Mystic Messenger Jumin Route Walkthrough – Days 5-11

Mystic Messenger Jumin Route Walkthrough

Last Updated on 19 June, 2021

Mystic Messenger Jumin Route Walkthrough – best choices & answers, Day 5 to 11, all Jumin’s endings (Good, Normal and bad endings)

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Complete Day 1 to 4 Common Casual path and start Jumin’s route

Mystic Messenger Jumin Endings

Best Endings – Reach the party with:

  • Jumin Good End: 10 or more opened RSVP emails
  • Jumin Normal End: 9 or less opened RSVP emails

Bad Endings

  • 1st Jumin Bad Story End: Incorrect answers Day 7 branch point
  • 2nd Jumin Bad Story End: Correct answers Day 7 branch point, then answer incorrectly until you unlock it
  • 3rd Bad Story End: Correct answers until Day 8 branch point, then answer incorrectly until you unlock it
  • 1st Jumin Bad Relationship End: Day 5 to 7 > win more hearts for another character
  • 2nd Jumin Bad Relationship End: Day 8 to 10 > win more hearts for another character

Mystic Messenger Jumin Route Walkthrough – Day 5

Mystic Messenger Jumin Route Walkthrough Starts here


  1. What are you doing this late?
  2. Any Answer
  3. Is everyone else okay?
  4. Any Answer
  5. What do you plan to do now, Seven?
  6. Would it be safe for everyone to be together?
  7. Thank you. You must be busy enough with the hacker, but I appreciate that you’re still looking after me.
  8. Good luck! I know you can do it!


  1. Any Answer
  2. Seven must have been really surprised. A hacker?;;;
  3. I think there has to be a connection. The timing is too… suspicious.
  4. I don’t know who the hacker is… but I suppose I could seems suspicious in the current situation.
  5. I wish Jumin could send me a security guard too T_T But he can’t so…
  6. I’m glad at least everyone else will be safe thanks to Jumin.
  7. Good luck to you, Jaehee! Take care of yourself.
  8. I’m getting really nervous;; Can’t Jumin do something about it?
  9. …I want to see Jumin.
  10. Hurry and check!


  1. Jumin, slept well?
  2. Any Answer
  3. You tried it before, Jumin?
  4. Tsk tsk… How sad to live on a thing like that…;;
  5. Jumin, what elegant meal did you have for breakfast today?
  6. Jumin, I think you’re so kind to make sure everyone is safe.
  7. You might talk like that but you’re truly worried about us. I think you are kind ^^
  8. I will. I’ll do everything I can.
  9. I don’t think he won. The chatroom was hacked, but not completely.
  10. You’re completely right, Jumin.
  11. Where in the world did you get that line;;
  12. See~ He’s actually pretty kind.
  13. Being nervous won’t do any good so we should just have faith and wait.
  14. Thanks, Yoosung.
  15. Thanks for your concerns ^^
  16. All right… Good luck today. I’ll be cheering for you.


  1. Yes.
  2. Uhm… Am I invisible to you, Jaehee…?
  3. We were going to talk about that at some point right?;;
  4. Maybe it’s your stalker +_+
  5. Any Answer
  6. You did a lot for us… T_T
  7. Shouldn’t I stay with Jumin at times like this?
  8. You don’t know what it wants?;; That’s more frightening.
  9. Is it because of the hacker?
  10. Jumin looks so lonely…
  11. …All those articles must be a pain for you two.
  12. Maybe Jumin’s not feeling so pleased because of that article…?
  13. Bye~ Jaehee.
  14. Is there anything to cheer Jumin up?
  15. Jumin will like it. Let’s invite them.
  16. Guess you never get sick of those. lol


  1. Hey Zen! Are you back from rehearsals?
  2. You deserve to get angry at Seven T_T
  3. Why do you think so?
  4. I think so too.
  5. Considerate? Are you finally making up with Jumin?
  6. You’re not thankful towards Seven who’s working hard and Jumin for sending you those guards?
  7. I want to go see Jumin…!
  8. Bye! Hope the truck’s there when you get back…


  1. Hiya, Yoosung!
  2. Server maintenance almost kill you OTL
  3. The security guards are Jumin’s so I’m sure they’re nice.
  4. Knew you could be a good student ^^
  5. I don’t really like it. I like roast chicken more.
  6. People do well if they are destined to be. Like our Jumin. ^^
  7. Okay~!
  8. Make it through with all the chicken you ate ^^


  1. I’m fine… But Jumin, you’re still at the office?
  2. lolololol Mr. Director lolol So cute, Jumin.
  3. Haha. You didn’t know that before?
  4. I’ll let you know what it is next time.
  5. Wine! Yes, I love to have red wine with chicken parmigiana.
  6. The beauty of sharing. They just give you a free drink to tell you thanks for ordering~
  7. I don’t think the corporations should be blamed for everything.
  8. He’s right. A lot of places now compete with being creative.
  9. Jumin’s so cute nagging. lolol
  10. Jaehee said you didn’t look too happy this morning… Did something happen?
  11. Was it your employee?
  12. What!? Oh… uhm…
  13. I think someday you might find someone, I’m sure of it.
  14. Stop teasing him; I think there was a real woman at his house… What was it about…?
  15. You’re not answering his question… You have dinner plans?
  16. I don’t think that’s it. I’m worried something’s going on with him.
  17. Jumin should be fine, right…?


  1. You were here, Jaehee ^^ I hope work isn’t too bad?
  2. What are you talking about? Jumin’s a capable single man who has nothing to lose by staying single.
  3. Stop teasing Jumin…
  4. I do think Jumin saw a real woman at his house.
  5. You don’t think… Mr. Han is arranging an engagement for Jumin….?
  6. Nice! Let’s sue him together.
  7. He’s right. Maybe Mr. Han found someone he wants Jumin to marry…
  8. I think that’s a good idea. If that will cheer him up, I’m all for it!
  9. You’re not slacking off, are you?
  10. Jaehee, say hello to Jumin for me.
  11. I don’t know. But even if that’s the case, they’re the ones to blame, not you.
  12. Yup! Please be careful, Seven.


  1. Hello, Yoosung, haha.
  2. lol You missed me. lol
  3. I think who you’re getting married to is more important than when you’re getting married.
  4. I also think that you should marry someone you love.
  5. Isn’t there any way to regulate that?
  6. Good idea. That’s exactly what we need right now.
  7. Hurry and go!


  1. Jumin, did you eat?
  2. What are you talking about? Did something happen?
  3. Being so hostile doesn’t suit you, but okay ^^;
  4. First calm down, and think about it objectively…
  5. Hello, Jaehee.
  6. That happened?
  7. I think Jumin’s really stressed out right now… I’m worried.
  8. Is the company worth is? I heard it was a small one;
  9. Jumin must be going through a hard time right now… I feel so bad.
  10. Since you’re always by his side, please take good care of him.
  11. I don’t want to start a conspiracy, but I think that’s a possible theory.
  12. But it’ll help Jumin and the company for sure!
  13. Next time, join us after you’ve finished what Jumin told you to do.
  14. Can I sell them?
  15. Okay. I can’t stop worrying about Jumin…


  1. You finished work?
  2. Why can’t you?;;; Marrying a woman isn’t the problem, the arranged marriage part it.
  3. Yeah;;; He might help. lol
  4. He’s a very decisive person. But… I think he’ll have a lot to think about things since his father’s involved.
  5. I feel a bit sad about the situation too…
  6. Ahwoooo~~~~
  7. Please let this all go away so that Jumin doesn’t have to suffer!
  8. lololol You’re not going to a night club, are you?

Mystic Messenger Jumin Route Walkthrough Day 5 Completed

Mystic Messenger Jumin Route Walkthrough – Day 6


  1. What was the problem?
  2. I thought he took it himself. Yoosung, you have good eyes.
  3. How much more frustrated would Jumin be…?
  4. I think so too but I guess Jumin’s father has different ideas.
  5. I’m worried that Jumin might feel hurt because of that.
  6. A stone-cold person… I think that’s a bit harsh T_T
  7. I should just quietly cheer for Jumin.
  8. That’s a compliment, right? Thank you.
  9. Thanks for worrying. I’m fine. Jumin and Jaehee are the ones struggling.
  10. It’ll be fun. Let’s invite them~
  11. An equal world… That’s nice.
  12. lol You’re gonna fail again. lol Ask Seven to catch it for you.


  1. Hope things are better… Is Jumin still working?
  2. You can’t reach him? That’s a bit worrying…
  3. I knew you’d find something! What did you look into?
  4. Oh my god… She really did it…
  5. Is there anything I can do to help?
  6. You’re right. I’m sure your efforts will help Jumin’s company.
  7. Jaehee, still make sure you don’t skip meals!


  1. Good morning, Zen…
  2. Yeah. You can’t help but suspect something now.
  3. A new role? Wow! Congratulations!
  4. Like Jumin?
  5. Win them over with your acting rather than your looks!
  6. Almost… It must be so hard for Jaehee to do double the work.
  7. I’d like to work for Jumin. Wouldn’t we grow closer?
  8. Yeah… He hasn’t been coming here often.
  9. Let’s invite them! I’d love to meet them.
  10. Zen~ Hope the meeting goes well today!


  1. Yoosung… What’s up? …LOLOL server under maintenance again?
  2. He gave an interview…? I’m worried about Jumin…
  3. Yeah. Getting re-married right after getting divorced ?;;
  4. Perhaps he should have been more careful about sharing his words…
  5. I want security guards too T_T
  6. Hahaha. It’s not for a good reason, but enjoy it while you can.
  7. lololol Focus on your class instead of the rumors;;


  1. Jaehee… Hello. But what do you mean by false stories?
  2. How is Jumin?
  3. Jumin is really not himself…
  4. Zen, you’re here… I don’t think Jumin’s doing very well..
  5. Yes! He’s a great director!
  6. Improv rehearsal??? Wow… so cool.
  7. … The two sentences are completely different.
  8. I’ll look forward to it too!
  9. I will report you to the police.
  10. Hmm… Why don’t you think about how Jumin acts towards Elizabeth?
  11. I think so too. He’s stopped the projects that he loves.
  12. That’s… pretty cool.
  13. Yeah… I guess this isn’t the time to expand the business for personal reasons.
  14. Normally Jumin would ignore it… but his father suggested it. I think that’s why this is getting to him.
  15. It’s a good idea. You might be able to get other roles from them.
  16. If she’s hiding anything, I hope we find out soon.
  17. lololol Zen, you’re so cute.
  18. Oh! That’s nice ^^ Let’s support him together.
  19. I hope everything goes well with Jumin…
  20. Good luck today, Jaehee!


  1. Hiya Seven.
  2. Do you have a pop quiz or something? lolol
  3. Seven, you’re such a genius. lol
  4. Ya. That one with the elf Gonzales?
  5. Hahahahahaha!!
  6. They aren’t. Seven’s just gibberishing like always.
  7. Seven, you really know a lot of people. lol
  8. I’m fine. Nothing strange happened to you, I hope?
  9. Seven ^^ You know the answer, right?
  10. I hope we find out who it is soon…
  11. Heart Quivering?
  12. Hurry up.
  13. Don’t mess with him too much;
  14. Seven! Catch them both!
  15. Seven’s really good at what he does, but he seems to like joking around a lot, haha
  16. I think you’ll look cute in it, haha
  17. Are you going to study for your quiz? Good luck~


  1. …Just burn it away and forget it!
  2. How’s Jumin?
  3. I’m so worried about Jumin…!
  4. I think the same… And I think he went way overboard this time.
  5. Yeah… It’s as if he treated Jumin like a little boy.
  6. He must be tormented on the inside, though. He just doesn’t know how to express it…
  7. Bye~ Say hello to Jumin for me~!
  8. I’m really worried about Jumin.
  9. Good luck~ Get that rare boss monster!


  1. Jumin, I was worried! I heard what happened with your father…
  2. Of course you’re upset…! Are you really okay?
  3. So since I’m a member of the RFA… I’m important too?
  4. That’s why you think expressing your emotions is meaningless. Since you always got the same response.
  5. It’s good that you had such a wonderful father…
  6. You love your father but hate him at the same time… It must be hard.
  7. Do you feel like you’ve reached a dead end?
  8. I don’t think you can understand just because I explain it to you. And there’s no set answer… You learn it through.
  9. I’m actually glad that I got to hear your inner thoughts.
  10. I’ll be waiting to talk to you again. Rest up.


  1. Don’t tease him…;; Jumin’s really having a bad time…
  2. Aren’t you worried? Just imagine how frustrated he must have been…
  3. Yes, let’s be serious.
  4. Jumin is not a robot…;; The way I see it, he feel everything.
  5. …I don’t like that you thought of Jumin as a robot, but let’s invite them.
  6. Not good emotions though.
  7. Cream Round!
  8. What’s this all of a sudden…?;;
  9. Do you have to drive somewhere?
  10. Seven, can you not refer to your cars as babies? It sounds weird;;
  11. Show them all your love!
  12. It would really help Jumin if you be a bit more honest with him.
  13. Okay~ I’ll have to think of ways to help Jumin.


  1. Will he be okay…?
  2. Did something happen?
  3. What!? Your house??
  4. How shameless of her.
  5. I’m worried this will trouble Jumin again once he finds out.
  6. …I got worried about that too.
  7. Please let me know once you hear something from him.


  1. Yoosung lolol Hello lololol
  2. They’re really meticulous to go find Jaehee…
  3. Oh~ I know that saying. lol
  4. -_-…
  5. You really try hard to be funny, Seven. lol
  6. lololol He’s trying to get you again~ Be careful!
  7. Guess he doesn’t want them. lol
  8. Wow, lucky Yoosung. lolol Leave some for me!!
  9. Seven, where are you going?
  10. Call him and ask~
  11. Maybe he’s trying to help Jumin?
  12. Yoosung, good luck as always!

Mystic Messenger Jumin Route Walkthrough Day 6 Completed

Mystic Messenger Jumin Route Walkthrough – Day 7


  1. Jumin! I heard that Sarah went to Jaehee’s house!
  2. Still, he’s your family… I don’t think it’s bad for her to look into it, just in case.
  3. We should assume Jaehee’s doing all her work though.
  4. Uhm… Is Elizabeth 3rd doing okay?
  5. I think you might just need some time to pull yourself together again.
  6. Yes, I do. Please don’t drink too much caffeine.


  1. Zen! You didn’t get enough sleep?
  2. His cat is very special to him.
  3. Thanks for saying that, but he’s treating me good enough already.
  4. A woman?
  5. You mean Elizabeth was in your dream? You must secretly like cats. lol
  6. That doesn’t seem like a good dream.
  7. I want to worship Jumin’s face;;
  8. I don’t believe in stuff like that.
  9. You’re worrying for him right now, right? ^^ So nice of you.
  10. Her name is Elizabeth 3rd.
  11. Still, you’re talking about your dream for Jumin, right?
  12. That may be possible… He really should be careful just like what you said.
  13. I can feel how kind you are.
  14. Look at your handsome face and feel better! Get some rest!


  1. Jumin, did you read what Zen said about his dream?
  2. Do you really think the dream means something? I’m worried about Elizabeth.
  3. I wish he wouldn’t think that the name doesn’t matter just because she’s a cat.
  4. Oh … Well, you’re making me blush… but I hope you are jealous.
  5. I think it’s good to be prepared… regardless of whether you believe it or not.
  6. If you’re nervous about it, why don’t you tighten the security.
  7. If I were beside you, I’d have love to pick one for you!
  8. I think that’s good.
  9. Where did he go… T_T… I miss him.
  10. Jumin, what’s going on? Are you okay?
  11. Where do you think he’s going?
  12. Cheer up T_T
  13. Bye, Jaehee! Jumin will come back!


  1. Yoosung, did something happen?
  2. OMG… So cruel..
  3. Why don’t you just be brave and ditch it like Jumin? lol
  4. Jumin will have to take responsibility for it eventually… I’m sure it’s not all that good.
  5. Be a responsible person ^^
  6. Why don’t you try to be confident like Jumin? ^^
  7. You must have a lot on your mind, Yoosung.
  8. Okay! Let’s invite them just for you!
  9. lolololol You’re happy about getting chips?
  10. I wanna get on his car too~
  11. Yoosung, I’ll be expecting a photo~ lol


  1. Yes, I did~ Thanks for asking.
  2. Jumin still hasn’t contacted you?
  3. I think all those guesses are making him nervous right now…
  4. You only talked about your dreams. It’s not your fault.
  5. I think that means Jumin’s having such a hard time that he can’t even think about that.
  6. I’m really worried about Jumin. If rumors like that start going around, the Chairman might really force the marriage on him.
  7. I wish I could go… I want to see with my own eyes whether he’s okay.
  8. Jaehee, I feel like you’re just treating Jumin as a robot that works all the time.
  9. There’s a limit to how much Jumin and I can talk… I’m sure he had no choice.
  10. I really enjoy talking to Jumin. I hope he comes back to normal.
  11. I just enjoy talking with Jumin ^^;
  12. Tell me as soon as you see Jumin back home.
  13. I’m really worried about him…
  14. I’m glad that he’s helping you ^^;
  15. Gah… I’m so worried about Jumin…


  1. Hey, Yoosung!
  2. Things are complicated… I understand him.
  3. Hi! Hey hey!
  4. I doubt that’s the case;;
  5. Why don’t you dress up as a cat Yoosung and go see him?
  6. But… wouldn’t it be dangerous for me to go? We still haven’t caught
  7. Stop…
  8. Maybe I can just go to his office?
  9. Omg Seven. How did you manage to do that?
  10. It’s a good idea. We can learn about the best way to use a smartphone at this chance.
  11. I like that movie.
  12. Good luck getting rid of all the bugs! >_
  13. Call him~


  1. How did he look?
  2. Thanks for thinking that way. I’d like to talk to him myself… would that be possible?
  3. I’ll go to him, Jaehee. Thanks for worrying about him.
  4. Thanks, Jaehee. Just leave Jumin to me. Take care.


  1. I’m on my way but the traffic’s really bad. God~! It’s so frustrating.
  2. I feel so bad when I think how much Jumin must be struggling… I want to get there fast.
  3. Did you find… something related to Jumin?
  4. You don’t think… Did Glam Choi spread this?
  5. I’m more worried now that articles like these are flying around…
  6. Yeah… I hope nothing worse happens.
  7. Yes, we should! I think they have a good cause.
  8. I should prepare myself before I get to Jumin’s too.
  9. You have security guards anyway. ^^
  10. Yup, don’t worry ^^

Visual Novel

  1. Jumin… I’m so glad to finally meet you.
  2. Jaehee made sure that I traveled safe.
  3. Jaehee said you seemed to be having a hard time and I should visit you. I came because I got worried.(Jumin)
  4. Your house… is quite amazing.
  5. Why did you put her in a cage…?


  1. Jaehee… Are you okay?
  2. lololololol
  3. It’s okay. I’m glad I got to see him sooner.
  4. Oh~ What is it?
  5. …That can’t be good for Jumin’s reputation. (Jaehee + Jumin)
  6. I hope the truth gets revealed soon and this all ends… (Jaehee + Jumin)
  7. Sugar Round is not a person;;
  8. But Seven, what’s happening with the hacker?
  9. What…
  10. But Yoosung, did he get to your place? I remember he said he was going.
  11. I’ll pass…
  12. Bye… Don’t forget to catch the hacker~
  13. Oh, right. Thankfully, Jumin seems to feel better now that I’m here. ^^;;
  14. Okay! Don’t worry about Jumin.


  1. Yes… It’s a bit late, isn’t it?
  2. I’m fine. How was rehearsal?
  3. Jumin, good to see you here.
  4. Jumin was a t-rex in his past life.
  5. Gahh~ It’s nothing like that.
  6. Jumin’s a gentleman ^^;;
  7. lololol Jumin, you’re cute.
  8. All I need is a thank you. ^^
  9. You don’t have to… I can cook.
  10. Jumin, since you’re feeling better because of me, are you going to work tomorrow?
  11. Jumin might need more time.
  12. Well, since everyone who works for Jumin also works for Mr. Han… I wouldn’t be able to trust the company.
  13. Jumin, could you still be a bit more considerate towards Jaehee and about the company?
  14. Yes. That’s very fresh.
  15. P-put… me to bed…?
  16. I trust Jumin.
  17. Okay, don’t worry. I’ll be fine.

Visual Novel

  1. Jumin, what are you thinking about?
  2. Where will you sleep?
  3. Please do. I’ll feel more comfortable if I hear your voice.
  4. What is the book about?
  5. Friend?
  6. You want to know more about me?


  1. Oh, are you taking requests?
  2. Hello, Yoosung ^^
  3. You haven’t forgotten because of LOLOL, have you?
  4. lolololol Yoosung, are you in front of Seven’s house? lol
  5. Yoosung. Make sure you get those Buddha Chips.

Mystic Messenger Jumin Route Walkthrough Day 7 Completed

Mystic Messenger Jumin Route Walkthrough – Day 8


  1. Why?
  2. Zen has nothing to worry about~ I feel like I’m in heaven!
  3. Yup. God Seven is generous.
  4. Said like a true game addict!
  5. Help Seven with his work or something.


  1. Hello, Jaehee.
  2. I’ll go home once the sun rises.
  3. But Jaehee, why are you still up?
  4. Yes, please.
  5. I doubt Jumin will really care about this info~
  6. That’s a smart way to go about it. I appreciate what you’re doing.
  7. lolololol It must have been so embarrassing~
  8. It’s sad that someone’s after Jumin’s wealth…
  9. Zen~ Don’t worry. He’s really nice. ^^
  10. It must be so difficult for him to have his father involved…
  11. Do you believe what they say about being teacher and student?
  12. I think Jumin considers it as something he wishes to avoid.
  13. When the sun goes up… I still think that Jumin is unstable.
  14. Zen, thanks for worrying.
  15. Don’t worry too much. Jumin just needs some time.
  16. Jumin won’t care about what you find out… but good luck.
  17. You’re not as good looking as Jumin… but I admit you’re handsome.
  18. Ya. Everyone will go insane if you release that photo.
  19. Then I wonder what Jumin’s existence is like…
  20. I’m sure Jumin will show his gratitude one day.
  21. Why are you changing your thoughts now?
  22. I’ll return safely so don’t worry ^^
  23. Any answer


  1. Jumin, what are you doing at the kitchen?
  2. Did you go to work?
  3. You’ll need to give a better excuse if you want him to come to work ^^;;
  4. Preparing for the wedding… That’s not pleasant.
  5. Nothing good can come out such rumors getting around…
  6. I’ll take care of her! Go ahead.
  7. I agree. You can’t ignore your work because of this.
  8. I’ll try. Go ahead, Jaehee.

Visual Novel

  1. Yes, go ahead.
  2. I’ll take care of her. Don’t worry and go.
  3. Thank you for saying so, but don’t worry about me and do what you have to do…!
  4. How should I take care of Elizabeth?
  5. She looks tired inside the cage… when will you let her free?
  6. No… Elizabeth?
  7. Jumin, I’ll help you find her!


  1. That’s not important… Elizabeth is missing!
  2. It was a mistake… I’m sure it’s not because she hates you.
  3. Okay, Jumin! You’ll find her. I know you will.
  4. I’m shocked too.. I’m worried about Jumin.
  5. Let’s hope not.
  6. Help me find the cat, Zen.
  7. Wow! Can’t we invite him to the party?
  8. Good luck with the meeting. I hope Jumin finds his cat soon…


  1. He still hasn’t found Elizabeth?
  2. He let her out when he was feeding her.
  3. I’m sorry I couldn’t be much of a help…
  4. I think I should stay until Jumin feels better…
  5. She must have been curious about the outside world.
  6. Please let me know if you get in touch with him.

Visual Novel

  1. Jumin… don’t be sad. We’ll find her.
  2. I’ll be here until you feel better, Jumin. You can trust me.
  3. Nothing bad will come out of hearing some information. You can judge whether or not what she says is helpful.
  4. It’s nothing like that… First show us the photo of Elizabeth.
  5. Sarah, I’m Jumin’s friend. Please watch what you say.
  6. Jumin… I think you’re too emotional right now. Are you okay…!?
  7. Ju-Jumin!?
  8. Jumin… can we really do this?
  9. Is this appropriate… when Elizabeth is missing?
  10. Jumin… first calm down. You were worried about Elizabeth a minute ago!
  11. I think any relationship needs time… Let’s think about it. First, let’s find Elizabeth.


  1. He put up an ad already… I hope he finds the cat soon thanks to that.
  2. No on knows that… I hope he finds her soon.
  3. Yes… they haven’t seen Elizabeth, but others might be in a similar position, so I think it’ll be nice to invite them.
  4. I’m sure she’ll come back safely and see Jumin again…!
  5. Shouldn’t you at least go to school… T_T
  6. Where are you two planning to go?
  7. That won’t happen…
  8. You might be right. Go ahead.


  1. I’m fine. Where are you Jumin?
  2. Shouldn’t you at least visit your office…?
  3. But we still haven’t found her yet.
  4. You’re not thinking of me as a replacement for your pet, are you?
  5. Thank you… But shouldn’t you still be responsible for Elizabeth?
  6. Don’t go over you way too much. I’ll be here no matter how late you come.


  1. I can’t make a judgement on Jumin right now… I need time.
  2. Yes… I think I should stay with Jumin for now.
  3. Jumin will have such a hard time if I leave now, I’m sure of it.
  4. That’s not true. Jumin knows that I’m not a cat.
  5. I think Jumin should be responsible of Elizabeth until the end.
  6. I don’t think Jumin is stable right now. Let’s give him some more time.
  7. Something so important won’t be decided so suddenly ^^;;
  8. lolololol
  9. I think Jumin needs some time to relax. He’s afraid he might lose me when he lost his cat already.
  10. Me.
  11. Zen, what genre do you watch the most?
  12. When do you think Jumin will get home…?
  13. I should ask Jumin to introduce me to him.
  14. I really hope Jumin finds his missing pet…
  15. Seven, use your resources to find Elizabeth.
  16. Good. His uncle is coming too then?
  17. Seven, is it possible to trace what Jumin is doing now?
  18. Kidnapped… You don’t seem like the type to get kidnapped, Seven.
  19. Are you saying gaming is nothing important?
  20. And call us if anything happens…
  21. Don’t worry too much about me. I’m fine~
  22. Don’t worry. I’m happy being with Jumin.

Visual Novel

  1. I’m sad that you didn’t find Elizabeth yet…
  2. Thank you… but shouldn’t I be going home now?
  3. Still, I can’t just start living here so suddenly… I have to go to the apartment to prepare for the party.
  4. What is our relationship…?
  5. Jumin… You’ll take good care of me, right?
  6. I’m not… a replacement for Elizabeth, am I? That’s not the relationship I want.
  7. Thank you for being so considerate, but I can protect my own body.
  8. Jumin… I wasn’t going to run off. Let’s calm down and take some time to think about it.
  9. I won’t go anywhere so please move away.
  10. We were both surprised… I think it’ll be best for me to stay here until you feel more calm.


  1.  Jumin came home safely.
  2. Jumin was too nervous… I decided to stay here with him. He’s not taking your calls?
  3. I just think that Jumin needs some time.
  4. Is everything going okay at the office?
  5. Can’t you just tell me?
  6. Alright.
  7. I’ll be able to go back before the party.
  8. Jaehee, make sure you don’t skip your meals and hang in there.


  1. I couldn’t leave Jumin on his own.
  2. Trust Seven~
  3. Yes. He’s still a bit unstable… but I think he’s trying hard to control himself.
  4. He loved Elizabeth as more than a cat… I think he just realized that she is eventually just a cat and organized his thoughts.
  5. Thanks for worrying… I’ll try to communicate with Jumin more.
  6. It must be exhausting… but don’t lose hope! Good luck!


  1. I’m still here… Don’t get too mad.
  2. Yes… He’s still very gentle.
  3. Jaehee, did you finish work?
  4. What if you two break out into a fight…?^^;
  5. Yes. It would be better for Jaehee to come.
  6. No way. That won’t happen…
  7. Be careful!
  8. Even if Jumin is unstable, he’s slowly opening up… so that day will come soon.
  9. I hope we find Elizabeth soon… I’m worried.
  10. Everyone has their faults… He must be more lonely since he always has to hide them.
  11. I should spend some time with Jumin.
  12. Okay, thank you ^^

Visual Novel

  1. … Thank you for this nice meal. But I can’t help but worry over Elizabeth.
  2. But first, I think I have to go home tomorrow to prepare for the party… What do you think?
  3. I still think I should return as soon as possible…
  4. I do understand…
  5. I’m here because I’m worried about you losing Elizabeth.
  6. Jaehee said in the messenger that she’s coming here… Can’t we see her?

Mystic Messenger Jumin Route Walkthrough Day 8 Completed

Mystic Messenger Jumin Route Walkthrough – Day 9


  1. Of course.
  2. Wow! It must be fun, haha.
  3. Be friends!
  4. Jaehee, I’m sorry you had to go back.
  5. Any answer
  6. Trust Seven.
  7. He was a bit harsh… but please understand considering his current state.
  8. I just think that Jumin needs more time…
  9. Yes, Jumin is very nice to me… as always.
  10. I’ll try to do what I can here…!
  11. There was a fight…
  12. I’ll talk to him so that nothing like that will happen.
  13. He won’t be in another relationship. I’ll be the last…
  14. I’ll also hope for Jumin to organize his feelings and feel better.
  15. You really are cute to believe in such things.
  16. Jaehee, hang in there! I’ll try to talk to Jumin too.
  17. I hope he comes back to normal soon…
  18. Let’s invite them!
  19. I’ll tell Jumin you said that… Thank you.
  20. Any answer


  1. I’m fine Zen ^^; You were awake.
  2. If people find out that I’m with Jumin right now… will that badly affect him?
  3. Jumin will feel better soon. Just wait a bit more.
  4. I’m sure Jumin doesn’t want to be like this…
  5. Any answer

Visual Novel

  1. What are you doing up?
  2. Did you feel that way towards Elizabeth?
  3. Wasn’t Rika special to you? Hmm?
  4. Were you close to her?
  5. Did you have feelings for Rika?
  6. I understand… how you feel. I will wait until you figure things out.
  7. I will stay by your side… but everyone has to say good bye at one point.
  8. There are other RFA members including Jaehee. Don’t think you’re alone.
  9. Everything will work out.


  1. Seven… did the driving go okay?
  2. Yoosung… it must have been so hard for him.
  3. Oh no… it must have been so hard.
  4. Go back when the sun’s up.
  5. Huh? Why are you saying that all of a sudden? Is it that dangerous?
  6. Yeah. who else you protect the world if not you?!
  7. How about Yoosung?? Is he safe?
  8. Yeah! That’s a good idea.
  9. Don’t put Yoosung in danger.


  1. I did… Do you think they’re really okay?
  2. But… Jaehee, how are things at work? Did Jumin do to the office?
  3. I think Jumin still needs more time… Let’s wait a bit more.
  4. I’ll try my best, Jaehee.
  5. Good bye, I’ll try my best to convince him.


  1. Heya Zen.
  2. I think it’ll be more helpful if you try to understand Jumin’s background and past.
  3. Are you okay? Both of you are safe, right?
  4. Should I call Jumin? Do you need help?
  5. Do you see anything around you?
  6. Zen… how did you guess?
  7. I think he should keep his promise with Seven.
  8. Oh my god… So it really was a psychic dream;;
  9. It’s Elizabeth 3rd!
  10. This is the chance to find Jumin’s cat!
  11. I can’t understand why Elizabeth would be there.
  12. Get some rest. We might find Elizabeth thanks to this though.


  1. I hope they find Elizabeth…
  2. How’s work going? Did Jumin meet his father?
  3. Yoosung! Hi!!! Is Elizabeth with you?
  4. Yes… I think that will be best.
  5. Did something happen to Seven…?
  6. You have to make sure that Elizabeth is safe!!
  7. Jaehee, I hope the meeting goes well…
  8. What did you do?
  9. You should still keep Seven company while he’s driving! He can’t doze off so keep talking to him.


  1. Did the meeting go well?
  2. Oh no… I should talk to him.
  3. He’s gone all sentimental, hasn’t he?
  4. Jumin! I heard that the meeting went well.
  5. I miss you too.
  7. It’s for real! It makes me happy to see him be nice to you.


  1. I think Jumin’s warming up now ^^
  2. I will talk about that with Jumin.
  3. Yoosung, did Elizabeth get home safe?
  4. That’s not good…
  5. Should I send you the cat food Jumin has?
  6. Seven must have gone through something shocking.
  7. It must have been someone Seven knows.
  8. I think it’s a good idea. I’m sure there are people who want his help.
  9. You don’t have to worry about me. I trust that Jumin will let me go soon.
  10. That’s not good… Why would Elizabeth do such a thing? T_T
  11. Give her her own space.
  12. I don’t think it’s that simple to Jumin…
  13. You don’t have to worry about Jumin. He jut needs time to sort out all the emotions he’s been burying.


  1. Seven, are you okay? What happened?
  2. Is it related to the hacker?
  3. Any answer
  4. Did you find something major?
  5. Alright, Seven! Get some rest. You seem very tired.


  1. Jaehee, did you receive Seven’s email?
  2. Any answer
  3. When do you think Jumin will come home…?
  4. You will tell me if he mentions me, right?

Visual Novel

  1. Hello, Jumin.
  2. Yes… But your meeting with your father went well?
  3. I should be the one to thank you, Jumin.
  4. Yes… I think it’s time for me to go back to prepare for the party.
  5. Thank you. We’ll be able to meet each other soon so don’t be so sad.
  6. Uhm… what do you plan to do about Elizabeth? Shouldn’t you bring her back?
  7. But I think Elizabeth will be most happy by your side…
  8. Okay… I’ll just stay by your side.


  1. Hey Yoosung… is it tough?
  2. Must be nice~
  3. She might… Maybe that’s her way of expressing it.
  4. Elizabeth must be stressed out too…
  5. I want her to be back in Jumin’s arms…
  6. How did Jumin take care of her until now…?
  7. I’ll talk to Jumin again too.
  8. That’s pretty cool lol Cat therapy?
  9. He’s letting me leave tomorrow. Don’t worry.
  10. I think I’ll have good dreams today.

Mystic Messenger Jumin Route Walkthrough Day 9 Completed

Mystic Messenger Jumin Route Walkthrough – Day 10


  1. Jumin… when are you going to bed?
  2. Once I leave, I’ll miss this penthouse…
  3. Don’t feel empty… We have so much time ahead of us!
  4. You should have kissed me… I would have been happy even if I was woken up.
  5. Uhm… have you thought about what to do with Elizabeth?
  6. What is it?
  7. I still think you have a long way to go to truly express your emotions.
  8. They say that when the ice melts, spring will come along.
  9. Alright, good night, Jumin.


  1. Zen, what are you still doing up?
  2. Interfering with LOLOL…? That cat has no manners.
  3. Elizabeth is doing well, right?
  4. So cute~
  5. It’s because you were so busy gaming that you didn’t take care of the cat. Cats are sensitive creatures.
  6. I hope Jumin takes her back soon…
  7. I like it, haha
  8. I think Jumin’s doing everything on his own speed… ^^
  9. Yes. Jumin’s opening up more and more.
  10. If you consider the environment he grew up in, if he didn’t have his own pace, he could have ended up really snobby.
  11. Take care of the cat~!
  12. Jumin said he’d let me go today so I’m sure it’s fine. He’s just worried over my safety.
  13. I should too.


  1. Jaehee! Good morning. Yes, I’m getting excited.
  2. Hello, Seven.
  3. Seven… you look like you’re kind of upset.
  4. Being abandoned is sad for everyone.
  5. Any answer
  6. Are you hiding something from us.
  7. Any answer
  8. Seven, rest up and see you tomorrow.
  9. I’m sure he’s fine. Isn’t he strong?
  10. I’m hoping that everything will work out now.

Visual Novel

  1. Did you sleep well?
  2. I feel sad to be apart from you. But we’ll see each other smiling very soon, so please cheer up.
  3. But what’s really going to happen to Elizabeth? Did you decide?
  4. Alright. If you still iffy about something, I will wait.


  • I’m going home after I have lunch with Jumin.
  • Everything will be fine tomorrow.
  • Any answer
  • Do you think V is hiding something…?
  • Go ahead. The party will be held safely. Let’s be positive ^^


  1. Jumin… are you busy?
  2. I’m sure he just envies you~
  3. Good afternoon~
  4. I have, but for my safety and Jumin I decided to stay here a bit longer ^^;
  5. It’s a bit too late to eat lunch… When do you think you’ll come?
  6. I’m glad that you’re worrying Zen, but I’ll talk about this with Jumin properly.
  7. But from now on, Jumin will discuss with me before deciding things… Right?
  8. Do you think that there’s some other danger out there?
  9. Jumin… you’re not serious, are you?
  10. Yeah… Jumin is slowly opening up.
  11. Jumin, I’ll look forward to seeing you.
  12. He said he’d take it into consideration, so I’m sure he got your point.
  13. Okay, go ahead ^^


  1. Seven, are you feeling better?
  2. Of course you can. I’ll listen to you.
  3. Oh my god…! Is that the kind of life you’re living right now?
  4. It’s so sad that I can’t even imaging it…
  5. He must be… very important to you.
  6. It’s a bit sudden but why don’t we invite him to the party?
  7. Any answer
  8. Yes. I hope you get to talk to him this time. Come back to the Seven you always were.


  1. Hello, Jaehee. I guess he’s busy…
  2. I’m getting worried too…
  3. I’m lonely… Please come see me.
  4. Then I’ll have to make sure to do it when you comes home, haha.
  5. Oh… I’m blushing… We haven’t gone that far yet…
  6. Be careful of saying such things… ^^
  7. Is Sarah coming to the party?
  8. I’ll be waiting ^^
  9. I’ll have to get ready to see Jumin at home.


  1. Yes.. He’s being late.
  2. Why would V suddenly visit your house??
  3. Was there… a problem with his sight?
  4. Alright, I’ll tell you.
  5. Yeah, maybe I’ll just spend another night here.


  1. Zen! How is the party prep going?
  2. Yeah… Did you tell him, Seven?
  3. Did V hurt his eyes?
  4. If his eyes haven’t been well for months, won’t it be dangerous?
  5. Seven… I don’t think you’re feeling better at all yet T_T Be more cheerful!
  6. Seven… I think you need help right now…
  7. Shower +_+
  8. Can’t you tell me what happened at where you went with Yoosung?

Visual Novel

  1. Do whatever you want now. I trust you.
  2. So you’re not taking Elizabeth back, Jumin…?
  3. V, I’m so glad to see you in person!
  4. Elizabeth seems happy to be home.
  5. Jumin can be a good owner for that pet. I hope you give yourself a second chance.
  6. Jumin… I think you should think about how Elizabeth would feel.
  7. I agree with V…
  8. I’m sure there won’t be any problem if we take care of her together.
  9. I’m in Jumin’s heart now. It’s okay.
  10. It’s okay. Thanks to you, V, I think everything is working out!
  11. I’ll trust V. He’s your friend.
  12. Alright Jumin. See you tomorrow.


  1. It’s all because of your hard work, Jaehee. haha
  2. Any answer
  3. I feel like everything is back in its place now thanks to V.
  4. I’m excited for tomorrow.
  5. I hope it’s a soap opera with a happy ending.
  6. Any answer
  7. I have to thank you too, Jaehee, for doing so much for Jumin’s company.
  8. Any answer
  9. I’m so excited too… Get a lot of rest, Jaehee.


  1. I miss you…
  2. You don’t have to tell me that anymore. I’m fine.
  3. That my heart will always be with you…?
  4. But you will discuss that with me, first, right?
  5. I understand… I’ll miss you. See you tomorrow.

Mystic Messenger Jumin Route Walkthrough Day 10 Completed

Mystic Messenger Jumin Route Walkthrough – Day 11

  1. Hey everyone!
  2. Any answer
  3. 3:Yes. I feel like Jumin and my love is going back to normalcy too.
  4. Jumin deserves that privilege though.
  5. Welcome!
  6. They will be waiting for you too Yoosung~!
  7. Everyone is the main face, so calm down lol
  8. I want to go on vacation with Jumin…
  9. How’re you feeling?
  10. Seven, please cheer up as the party is today!
  11. Jumin~ I miss you~
  12. I believe in you Jumin!
  13. Huh?;;
  14. I really like how honest you are Jumin.
  15. Jumin is a kind person by nature.
  16. Since it’s a good change, let’s encourage him to keep doing it ^^
  17. I don’t think Jumin wants to interrogate you. He’s just curious.
  18. Just send Zen those sweatpants through quick delivery.
  19. Jumin… you want to protect me 100%, right? I understand.
  20. We will see each other soon. ^^
  21. It’s better to talk about serious matters in person~


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