Amid Evil Cheat Codes & Console Commands (2024)

Amid Evil Cheat Codes

Last Updated on 5 April, 2024

Find here all the Amid Evil Cheat Codes & Console Commands available, enjoy the god mode, unlock all the weapons, kill all the enemies, be invisible, and whatever you want

Amid Evil Cheat Codes – How to use them?

Just type a code (with the keyboard) while you play, so there are in game cheats. There are not case sensitive, and if you want to disable a cheat you have previously enabled, just type it again.

Amid Evil Cheat Codes – Full List

  • God Mode: Type adomg or also ADOMG
  • God Mode & Infinite Mana: Type aeomega or also AEOMEGA
  • Full Mana: Type admage or also ADMAGE
  • Soul Mode: Type aenima or also AENIMA
  • Burp: Type aeurp or also AEURP
  • Fly Mode: Type aero or also AERO
  • Torch Mode: Type aesee or also AESEE
  • Invisibility: Type aeyesore or also AEYESORE
  • All Weapons: Type aewarlock or also AEWARLOCK
  • Allthe Weapons, Mana and Keys: Type aewizard or also AEWIZARD
  • All Powerups, Keys, Weapons, Mana, Health and Soul Points: Type aelpha or also AELPHA
  • All Keys: Type aevain or also AEVAIN
  • Level Complete: Type aeheh or also AEHEH
  • Noclip: Type aether or also AETHER
  • Vaporwave Mode: Type aesthetic or also AESTHETIC
  • Max Post Processing: Type aetheory or also AETHEORY
  • Superspeed: Type aelympics or also AELIMPICS
  • Slowmo: Type aeon or also AEON
  • Fast Weapons: Type aextreme or also AEXTREME
  • Kill All Enemies: Type aextint or also AEXTINT
  • Auto Kill: Type aesplode or also AESPLODE
  • Auto hurt: Type aeouch or also AEOUCH
  • Freeze enemies: Type aestop or also AESTOP
  • Hide Weapon (view): Type aehide or also AEHIDE
  • Screenshot: Type aeshot or also AESHOT
  • Get Azure Ore: Type aewep2 or also AEWEP2
  • Get Whispers Edge: Type aewep3 or also ALEON
  • CGA Pallete 1: Type ae1981 or also AE1981
  • CGA Pallete 2: Type ae1982 or also AE1982
  • EGA Pallete: Type ae1989 or also AE1989
  • CGA Pallete 3: Type ae1983 or also AE1983
  • VGA Pallete: Type ae1990 or also AE1990
  • Select Music: Type aendrew or also AENDREW
  • Get Voltride: Type aewep4 or also AEWEP4
  • Get Celestial Claw: Type aewep5 or also AEWEP5
  • Quit Game: Type aebort or also AEBORT
  • Get Crystal Torment: Type aewep6 or also AEWEP6
  • Get Aeturnum: Type aewep7 or also AEWEP7

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