Maple Hospital Badges Guide (2024)

Maple Hospital Badges Guide

Last Updated on 1 April, 2024

Maple Hospital Badges Guide – A guide with the steps and requirements to unlock all the available in-game badges

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Maple Hospital Badges Guide – All the Badges

These are all the badges and how to unlock them

  • Welcome to Maple Hospital!! badge: Thank you for choosing Maple Hospital!! > Just Play the game
  • Maple Mega badge: Weigh over 230 pounds on the Maple Hospital Scale! > Self Explanatory (stand on the scale)
  • Rodents… badge: 4/21
  • Doctor Up badge: Unlock the Doctor Role in Maple Hospital.
  • Supa Hot Fire badge: Safety is our 7th Priority > Check below
  • Bone Chiller badge: Get Frozen for Eternity… > Check below
  • Buddies badge: SEA SAW CEE SAU SEE SAUCE > Check below

How to unlock the Buddies badge

These are the steps to unlock the Buddies badge

  1. Requires another player to help you
  2. Reach the playground (to the left of the hospital)
  3. Make another player interact with the seesaw
  4. Interact with the seesaw (Press E)

How to unlock the Bone Chiller badge

These are the steps to unlock the Bone Chiller badge

  1. Requires another player to help you
  2. Reach the elevator (to the right of the front desk)
  3. Press E > Choose Basement
  4. Walk through the lab > Leave the room > go left > enter the Freezer storage
  5. Make the other player grab the bed and lay on it
  6. Make him take you to the morgue lockers and press E

How to unlock the Supa Hot Fire badge

These are the steps to unlock the Supa Hot Fire badge

  1. Go to the fireplace (left)
  2. Walk inside

About Roblox Maple Hospital

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Maple Hospital [OUTSIDE]
Marizma Games
Verified Badge
All Ages
Maple Hospital Roleplay is a highly functional and unique hospital experience designed with the help of a Licensed Nurse. We hope you enjoy the game and we would like to hear your feedback! 🏥

Earn +50% EXP if you join Marizma Games!

  • Diagnose and Treat Illnesses
  • Operate Hospital Machines and Equipment
  • Conduct Wacky Experiments in the Lab
  • Help Nurses and Doctors
  • Endure Surgery as a Patient
  • Discover the Secrets of Maple Hospital

Press “Ctrl” to Ragdoll

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