Mordhau Cheats Codes – Console Commands

Mordhau Cheats codes console commands

Last Updated on 12 September, 2023

We provide you all the Mordhau Cheats Codes or Console Commands, we explain you how to use them and the benefit of each one of them

Mordhau Cheats Codes – How to enable Cheats?

You just have to open the console and type one of the codes we are going to explain you and provide you.

To open the console press “`” (left of “1”), or “~” or also “End”, and here you have all the available cheat codes or console commands:

Mordhau Cheats Codes – Full List

These are all the available Cheat Codes or Console Commands, type any of them once the console is open:

  • Perform admin commands – adminlogin [password]
  • List of admins – adminlist
  • Add an admin – adminadd [steamid64]
  • Remove an admin – removeadmin [steamid64]
  • Kick player – kick [username or steamid64]
  • Ban player – ban [username or steamid64]
  • Unban player – kick [username or steamid64]
  • Ban List – banlist
  • Change the level or map – changelevel [map name]
  • Restart a level or map – restartlevel
  • Quit Game – exit
  • Disconnect from server – disconnect
  • Stop a demo – demostop
  • Play a demo – demoplay
  • Record a demo – demorec [nameofthedemo]
  • Add Bots – addbots X, where X is the number of bots
  • Remove Bots – removebots X, where X is the number of bots
  • Freeze bots – PlayersOnly
  • Show FPS – Stats FPS
  • Slomo – Slomo x, where x=1 is normal speed, but x<1 will make you slower and x>1 will make you faster
  • Change size – changesize x, where x=1 is normal size, but x<1 will make you smaller and x>1 will make you bigger
  • Crosshair (Enable or disable) – m.ShowCrosshair x, where x=0 disables the crosshair and x=1 enables it
  • Invert attack direction – m.inverseattackdirection x, where x=0 disables disables it and x=1 enables it

If you know any other cheat, please tell us in the comments

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