Maple Hospital Headless Code

Maple Hospital Headless Code

Last Updated on 16 November, 2023

Maple Hospital Headless Code – We explain how to walk through the most famous hospital in Roblox without a head

If you were wondering if there was some secret code or way to go headless, not exactly. It is not a code, it is the ID of the correct head

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Headless horseman bundle is free on roblox right now (November 11 2023) And it will last a few days

Maple Hospital Headless Code

These are the steps to become Headless at Maple Hospital, Marizma Games’s roblox game

  1. Go to
  2. Enter the Marketplace / Shop
  3. Find a Headless Head
  4. Equip it

For some reason the headless heads disappear from the store. But in case you’re interested, currently the headless code or ID is 134082579

In case you want to see how it is used and that it currently works, we leave you this video of Melody Codes

For some unknown reason, it may not last long in the store, so we recommend you buy it as soon as possible and enjoy it while it lasts.

If this code no longer works, the only alternative is to search for “Headless” in the store. It’s one of the most popular plugins and everyone loves it, so there are usually new versions as soon as the old ones are gone

About Maple Hospital

A Licensed Nurse assisted in creating the highly practical and distinctive Maple Hospital Roleplay. We sincerely hope you enjoy the game, and we would appreciate any feedback.

  • Diagnose and treat illnesses
  • Run medical tools and machinery
  • Perform Absurd Experiments in the Lab
  • Support the doctors and nurses
  • Submit to Surgery as a Patient
  • Uncover Maple Hospital’s Secrets

Press “Ctrl” to Ragdoll and Press Shift+P to Freecam

A new Update is coming to Maple this Friday with new tools, map changes, and major lag improvements!

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