Medieval Dynasty Straw Location & How to get

Medieval Dynasty Straw

Last Updated on 28 September, 2020

Medieval Dynasty Straw Location & How to get – A guide to find where to get or farm Straw (free), and the best places to buy it (cheap)

Medieval Dynasty Straw – Collect Straws / Reed

You can get straw totally free, you only have to find and collect them. But you won’t find straw, you have to look for Reed instead, and when you collect x1 Reed, you will get x2 Straw, so x1 Reed = x2 Straw

Reed Location: And as you probably guessed, you can find tons of reeds near the river. So just go to the closest river and farm as many reed / straw as you need. You will find a river by the starting village, so straw is really easy to farm.

See how to farm straw in this video from GameCornerZ:

Medieval Dynasty Straw – Buy Straws

Of course buying straw is even faster, but do it only if you are already rich, because near the river the straw is free.

To get Straw you can to buy it, and the best place is in Teobald’s shop in Lesnica, (Teobald is the shop keeepr, and a 33 years old man). Tools are not cheap, and they are really heavy but, of course, you need them

To Find Lesnica: South west from Denica, cross the river and find Lesnica, or South from Rolnica (without crossing the river)

To Find Teobald’s shop: Inside the town, in the middle (Lesnica)

Teobald Inventory

You will find Straw in Teobald’s shop, but you can also buy some tools, arrows or sticks

  • Iron Axe: Price = 500, but weight = 20
  • Iron Hammer: Price = 400, but weight = 15
  • Pickaxe: Price = 440, but weight = 25
  • Scythe: Price = 600, but weight = 30
  • Shearing Scissors: Price = 400, but weight = 5
  • Iron Arrow: Price = 40, but weight = 0,5
  • Stick: Price = 2, but weight = 10,2
  • Straw: Price = 2, but weight = 1,05

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Medieval Dynasty Straw – Uses

Straw has tons of uses in the game, but you will need it in the early game, because is one of the main items you need to build your house (the roof).

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