Maple Hospital Roblox Secrets

Maple Hospital Roblox Secrets

Last Updated on 9 September, 2023

Maple Hospital Roblox Secrets – A lot of things that you surely want to discover about your favorite hospital

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Maple Hospital Roblox Secrets – X-Ray Machine

Enter the hospital, proceed to the right of the reception area, open the first door, and proceed toward the ascensor. Before going up, you may see the X-ray Room through the first door on the ascensor’s left side. Enter and press the red button to turn on the X-ray machine. After that, set the head between the two blue bars and allow the procedure to finish. After that, look at the ledge to the left of the red button and try to climb the wall. You will enter a secret room; use the flashlight to see better. You will get a badge, that much is true.

Maple Hospital Roblox Secrets – Weight machine

To find the weight machine at the very beginning of the corridor, you must reenter through the large, brown double doors that go to the imaging room.

To earn the Maple Mega badge, use the weight machine several times until it registers a reading of more over 230 lbs.

Maple Hospital Roblox Secrets – Hot Fire

When you first start the game, you should be able to see a fireplace to the left of the common area. To obtain the Supa Hot Fire badge in Maple Hospital, all you have to do is go and briefly stand within the fireplace.

Maple Hospital Roblox Secrets – Bone Chiller

Join forces with a friend or other server member because you’ll need help getting onto a bed. You must first travel to the hospital’s basement using the elevator. On the right side of the main lobby, there is an elevator.

Go to the basement by taking the elevator. Continue right through the lengthy hallway after entering the basement until you reach the door marked “Freezer Storage” at the end. You must proceed there. When you get inside, ask your pal to use an empty gurney and ask you to get on it.

Accepting their invitation to lie on the gurney, proceed to the left of the morgue, open the freezer’s door, and enter.

Maple Hospital Roblox Secrets – Toasted

Another friend must have the Horror Pack game pass in order to earn this badge. Go to the end of the hallway in the basement after you’ve loaded the game. Your pal needs to get a gurney, therefore you need to go into the autopsy room. The final chamber on the right is it.

Then, have your pal place you in the incinerator while you lay on the gurney as you did for the Bone Chiller badge. By doing that, you will be able to access the Toasted badge at Maple Hospital.


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