Mastersmith Build in Ragnarok Origin Easy Guide

Mastersmith Build in Ragnarok Origin Easy Guide

Last Updated on 21 August, 2023

Mastersmith Build in Ragnarok Origin Easy Guide. Dive into our easy guide to master the powerful Mastersmith build in Ragnarok Origin.

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Unlocking the Mastersmith: A Pinnacle of Dedication

The transformation into a Mastersmith isn’t for the faint-hearted. It is a title that demands dedication, achieved only when a Transcendent 1st class character reaches a minimum of level 40, although it’s optimal to aim for level 50. The key to this evolution lies in “The Book of Ymir,” hidden within the confines of Sage Castle.

The journey culminates in the mystical realm of Valhalla, where an enlightening conversation with a certain NPC will officially transition you into the coveted Mastersmith role. With this new title comes the inevitable question: how can you optimize your Mastersmith build to outshine the rest?

The Optimal Mastersmith Build in Ragnarok Origin

The path to becoming the most powerful Mastersmith in Ragnarok Origin is intrinsically linked with a legendary weapon: the Vecer axe. This build pivots on a unique blend of strength and agility. Allowing you to unleash the full force of your cart revo, aided by the maximum possible weight in your cart.

Until the Vecer axe graces your arsenal, a golden hammer will be your trusty companion. Perfecting the blend of strength, agility, and dexterity is fundamental to maximizing your Mastersmith’s potential.

Why Blacksmithing Stands Out in Ragnarok Origin

While many players are entranced by the flashiness of magic or the thrill of swordplay, blacksmithing offers a unique blend of strength, agility, and dexterity, presenting a gameplay experience like no other. As you mold your Mastersmith, these three attributes will become your guiding stars.

A skilled blacksmith possesses the power to unleash devastating attacks, gaining a 10% damage boost from weapon research and a further 25% damage from power thrust. If your goal is to command a character of unparalleled strength, the path of the blacksmith might be the perfect fit for you.

Leveraging the Blacksmith Skill Tree

The blacksmith skill tree is a treasure trove of abilities that reinforce the might of the blacksmith. For instance, the “Maximize Power” skill elevates your damage to its maximum potential on every hit, offering unlimited dexterity.

Another potent ability, “Over Thrust,” bolsters your attack by 4% for all allied party members, further solidifying the importance of a Mastersmith in any party.

Mastersmith Build in Ragnarok Origin Easy Guide

Dive into our easy guide to master the powerful Mastersmith build in Ragnarok Origin. From unlocking the class to optimizing your character’s strength, agility, and dexterity, this guide unveils the secrets to becoming a legendary Mastersmith. Explore the underrated power of blacksmithing and learn to leverage the skill tree effectively to maximize your gameplay experience.

The Mastersmith build in Ragnarok Origin is a journey of dedication and strategic skill selection. The allure of other classes may be tempting, but the unique blend of strength, agility, and dexterity offered by the Mastersmith class is undeniably rewarding. Craft your Mastersmith with precision, and you will command a character of legendary strength and unparalleled potential.

The Underrated Power of the Mastersmith in Ragnarok Origin

When it comes to the world of Ragnarok Origin. The art of blacksmithing often gets overshadowed by the allure of magic and swordplay. However, the journey from a humble blacksmith to a legendary Mastersmith holds tremendous potential. This easy guide will unfold the secrets of crafting the ideal Mastersmith build.

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