Mystic Messenger Jaehee Route Walkthrough – Days 5-11

Mystic Messenger Jaehee Route Walkthrough

Last Updated on 19 June, 2021

Mystic Messenger Jaehee Route Walkthrough – best choices & answers, Day 5 to 11, all Jaehee’s endings (Good, Normal and bad endings)

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Mystic Messenger Jaehee Endings

Best Endings – Reach the party with:

  • Jaehee Good End: 10 or more opened RSVP emails
  • Jaehee Normal End: 9 or less opened RSVP emails

Bad Endings

  • 1st Jaehee Bad Story End: Incorrect answers Day 6 branch point
  • 2nd Jaehee Bad Story End: Correct answers Day 6 branch point, then answer incorrectly until you unlock it
  • 3rd Bad Story End: Correct answers until Day 8 branch point, then answer incorrectly until you unlock it
  • 1st Jaehee Bad Relationship End: Day 5 to 6 > win more hearts for another character
  • 2nd Jaehee Bad Relationship End: Day 7 to 10 > win more hearts for another character

Mystic Messenger Jaehee Route Walkthrough – Day 5


  1. any answer
  2. Don’t control yourself. Just follow all your urges and become the best.
  3. How about inviting the host for the championship to our party?


  1. I see you’re still up. Are you feeling lonely?
  2. any answer
  3. Are there a lot of merits to your work?
  4. You’ll get your chance some day! Cheer up!
  5. Good bye, Zen.


  1. Jaehee, how was your night?
  2. There must be a reason why Jaehee didn’t do it.. Calm down first.
  3. Meerkat contest -_-;;
  4. Jumin, everyone gets tired if they work too long…
  5. Jumin, I think you’re being too irritable right now.
  6. Do you really need to leave the cat with Jaehee?
  7. Jumin, I think you’re going out of line…
  8. any answer
  9. Don’t get so upset and have a good day, Jaehee.


  1. I feel so bad for Jaehee…
  2. I think he makes her do everything since she’s so good.
  3. Why does Jumin plan those kind of events and give Jaehee a hard time?
  4. I hope Jaehee gets through this crisis.
  5. Good bye, Zen.


  1. any answer
  2. Jaehee must have had such a hard time…
  3. That sounds fun. Contact the longcat so we can invite it~ lol
  4. any answer
  5. any answer
  6. also any answer
  7. any answer
  8. any answer


  1. Zen, how was work?
  2. I’m amazed that Jaehee still works with Jumin.
  3. I respect Jaehee too.
  4. Okay. Good bye, Zen.
  5. Don’t worry. ^^


  1. Jaehee, you must be really busy.
  2. Zen says he respects you, Jaehee… Cheer up.
  3. Zen must be pretty amazing.
  4. Jaehee, you’re too strong to endure all that stress and anxiety.
  5. Jaehee, cheer up! Zen and I are cheering for you.


  1. any answer
  2. It’s nice to seem them show respect for each other.
  3. I don’t really think Jaehee’s happy…
  4. Because you don’t know what makes you happy?
  5. any answer


  1. Jaehee, do you still have a lot of work?
  2. If anything happens to the cat, Jaehee will be responsible so I oppose.
  3. But chained to money…
  4. You’re making me depressed;;
  5. I’d like to invite them for you, Jaehee. Tell them to contact me~.
  6. Seven;;; Get your words right.
  7. Stop buying cars… You seem rich.. T_T
  8. I don’t think he does;;
  9. I’m glad at least Zen’s musicals cheer you up, Jaehee.
  10. I think he means he wants you to find someone you love and become happy.
  11. Then is he a statue?
  12. I think Jaehee’s thought enough about whether or not she’s on the right path…
  13. I don’t know what advice you gave, but good bye.
  14. Maybe because Seven talked about dating.
  15. I think I can be that friend for you! ^^
  16. Cheer up, Jaehee.


  1. Yoosung, how was your game?
  2. RIP Yoosung’s love life…
  3. It doesn’t have to be through dating but… I want Jaehee to be happy.
  4. I think you two are just prejudiced to think her age will restrict her changes for love.
  5. Do you even have to ask?
  6. Jaehee even respects you, Zen.
  7. I think she’s extremely attractive.
  8. Zen, don’t you think she’s an amazing woman?
  9. What about… inviting your fan club to the party?
  10. Why are you putting him in a corner? lol You don’t even have one.
  11. Don’t work too hard~


  1. Jumin, did you take your cat? Jaehee was having a hard time…
  2. But not apologizing required a lot of energy too.
  3. I want her to be happy even if it’s not through dating.
  4. Free cherries sound good! Let’s invite them!

Mystic Messenger Jaehee Route Walkthrough Day 5 Completed

Mystic Messenger Jaehee Route Walkthrough – Day 6


  1. I’m worried that Jaehee’s still struggling with that cat.
  2. I know…
  3. You’re right… I think even a small gesture would really cheer her up.
  4. any answer
  5. You must have studied very hard before.
  6. That’s a pretty good idea
  7. I’m going to bed.


  1. Haven’t seen Jaehee for a while…
  2. What!? What happened?
  3. Then stop chatting and call for an ambulance right now!
  4. Jaehee is going to worry so much… Be careful.
  5. Don’t worry about us and take care of yourself…


  1. any answer
  2. If you are that worried I think it’ll be good to contact him.
  3. Really??
  4. Jaehee, he’ll be all right. Calm down first.
  5. But it’s natural that Jaehee’s worried.
  6. Don’t tease Jaehee. She sincerely worried for him.
  7. Don’t worry too much right now and get to work safe.
  8. Jaehee is Zen’s fan so she must be more worried.
  9. You too, Seven. ^^


  1. any answer
  2. any answer
  3. I don’t know if that’s related to his recovery rate but that’s a bit sad.
  4. I think it’s be better for Jaehee to go.
  5. I think it’s be nice if Jaehee goes, since she’s more attentive.
  6. Have fun at school!


  1. Did you two have lunch?
  2. any answer
  3. I think he’ll really like if if you go, Jaehee.
  4. Jaehee, don’t you have enough work already?
  5. It’s not about the reward… Doesn’t Jaehee have the right to get some rest while working?
  6. Jumin… Isn’t it against the company’s policy to work like that?
  7. But still…
  8. I think that’s a good idea.
  9. I think it’d be better for her to go since she’s more attentive…
  10. Don’t worry too much. He’ll be fine ^^


  1. Heya Seven
  2. I don’t feel so good about it;; But okay.
  3. any answer
  4. Stalking!? You don’t think Jaehee…
  5. any answer
  6. Not just me… Everyone should be careful. This is scary.
  7. any answer
  8. Everyone will be worried about Zen… Especially Jaehee.
  9. Okay, thank you.


  1. Our handsome Zen~! You didn’t see a stalker on your way back, right?
  2. I think at least Jaehee should go see you.
  3. I’m more worried about Zen…
  4. any answer
  5. any answer
  6. Why don’t you stop trying to take care of things by yourself and ask Jaehee or someone else for help?
  7. I think it’s a good idea!
  8. You’re right… It must be hard for them.
  9. Good bye~
  10. I can’t help but worry…
  11. Be careful, Yoosung.


  1. Jumin, is Jaehee very busy? It’d be nice is she could visit Zen.
  2. Will I be okay? Can I trust V?
  3. any answer
  4. any answer
  5. Why don’t you ask Jaehee to be with Zen?
  6. Please tell Jaehee I’m okay.


  1. Jaehee, Zen’s back from the hospital… I’m worried he might be in danger.
  2. Answer, Seven;;
  3. Cheer up, Jaehee ^^
  4. I’m still a bit nervous. Why don’t you go visit him, Jaehee?
  5. any answer
  6. Jaehee, take care of yourself… It’s really a bit scary.
  7. Just go visit him, Jaehee~
  8. What’s so important about social customs? haha Jaehee, you should just go.
  9. Zen needs your sensitive care, Jaehee.
  10. Jaehee, you really should go.
  11. Jaehee, hope you decide to go visit Zen ^^


  1. Jaehee, I really think it’d be best for you to go visit Zen.
  2. Yes, invite them!
  3. Good thinking ^^ Be careful on your way there.
  4. I’m a bit worried… but go ahead.


  1. Did Jaehee get there safe?
  2. Jaehee’s so cute lol
  3. Jaehee knows basically everything about you.
  4. any answer
  5. Don’t do anything weird to Jaehee ^^

Mystic Messenger Jaehee Route Walkthrough Day 6 Completed

Mystic Messenger Jaehee Route Walkthrough – Day 7


  1. Jaehee finally went to Zen’s house lolol
  2. The two of them? Jaehee’s mine… No.
  3. That’s so cute lolol Let’s invite them.
  4. Whatever happens, I hope Jaehee’s happy.
  5. Don’t get too obsessed over it.


  1. Jaehee, can’t fall asleep at Zen’s house?
  2. I’m glad that at least you’re there.
  3. Zen won’t think that. He’ll see that you are just being kind.
  4. Did you grow up with nice parents?
  5. Don’t work yourself too hard and take care of yourself~


  1. Hello. Zen, did Jaehee get some sleep last night?
  2. I think Jaehee needs a holiday.
  3. Must be nice to be with Jaehee~ I want to go there too~
  4. Never probably. I just feel bad that Jaehee never gets a day off because of the company’s ridiculous schedule.
  5. I think she’ll really cheer up if you encourage her a bit, Jumin…
  6. Jumin, I think that’s too black and white.
  7. Jaehee might be… really feminine on the inside.
  8. Zen, you didn’t let Jumin help you?
  9. It is a man’s instinct to be weak to women.
  10. Jaehee and Zen aren’t like that.
  11. I did guess that she grew up in a difficult environment since she’s so strong.
  12. Jaehee will feel sad if you say that…
  13. Don’t give Jaehee too much work, Jumin. Good bye.


  1. Jaehee must be busy, right?
  2. any answer
  3. Are they that strong?
  4. any answer
  5. I’ll think about inviting him ;;
  6. I hope Jaehee and Zen become good friends.
  7. I don’t care as long as Jaehee’s happy…
  8. any answer
  9. any answer


  1. You’re very busy I assume?
  2. I guess our Jaehee’s very busy too then.
  3. Your father must still be… very robust.
  4. You want to start more projects!?
  5. Fi, first… Invite him.
  6. I’m worried Jaehee will have more work…
  7. Don’t be like that and give some of the work to others. I think Jaehee will be too stressed out.
  8. Don’t think that will happen… Why can’t you try stepping in her shoes?
  9. I think you are being too harsh on Jaehee…


  1. Jaehee’s going to have so much work. What do we do T_T
  2. I feel so bad for Jaehee… I’m worried.
  3. I think work takes up too much in Jaehee’s life. I’m worried.
  4. The security’s really strict~ You totally deserve it.
  5. Yes. He sounds like a nice person.
  6. I’m always cheering for Jaehee.
  7. I really respect Jaehee. I like her so much.
  8. any answer


  1. Jaehee, you must be very busy.
  2. Take care of yourself first… I’m worried.
  3. Jaehee… Cheer up! I’m cheering for you.
  4. That’s good! Aren’t you inseparable with coffee? I feel like you’d drink a lot while working…
  5. Jaehee, you’re so smart~!
  6. If you are interested in coffee why don’t you try studying it more?
  7. I’m almost jealous of Jumin to have such a hard-working employee under him.
  8. Have hope…! It might be a good start to work at Jumin’s company.
  9. Jaehee, be careful. And cheer up ^^


  1. Seven, you are taking care of yourself, right?
  2. any answer
  3. any answer
  4. also any answer
  5. any answer
  6. any answer
  7. So Jaehee should continue being with Zen?
  8. I think Jumin is going overboard… It’s so harsh on Jaehee.
  9. I know you’ll be a great dad of cats, Seven!
  10. You did so well, Seven~! Get some rest.


  1. Zen, how is Jaehee?
  2. any answer
  3. any answer
  4. any answer
  5. Why don’t you try quitting lolol
  6. I’m jealous that you get to eat something that she cooked…
  7. Jaehee’s so cute to think that lololol
  8. She seemed to really like how passionate you are.
  9. I think you must be something to have Jaehee as your fan.
  10. I’m glad to be a positive influence on her ^^
  11. I feel like she’s so busy she doesn’t spend time appreciating herself.
  12. If people around her support her… won’t she find a path that makes her happy?
  13. You should give her something in return when you’re better haha.
  14. Take care of Jaehee for me ^^


  1. Jumin, you’re going to give Jaehee more work, right?
  2. Stop giving Jaehee work… She has enough already~!
  3. I think this is too much for Jaehee… She’s really busy…
  4. Wasn’t Jaehee really interested in that project? She worked so hard on it. Just transferring it doesn’t seem nice…
  5. Jaehee can’t work like a robot, Jumin… It’s emotionally draining too.
  6. Jaehee, aren’t you working too much? Please… take care of yourself.
  7. It’s a good group. I’d like to invite them.
  8. Jaehee… if it’s too hard, just let it go. There might be something else that can make you happy.


  1. I feel so bad for her… What if she gets sick or something?
  2. It’s not because of you. I think it’s because Jumin can’t understand what she is going through.
  3. Yeah, Seven, why don’t you just do it? lolol
  4. Oh~ For Jaehee? That’s nice of you.
  5. Get some rest, you two.

Mystic Messenger Jaehee Route Walkthrough Day 7 Completed

Mystic Messenger Jaehee Route Walkthrough – Day 8


  1. Jaehee, did you read what Zen said above?
  2. But you’re having such a hard time… I think he’s just trying to help so why don’t you consider it, Jaehee? ^^
  3. How dare you tell Jaehee to get her hands wet!
  4. Arrrrgghh! Get that thing away from me!
  5. You have so much work… Even I would want to help you. I don’t think Seven means it in a bad way.
  6. Ya?
  7. I thought it’d be great for you to continue the coffee project since you’re interested in it.
  8. Jaehee… do you have no intentions to convince Jumin?
  9. Seven… you’re not trying to hack the materials, are you? Please don’t.
  10. But Jaehee said no…
  11. Of course. You’re so busy. Seven’s presentation might help you so don’t take it so negatively~.
  12. I’m always cheering for you, Jaehee.


  1. Zen, is Jaehee still working?
  2. any answer
  3. She had no choice but to take on everything… I feel sorry for her.
  4. If I were you, I’d keep it on a couple more days just to be with Jaehee lolol
  5. Okay. Sounds good
  6. It’s sad that she seems to be giving her whole life to the company.
  7. I understand how she feels… but I want her to believe in herself more.
  8. Tell Jaehee I said hello. Good bye.


  1. Yes, I did. How is your work going, Jaehee?
  2. I’m sure she came to read my messages.
  3. He must be really worried for you. I’d like to make you a cup too~
  4. I want you to be happy… It’s sad to see you buried under work all the time.
  5. I think Jumin lives in a completely different world than we do.
  6. I haven’t been in here long, but I do know that RFA needs you ^^
  7. any answer
  8. Yeah haha. We can go together after the party~
  9. Why aren’t you coming to my place? I wanna see you, Jaehee~
  10. any answer
  11. Isn’t that a donut shop?
  12. any answer
  13. Whoah., I feel like you can start you own coffee shop.
  14. I guess you’ll be leaving for work from your own house now… Travel safe!


  1. Jumin… Jaehee hasn’t been sleeping for days… I feel so bad for her.
  2. any answer
  3. You mean everything is for you and Elizabeth 3rd…
  4. It’s because you give her more work than she can handle… Zen was just worried.
  5. She’ll have to stay up all night again to prepare the presentation…
  6. But I feel like her work is way above what an assistant would do…
  7. Do you know that she’s having a hard time?
  8. Feel better~


  1. Did you go to visit the coffee shop?
  2. Wow, what is that?
  3. You must have really liked the cafe.
  4. Let’s go soon ^^
  5. I’m glad to see you feel affectionate towards something ^^
  6. I think that’s a good idea.
  7. You’re putting a lot of effort into it. I’m sure it’ll turn out great.
  8. any answer
  9. I’m glad you found something you like! Good luck and cheer up, Jaehee!


  1. any answer
  2. Jaehee’s not going to visit you now so you might feel a bit lonely.
  3. Be careful when you’re practicing from now on.
  4. any answer
  5. any answer
  6. also any answer
  7. Your beautiful face?
  8. I want a present of Jaehee too T_T
  9. any answer
  10. Jaehee won’t like it;; Don’t make it.
  11. Doesn’t seem like it’s helping at all;;
  12. Looks like you’re just going to shamelessly use your hacking skills. But I’m going to report you, okay?
  13. any answer
  14. Why don’t you give Jaehee a present since she gave you one?
  15. Zen, if you have any questions when picking Jaehee’s present, just ask me ^^
  16. Seven, please do your best on the presentation~


  1. Good~!
  2. Jumin, how’s work going?
  3. Because Jaehee hasn’t been getting any sleep…?
  4. Jaehee’s a human, not a superhuman like you… Consider it carefully before you lose a valuable employee.
  5. I’m sure she put a lot of care into the report… What is the problem?
  6. Jaehee put a lot of affection into that report… Can’t you just accept it for her?
  7. If you involve your personal feelings and send it away… all of Jaehee’s efforts would have been for nothing.
  8. Seven;;; He’s trouble.
  9. It doesn’t make sense in the first place for Seven to do Jaehee’s work.
  10. If you just give her work without any positive encouragement… you might lose her.
  11. Can’t you please consider accepting Jaehee’s coffee shop report one more time?


  1. Jaehee, I’m worry you have to write the report again T_T
  2. I’m sure he just slacked off… Don’t think about it, Jaehee.
  3. You should stop making the slides and ask Jumin to take in your report again…
  4. Still, I know how hard you worked on it so I feel bad. IS there really no way?
  5. Don’t be too sad about it… You still found something you’re interested in.
  6. I just want you to be happy… Do you think you’ll be happy working like this?
  7. Don’t think like that. You work hard. You can overcome anything if you try hard.
  8. He’s right, Jaehee. Don’t bury your potential.
  9. If it’s a path that you want, Jaehee… I’m always ready to support it.
  10. Good luck on the slides ^^
  11. Trust yourself more, Jaehee. I’ll always support you no matter what choice you make.
  12. Oh my… Okay! Go ahead.


  1. Zen, did you meet Jaehee?
  2. That was so nice of you!
  3. It’s because Jumin has his own world.
  4. Of course! Jaehee means a lot to me.
  5. You’re a real gentleman. I hope Jaehee cheers up soon.
  6. Hope you’re a good date lolol


  1. Wow! What is that?
  2. Yes… I’m glad to see you be happy.
  3. any answer
  4. any answer
  5. I feel so bad…
  6. You worked hard to save yourself from despair.
  7. You did everything by yourself… All I did was support you.
  8. I’m just glad now that I know you better…
  9. Nothing to be embarrassed of~ We’re all members!
  10. Take your time. It was fun hearing your story.


  1. I want to see Jaehee…
  2. I’ll take care of you.
  3. I think you’ll be a good cook.
  4. Alright. Sounds fun.
  5. All for the good… ^^
  6. I hope Jaehee becomes happier ^^
  7. You have to come back.

Mystic Messenger Jaehee Route Walkthrough Day 8 Completed

Mystic Messenger Jaehee Route Walkthrough – Day 9


  1. You two were here~
  2. Are you going to use the gift Zen gave you!?
  3. I want to drink coffee that you brewed~!
  4. Huh? Of course it’s me first lolol
  5. Think Zen’s all rotten black on the inside;;; Don’t do that to my Jaehee!
  6. You’re so into coffee. So cute lolol
  7. I wish I could give you a gift…
  8. That’s a relief, Zen~!
  9. Why is everyone living such difficult lives;;
  10. Jaehee… you have your own life story.
  11. Yeah, Jaehee! ^^
  12. It’s because you didn’t sleep~ Get some sleep.
  13. Get some rest, Jaehee! Sleep like a baby sheep~
  14. No need to thank me… We’re all members.
  15. Have a good night~


  1. Seven;;; How’s the presentation going?
  2. The slides did turn out okay, right?
  3. I think you kind of lied?
  4. Jaehee and Zen?
  5. -_-
  6. I hope it helps Jaehee even just a little bit.
  7. any answer
  8. That is super sudden.
  9. It is really a serious problem these days. Okay.
  10. Jumin ordered her to… so of course she had to finish.
  11. Jaehee’s going to use her own slides so yours don’t even matter;;


  1. Did Jaehee finish her work last night?
  2. I’m sure she’ll take care of it ^^
  3. Just trust her. It’ll be fine.
  4. I think it’s best for you to do some of the work if you can. Just in case.
  5. Yes, we should!
  6. Jaehee will do fine. ^^


  1. I think Jaehee’s going through a turning point in her life.
  2. I hope Jaehee broadens her horizons from now on.
  3. I’m just happy that she listened to what I had to say!
  4. I hope you game less and live a more regular like lol
  5. I didn’t know you were like that… She must have meant a lot to you.
  6. It’s because LOLOL is too fun lol Can’t do nothing about games.
  7. I’d like to invite a group like that.
  8. I want to eat with Jaehee too…
  9. any answer
  10. I want one too.
  11. She’ll do well in anything lol
  12. I can do pretty much do well in anything if I put my mind into it.
  13. I never saw Jaehee not wearing glasses!
  14. That’s good~!
  15. Tell her good luck!


  1. Seven, did you get a call from Jaehee about the presentation?
  2. How are you going to drive all four cars?
  3. any answer
  4. any answer
  5. Jaehee’s mental health is more important than the presentation.
  6. any answer


  1. How did the presentation go?
  2. Did the presentation go… well?
  3. It’s not my place to butt in… but that suggestion sounds better for the company.
  4. He didn’t tell you the specific requests?
  5. She worked day and night… You should give her credits for that.
  6. I think Jaehee has a point…
  7. I may be going out of line… but she gave good results despite not having a lot of time. I think she did a good job…
  8. Hope… it goes okay.


  1. A commoner? =_=
  2. Whatever Jaehee does, I hope it makes her happy.
  3. ;;;… Be careful.
  4. But Jaehee’s been having a hard time. I think all the frustration piled up and exploded this time.
  5. You have to go to school~!
  6. any answer
  7. any answer
  8. also any answer
  9. any answer
  10. any answer
  11. also any answer
  12. And he has been sacrificed once again.


  1. Jaehee, what happened with Jumin?
  2. Oh no… What are you going to do?
  3. So you’re really quitting?
  4. Jaehee, please tell me if there’s anything I can do.
  5. Jaehee, you seem more relaxed.
  6. I just wanted to help you… ^^
  7. To me? What is it?
  8. I truly wish for your happiness too, Jaehee.
  9. Aren’t you relaxing for too long? lolol
  10. If that’s what you decided to do… I’ll support you.
  11. Cheer up, Jaehee~!
  12. any answer
  13. any answer


  1. Yoosung, how was the digging?
  2. Whose puppy is it?
  3. Why would he do such a thing?
  4. Oh no…
  5. I see…
  6. Don’t blame yourself too much. You can start trying hard from now…


  1. Jumin, are you really sending Jaehee away…?
  2. She must have been very tender-hearted.
  3. Are you sure that it was Seven’s?
  4. It must be tiring to work like that…
  5. Still you did give Jaehee too much work.
  6. I just think… you two aren’t a good fit.
  7. Yes, Mr. Han.

Mystic Messenger Jaehee Route Walkthrough Day 9 Completed

Mystic Messenger Jaehee Route Walkthrough – Day 10


  1. Are you… still working?
  2. Wouldn’t Jumin miss such a good employee like you?
  3. Now that you’re not there… there won’t be any point for Jumin to carry it on.
  4. He must have liked you lol
  5. You did so well, Jaehee. Get some rest.


  1. Whatever choice she makes… I hope she’s happy.
  2. If I were him… I would miss Jaehee.
  3. I hope it works out for her.
  4. I’m sure it won’t be a flop.
  5. Good bye, Zen.


  1. any answer
  2. Are you missing Jaehee already?
  3. not a lie.
  4. Then just be cool this time too lolol
  5. Seven, cheer Jumin up lolol
  6. any answer
  7. Well~ I don’t think you can say everything’s Seven’s fault haha
  8. ;;;; Evacuate your car right now.
  9. Seven?


  1. any answer
  2. Is it expensive?
  3. Lose hope.
  4. any answer


  1. Hiya Yoosung.
  2. It didn’t seem that way, but she must have been.
  3. any answer
  4. Jumin just doesn’t want to look at resumes…
  5. No~ I’m so excited.
  6. Cute haha. Good bye.


  1. I thought he’d get back at you… but he’s getting back at Seven.
  2. I’ll be able to see Jaehee tomorrow!
  3. Jaehee looks like she’s having fun in that photo~
  4. It must be so nice to find a job that makes you happy.
  5. Inside… he might be feeling Jaehee’s absence.
  6. Please tell Jaehee hello from me if she reaches you again!


  1. How was the drive? ^^
  2. Are you hurt? You’re okay!?
  3. Wasn’t it an expensive car?
  4. Mr. Han… So awesome…
  5. I’m glad you seem satisfied.
  6. Is it because of Jaehee?
  7. If it’s too hard… Should I go?


  1. any answer
  2. He must have been sad to let you go.
  3. Jaehee, don’t hurry and calm yourself first.
  4. Be careful..!
  5. any answer


  1. RIP to your baby car…
  2. You’ve lost it.
  3. Is it because of the weird thing with the messenger right?
  4. any answer
  5. any answer
  6. also any answer


  1. Jaehee, you can’t leave that house~!
  2. any answer
  3. Do you think the party will go okay?
  4. Even if Jaehee’s not your assistant, she can still stay in the RFA, right?
  5. Hmm~ I will consider it but…
  6. Thanks for looking out for me, Jaehee.
  7. Jaehee… do you think you’ll miss the job?
  8. No one can stop your love for cats lolol
  9. lolololol Are you two sending messages in the same time?
  10. any answer
  11. Sleep early, Jaehee~


  1. Can we really hold the party tomorrow?
  2. any answer
  3. also any answer
  4. any answer
  5. Yeah. I don’t feel good about this.
  6. Yes. They just didn’t get an invitation.
  7. Seven, aren’t you on the side of justice?
  8. any answer
  9. any answer
  10. also any answer
  11. any answer
  12. any answer

Mystic Messenger Jaehee Route Walkthrough Day 10 Completed

Mystic Messenger Jaehee Route Walkthrough – Day 11

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