Mastering the Tarsier Pet Acquisition in Adopt Me! Roblox

Mastering the Tarsier Pet Acquisition in Adopt Me! Roblox

Last Updated on 26 April, 2023

Mastering the Tarsier Pet Acquisition in Adopt Me! Roblox. Obtaining this charming creature is easier to get the incredible Pet.

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Mastering the Tarsier Pet Acquisition in Adopt Me Roblox 

Enter the Tarsier pet, a recent addition to the game that has sent players into a frenzy. Fortunately, obtaining this charming creature is easier than you might imagine. Read on to discover how to add the Tarsier pet to your collection!

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Unlocking the Tarsier Pet: A Step-by-Step Guide

The Tarsier pet is a Rare pet obtainable through hatching a Southeast Asia Egg. When you open one of these eggs, there’s a 20% chance of hatching a Tarsier pet. This makes the pet somewhat challenging to acquire but not impossible. Alternatively, you can obtain the Tarsier pet via trading, but be prepared for fluctuating prices depending on your trading partner. Mastering the Tarsier Pet Acquisition in Adopt Me Roblox.

Hatching the Southeast Asia Egg: The Key to Your Tarsier Pet

  1. Location: Find the Southeast Asia Egg inside the Gumball Machine located in the Nursery on Adoption Island.
  2. Purchase: To buy a Southeast Asia Egg, you’ll need 750 Bucks.
  3. Hatching: After purchasing the egg, pay close attention to its needs. When a need appears at the top of your screen, fulfill it as quickly as possible to speed up the hatching process. The more needs you meet, the faster your egg will hatch!

Discovering the Southeast Asia Egg Pets: Complete Rundown

The Southeast Asia Egg update introduced a variety of pets with different rarities. Once this egg is removed and replaced, these pets will no longer be available for purchase and can only be obtained through trading. The pets and their rarities are as follows:

Common Pets (35% chance each)

  • Bali Starling
  • Malaysian Tapir
  • Maleo Bird

Uncommon Pets (25% chance each)

  • Banded Civet
  • Yellow Lipped Sea Krait

Rare Pets (20% chance each)

  • Gecko
  • Tarsier

Ultra Rare Pets (16% chance each)

  • Komodo Dragon
  • Black Macaque
  • Binturong

Legendary Pets (4% chance each)

  • Tree Kangaroo
  • Naga Dragon

What is Roblox Adopt Me? & Other Guides

Roblox Adopt Me is an exciting game created by the talented developers at Uplift Games. 

Adopt and raise, decorate your home, and roleplay with friends in the magical world of Adopt Me!

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