MHR Golden Muck – Ways To Get It

mhr golden muck

Last Updated on 24 January, 2023

MHR Golden Muck – This guide will teach you how to obtain Golden Muck in MHR Sunbreak.

Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak is the most recent expansion for the game. This expansion added a slew of new Quests for Endgame players. Quests provide rewards and resources that allow the player to craft the best level and quality armor possible. Golden Muck is a resource that most players will need to obtain. It’s a mix of mud and a vicious Monster’s mucus. I’ll show you how to get Golden Muck in Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak in this guide.

MHR Golden Muck

Monster Hunter Rise’s Golden Muck Sunbreak is a Monster drop obtained by completing the Slay Almudron quest. Almudron is a Large Leviathan Monster who lives in swamps. Golden Muck is a mixture of the Mud in which Almudron lives and the Mucus secreted from its Tail. To obtain Golden Muck, you must complete Quests that lead you to Almudron’s death. These are:

  • Hermit of the Swamp
  • A Muddy Invitation
  • Down ‘n’ Dirty
  • Master Utsushi’s Challenge Part 1
  • Rampage Quests
  • Ruckus in the Ruins
  • Tail to Tail

Almudron can be found in Shrine Ruins, Sandy Plains, and the Flooded Forest. So prepare yourself for a fight that will get close and mucky. The Golden Muck is yours once you have slain the Beast. The following Gear is made from Golden Muck:

  • Almudron Axe I
  • Almudron Blade I
  • Mud Shot I
  • Almudron Bowgun I
  • Almudron Gunlance I
  • General’s Strongaxe I
  • Almudron Hammer I
  • Arko Nulo Yellow I
  • Ninja Parasol I
  • Odyssey Blade I
  • Origami Axe I
  • Almudron Mail
  • Almudron Vambraces

It is also applied to the following Gear upgrades:

  • Almudron Axe I
  • Almudron Blade I
  • Arko Nulo Yellow I
  • Almudron Bowgun I
  • Barroth Anchor II
  • Canyne Cannon II
  • Grenade Launcher II
  • Kamura Blade IV
  • Mud Ripper I
  • Mud Shot I
  • Plegis Needle II
  • Pukei Edge II
  • Rath Flamespitter II
  • Sleepy Shellsword II
  • Wroggi Hammer II

It was all about obtaining Golden Muck in MHR Sunbreak. This guide should have been useful to you. You can also read our other guides.

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