Medieval Dynasty Wife guide – Flirt & Marry

Medieval Dynasty Wife

Last Updated on 28 September, 2020

Medieval Dynasty Wife guide – Flirt & Marry – learn how to have a wife in the game, the requirements, the benefits, and all the dialogue options you have to choose

Medieval Dynasty Wife – Uses

A wife is very helpful:

  • She can reset your skill points
  • Restore your health
  • And of course, with her you can have an heir

So how to flirt, marry and have your wife in the game?

Medieval Dynasty Wife – Guide

To start courting a girl, there are 2 requirements:

  • Your approval level should be 60 or higher
  • If there is an age difference between you and her of more than 10 years, it won’t work

If you meet both requirements talk to her and choose always the first dialogue option

Make an offer of marriage when the change is higher than 50, but save the game before

Medieval Dynasty Daub – Dialogue options

Use theses 5 dialogue options or phrases first

  1. How have you Been lately? I hope you’re doing well. If you ever need anything, just ask me. I’ll be glad to help, especially since it’s you
  2. Did anyone ever tell you that you have beatiful eyes?
  3. I admire your dedication to your work. You deserve the highest praise for it
  4. You look beatiful today
  5. I recently went hunting and actually took on a bear. It was a tough fight but I succeeded at the end

After the previous phrases, wait for Good weather & Warm season and use theses 3 phrases

  1. for We Should! Go out to have a lunch by the river sometime. I heard it’s really pretty this time of the year
  2. You look as beautiful as that blue sky today!
  3. You know at my way here I saw a patch of beautiful flowers and I instantly thought of you

Now you can use the final phrases:

My lady, you seem very fit, you look strong like a boar > Hunters

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Video Guide

This is a great video guide about Marry, Recruit, Approval and Affection, by ValnTheFan

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