relocation: Every last Stele has been moved.
  • Blessing: The number of elemental summons won’t rise.
  • Change: The elemental count will rise by one.
  • Mystery: One of Ruin’s Mysteries will replace the remaining Elemental. (Scream, The World Tree’s Echo)
  • Enhancement: The residual element will receive one enhancement:

The two varieties of Mysteries and the greatest degree of Elementals won’t be improved.

  • Clone: The remaining element will be replicated to match the one that was called forth.

While transcending, players can click the “Exit” button to leave the ruins and proceed to the screen where they can choose their transcendence gear.

  • Players can click on gear at the transcendence gear selection screen to continue transcending, and their transcendence progress will not be lost.

The ‘Stop Transcendence’ button allows players to reverse their transcendence progress.

  • After ‘Ruins Restoration’ is completed, gear can be transcended once more.
  • For the restoration of the ruins, “Ancient Soundstone” and gold will be utilized.
  • All progress is reset upon stopping transcendence, and lost progress cannot be made again.
  • The ‘Exit’ button allows players to proceed to the transcendence gear selection screen if they wish to continue their transcendence.

Transcendence Level

You can achieve transcendence by eliminating every Stele—aside from the Distorted ones. The gear will be upgraded in accordance with the transcendence level after transcendence is finished. The amount of Elementals called forth during the transcendence procedure will determine the transcendence grade awarded once it is finished.

  • The gear part and transcendence level determine the required summon count; the smaller the summon count, the higher the transcendence grade.
  • Transcendent grades have no bearing on the fundamental effects depending on the transcendence level growth.

Once the total of all transcendence grades for each degree of transcendence hits a particular threshold, each gear is eligible for further benefits.

  • Every gear counts the additional effect.
  • The transcendence grade has no bearing on the fundamental effects; it is only applied when the supplementary effect is triggered.

Through the ‘Transcendence Info’ portion of the Transcendence UI, players can verify the transcendence grade and basic/additional effects at each level.

Stop Transcendence

‘Stop Transcendence’ allows you to halt the gear in the Transcendence process. Everything will start over. Through Ruins Restoration, players can attempt transcendence again on gears that have already finished or on gears that have ceased to transcend. Gold and ancient sandstones are utilized in the restoration of ruins. Players can choose a transcendence level to try transcending again in case they are unable to reach the top grade.

  • Ruins Restoration may begin at any time until the ‘Transcendence Grade’ reaches its maximum point.
  • Only when the new grade surpasses the existing grade will Transcendence Grade be updated.

After attempting transcendence again, ruins can be restored, and the transcendence of the provided gear can be completed or stopped to obtain Soundstone Fragments.

  • At the point of completion or stopping, the number of Soundstone Fragments is multiplied by the Elemental summon count.
  • ‘Craft Gear Transcendence Materials’ NPC is where you can get soundstone fragments to make ‘Ancient Soundstones’.
  • Players can exchange Soundstone fragments with one another.

‘Craft Gear Transcendence Materials’ NPC is where you can get soundstone fragments to make ‘Ancient Soundstones’. “Ancient Soundstone” can be created with “Magick Spring Water.” Ancient Soundstones can only be created with ‘Magick Spring Water’ once players have achieved ‘Doom-Chanter’ level 1 achievement and item level 1610.

  • Legion Raid ‘Darkness Legion Commander Thaemine’ yields ‘Magick Spring Water’.
  • ‘Magick Spring Water’ and ‘Chaos Stone’ are needed to craft ‘Ancient Soundstone’ using this combination.

“Soundstone Fragments” can be used to make “Ancient Soundstones.” To use ‘Soundstone Fragments’ to make Ancient Soundstones, players must first obtain ‘Doom-Chanter’ level 1 accomplishment and item level 1610.

  • Once ruins have been restored, “Soundstone Fragments” can be obtained by finishing or ceasing transcendence.
  • Each week, players may combine “Soundstone Fragments” to create up to six “Ancient Soundstones” per roster.
  • Both “Soundstone Fragments” and “Chaos Stones” are needed in order to create “Ancient Soundstones” using “Soundstone Fragments.”
  • It is possible to trade “Soundstone Fragments” with other players.

‘Dark Fire’ helps crafts Ancient Soundstones.

  • You can acquire ‘Dark Fire’ through Legion Raid ‘Darkness Legion Commander Thaemine’.
  • You will require both ‘Dark Fire’ and ‘Chaos Stones’ to craft Ancient Soundstones.

Veskal Guardian Raid

Alongside Thaemine, a new 1630 Guardian Raid called Veskal will be released. Veskal is a Chaos Guardian that uses sound waves to hunt down his enemies. He is prepared to locate and hunt his target with ruthlessness after returning to Arkesia via dimension travel. Like other Guardians, you will have the opportunity to clear once a day to get access to greater gifts, higher level Fate Embers, and the legendary Galewind Rune, which is purification level one.

  • There are now four additional achievements and one title pertaining to Veskal.
  • There is now one additional card called “Veskal Card,” which may be found in Chaos Dungeons and Guardian Raids.

The card set list now includes the new card book effect “Not a Bird,” which was included with the addition of “Veskal Card.”

  • ‘Veskal’-related special excursions have been added to the Stronghold domain.
  • Veskal is now included in the ‘Purification Level 1’ recommended skills category for ‘Guardian Raid’.

Following the completion of the main quest “Call of Fate,” recommended skill information for “Veskal” can be checked.

  • The ‘Guardian Raid – Purification Level 1’ category in Party Finder now includes ‘Veskal’.

Cosmetic Collections

Whether you want to dress up for a formal occasion or pick up cutting-edge Arkesian fashion, the game now brings you two new cosmetic collections:

  1. Lunar Eclipse Collection
  2. Promise And Blessing Collection

General Updates

General updates include:

  • Addition of Chaos Dungeon Enlightenment Level 2 at Item Level 1630
  • More events and consequently, more rewards for players that grind through those events. Daily playtime rewards will continue until May 22.
  • The Currency Exchange will now have two types of Royal Crystals: Safe RCs and Restricted RCs. Safe Royal Crystals will have no restrictions while Restricted ones come with a 3-day withhold restriction.
  • The Gold earned from the Kakul-Saydon Legion Raid has been reduced, along with the prices to receive Extra Rewards.
  • The Power Pass usage flow has been updated and will provide additional convenience for Last Epoch players.

Balancing Updates

The following classes are receiving balancing updates in the game:

  • Berserker
  • Destroyer
  • Glaivier
  • Artillerist
  • Arcanist
  • Summoner
  • Sorceress

Want more details on the balancing updates? Check out the entire patch notes. You can also check out patch notes with Henry to learn more about the Last Epoch Darkness Unleashed patch.

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