Mystic Messenger Yoosung Route Walkthrough – Days 5-11

Mystic Messenger Yoosung Route Walkthrough

Last Updated on 19 June, 2021

Mystic Messenger Yoosung Route Walkthrough – best choices & answers, Day 5 to 11, all Yoosung’s endings (Good, Normal and bad endings)

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Mystic Messenger Yoosung Endings

Best Endings – Reach the party with:

  • Yoosung Good End: 10 or more opened RSVP emails
  • Yoosung Normal End: 9 or less opened RSVP emails

Bad Endings

  • 1st Yoosung Bad Story End: Incorrect answers Day 7 branch point
  • 2nd Yoosung Bad Story End: Correct answers Day 7 branch point, then answer incorrectly until you unlock it
  • 3rd Bad Story End: Correct answers until Day 9 branch point, then answer incorrectly until you unlock it
  • 1st Yoosung Bad Relationship End: Day 5 to 7 > win more hearts for another character
  • 2nd Yoosung Bad Relationship End: Day 8 to 10 > win more hearts for another character

Mystic Messenger Yoosung Route Walkthrough – Day 5


  1. What are you doing at night?
  2. Yoosung feels a bit different from now.
  3. And the other members?
  4. Good memories.
  5. Yoosung seems happy too.
  6. What was he like before?
  7. He’s only a sophomore. He still has a lot of time.
  8. Nah. It’s nothing like that.
  9. It was good talking to you, Seven ^^


  1. Did you see the photo Seven sent?
  2. Jaehee must have been nervous lolol
  3. Maybe Yoosung changed.. because of Rika’s death?
  4. Golf clothing company? How about inviting them to the party?


  1. Did you brush your teeth after waking up?
  2. I should be in the photo this time, right? lol
  3. Let’s take photos of memories we’ll never forget.
  4. Oh~ I’m touched! haha
  5. I will.


  1. Zen, good morning.
  2. I think Yoosung is actually a very talented person.
  3. I like seeing a relaxed Yoosung too.
  4. Wish luck to Yoosung ^^


  1. Jaehee, did you eat lunch?
  2. lololol You looked pretty in that photo, Jaehee.
  3. Aren’t you being too aggressive?
  4. Aren’t you changing the subject?
  5. Invite them to the party!
  6. I hope Yoosung becomes happy one day.
  7. What the hell do you really do?
  8. Okay, alright.
  9. Goodbye, Jaehee.
  10. Goodbye, Seven.


  1. Yoosung, did you eat lunch?
  2. I did.
  3. Weren’t you just spacing out?
  4. Muah Muah
  5. Say whatever you want to ^^
  6. I feel like he’s scheming something in secret.
  7. There must be something that only you can do.
  8. Good luck! ^^


  1. Hello, Zen.
  2. What’s up?
  3. Oh no… does it hurt a lot?
  4. Don’t be so gloomy… Your health is more important.
  5. Then… how about inviting that doctor organization to the party?
  6. Cheer up, Zen.


  1. Yoosung, how was the library?
  2. He has to get better before the party.
  3. I want to make a lot of memories with you too, Yoosung.
  4. Yoosung, how was studying today?
  5. Yoosung, you want to work at Jumin’s company?
  6. You should experience different things.
  7. Yoosung is not helpless.
  8. I want to be someone who helps you, Yoosung.
  9. Don’t feel sad… I’m here.
  10. What is making you talk like an old man…
  11. That’s for saying that.
  12. Of course. We’re different people.
  13. Yoosung is mine.
  14. We will have each other.
  15. Yoosung, think of it as fun. Everything will work out.


  1. Jaehee, did you see Yoosung?
  2. I’m glad Yoosung doesn’t do anything physical! He won’t get hurt.
  3. You must really like Zen.
  4. I think they will be of help. Please tell them to contact me.
  5. Have a good evening~


  1. I’m here, Yoosung
  2. I don’t believe it either lolol
  3. You’re lying.
  4. I can’t trust what Seven says.
  5. Yoosung will be able to defeat those bodyguards!
  6. Yoosung, you’ve grown up!
  7. Omg…
  8. Yoosung, why don’t you try learning how to make games?
  9. It’s a good idea.
  10. That’s a good plan, Yoosung.
  11. Serious Yoosung is cool.
  12. My pleasure.


  1. How is cleaning going?
  2. Volunteering work… was it fun?
  3. Rika seems like a fantastic person.
  4. I am not Rika though.
  5. It must have been really hard…
  6. I’m not the same person as Rika, but I want to be someone valuable to you.
  7. Yoosung, you’re so cute.
  8. I’m going to go to bed.

Mystic Messenger Yoosung Route Walkthrough Day 5 Completed

Mystic Messenger Yoosung Route Walkthrough – Day 6


  1. Jaehee, you’re up pretty late.
  2. I think Rika is a very large part of Yoosung’s life.
  3. I’m worried too. Get better soon.
  4. I’m going to stay up more.
  5. Good night, Jaehee.


  1. Yoosung~ I missed you.
  2. Seven was here too;;
  3. I don’t feel so good about this…
  4. What is this for?
  5. So it’s trash.
  6. I’ll support anything that will make Yoosung happy.
  7. You’ve never told me before. Tell me haha
  8. Goodbye, Seven.
  9. I will always be with you ^^ Good bye, Yoosung.


  1. Are you getting ready for work?
  2. Cat Shelter?
  3. How about inviting the Cat Shelter people to the party?
  4. Can Yoosung afford to raise a cat?
  5. Medicine?
  6. That’s an insult lololol
  7. Yoosung’s going to change from now on. I hope everyone encourages him ^^
  8. Goodbye~


  1. Heya Zen.
  2. Why?
  3. Then that’s the reason.
  4. I actually think it could surprisingly be engineering.
  5. Sounds good. Let’s leave that option open.
  6. When are you getting rid of the cast?
  7. Goodbye, Zen.


  1. Yoosung, did you see the photo of the cat?
  2. I think that Jumin should take care of it too.
  3. congrats
  4. Since Jumin was born with a silver spoon in his mouth~
  5. Jaehee, how could you…
  6. Medicine.
  7. Yeah… Everyone’s so inconsiderate T_T
  8. Don’t be depressed, Yoosung. You can start talking all about your classes from now on.
  9. Stop teasing Yoosung~
  10. Yoosung, what are you going to have?
  11. Goodbye, Yoosung.


  1. Did you find out what Yoosung is majoring in?
  2. You find out about everything else, but you can’t for this?
  3. Which school did you go to?
  4. lololol You’re lying.
  5. Did you ever… actually raise a cat?
  6. Good. Let’s all get high and invite.
  7. I’m getting worried…


  1. Zen, how’s practice?
  2. I know… I thought she took good care of herself.
  3. I agree.
  4. I think Yoosung will do a good job too.
  5. Yeah… A little bit.
  6. Goodbye, Zen.


  1. Jaehee, are you going to take care of the cat?
  2. You should respect Jaehee’s opinion.
  3. I don’t think that’s a good idea…
  4. I hope so.
  5. Thank you, Jaehee.
  6. You’re very busy.
  7. Jaehee, how about that?
  8. Can’t you log into the messenger yourself and read the messages?
  9. Bring some party guests for me~
  10. Thanks for worrying, Jaehee.


  1. Yoosung, Jumin says that he’ll give you a bottle of wine if you keep the cat.
  2. There’s nothing you can’t do if you want it enough lol. I want to see you raise the cat.
  3. lolol I’m sure Jumin will take good care of the kitten.
  4. But what about it?
  5. That’s good! It’s a good idea.
  6. I’m blushing…
  7. I’d love to meet him in person.
  8. Blushing…
  9. I can’t say anything since I don’t know what Rika looks like…
  10. Hmm;; I’m not Rika, Yoosung.
  11. He can’t really distinguish me from Rika?
  12. Thanks for taking interest anyways, Seven.
  13. Goodbye.
  14. Thank you for saying that.


  1. Jaehee! Hello.
  2. Won’t it make your ankle worse?
  3. You’re not talking about… the Hulky, are you?
  4. Let’s invite them to the party!
  5. I wish he would see me for who I am.
  6. Yoosung will change.
  7. Not interested in you lol
  8. Yeah… I think she could.
  9. My heart’s already with Yoosung though.
  10. Goodbye, both of you~


  1. Yoosung, you’re not sleeping?
  2. It is natural. But you can’t confuse me with her…
  3. But I am not Rika.
  4. Even if that is true, I am not Rika.
  5. Is that Rika’s puppy?
  6. Good dreams, Yoosung.

Mystic Messenger Yoosung Route Walkthrough Day 6 Completed

Mystic Messenger Yoosung Route Walkthrough – Day 7


  1. You’re still awake.
  2. I’m the supermarket.
  3. Luciel, what kind of magic did you do?
  4. Forget the name and continue the story.
  5. Didn’t you trick the natives or something?
  6. Shouldn’t you at least have given them the Nimtendo.
  7. …Let’s invite him!!
  8. Hope you take the spaceship and travel to dreamland…


  1. What do you think of his story?
  2. It was funny to me lolol
  3. Is there something wrong?
  4. There may be some similarities, but we’re different people…
  5. Thank you for worrying. Yoosung will change.
  6. Thank you, Jaehee.
  7. Thank you for worrying, Jaehee.


  1. Yoosung, did you read about Seven’s adventure? lol
  2. I want to go on holiday too~
  3. Yoosung, do you want to go camping or on a road trip?
  4. But I still think you should listen to the doctor.
  5. You tend to overwork your body if you’re too confident, so be careful.
  6. If that’s the case… then it’s not really good ^^;
  7. Why would you feel bad?
  8. That you… but honestly I don’t feel so good.
  9. I think what Zen’s trying to say is… it’s not good to overlap me with someone else.
  10. Yoosung… Thank you for saying that.
  11. No, he couldn’t have~
  12. Yoosung, I think you should calm down a bit.
  13. Yoosung, don’t feel so offended.
  14. I understand what you’re saying. It’s just that Yoosung needs more time to understand.
  15. Cheer up, Zen. Yoosung will understand.


  1. Jaehee, you’re not going to work?
  2. I like predictable.
  3. Good! (Email from secretary)
  4. I admit that she was special… but I don’t want him to overlap me with someone else.
  5. Zen was too hasty.
  6. Thanks for your advice, Jaehee.


  1. Heya Seven.
  2. Gah!!! A monster that heals fast!
  3. Zen was just trying to give some advice.
  4. Yup, you were just being nosy.
  5. You’re right.
  6. That’s the reason? I thought Jumin did something seriously wrong.
  7. Well it’s not as if Jumin’s nice to Zen though lol
  8. Don’t think that’s the answer.
  9. You should have said so before lol
  10. Goodbye.


  1. Jaehee, do you think Yoosung would feel better by now?
  2. Jaehee…? Are you okay?
  3. Go ahead.
  4. I want to heal him.
  5. Jaehee, you really care for him…
  6. Yes… I do.
  7. Jaehee… I understand what you mean.
  8. Yoosung will understand how you feel. I’ll help too.
  9. Thank you for your advice, Jaehee.


  1. Yoosung, did you read… what Jaehee said?
  2. Let’s invite them. (Email from wineowner)
  3. Jaehee is really an awesome person.
  4. What do you mean she lost someone important?
  5. Oh no… That’s how she knows what it’s like to bury someone inside your heart.
  6. Yoosung, as time passes, you’ll be able to overcome the sadness of Rika’s death.
  7. I sincerely hope that your scars heal soon. Cheer up.
  8. People get over sadness in different ways.
  9. Thank you for your good words, Jumin.
  10. Which part didn’t you understand?
  11. Thank you for saying that. I’m fine.
  12. Everything will be fine, Yoosung.


  1. Hey Zen
  2. I thought she as a bit too nosy.
  3. What do you think will happen now?
  4. I think it will be nice.
  5. I hope the party day comes soon.
  6. Sleep tight.


  1. Jaehee, I’m here.
  2. Am I safe?
  3. What’s going to happen to me?
  4. What happens if I leave?
  5. I’d feel safe if Yoosung comes.
  6. So you mean there’s bomb here!?
  7. How can you laugh right now;;;?
  8. You should have told me beforehand!
  9. Do I have to live here?
  10. I want to see Yoosung…
  11. I have no choice, do I? Haha.
  12. I trust you with my life, Seven…


  1. Yoosung… I’m scared.
  2. I think they had no choice but to put it there to protect information.
  3. I’ll try to be calm too.
  4. Thank you for thinking so…
  5. You are very precious to me too.
  6. Okay. ^^
  7. Should I invite that group to the party?
  8. Calm down and go to bed. I’m not going anywhere.


  1. Jumin, I promised Yoosung I’d be his girlfriend lol
  2. How many years did it take for you to get a girlfriend, Jumin?
  3. Jaehee’s jut an innocent fan.
  4. Can’t I take it?
  5. Okay, I’ll try to be calm.
  6. I’m… going to be okay, right?
  7. I’ll try.

Mystic Messenger Yoosung Route Walkthrough Day 7 Completed

Mystic Messenger Yoosung Route Walkthrough – Day 8


  1. I got asked out ^^
  2. Once we meet, we will officially be in a relationship.
  3. I don’t want to hear anymore bad news.
  4. A stalker!?
  5. You’re so popular!!
  6. Your neighbors are going to report you.
  7. Good bye, Zen.


  1. Jumin, I got asked out.
  2. Don’t make fun of him. It could be real.
  3. I want to take days off too~.
  4. To be honest, I’m so nervous I can’t stand it.
  5. Goodbye.


  1. Yoosung, did you sleep well?
  2. You are a winner.
  3. I hope nothing serious happens.
  4. Yoosung, are you going to take a break too?
  5. You’re so cute I want to give you a big hug, Yoosung.
  6. You look awesome! The best!
  7. You’ll look too handsome with wings. What will I do?
  8. It’ll be solved soon. Don’t worry too much.
  9. I feel so safe because of my babe~
  10. Study hard today, darling~


  1. Zen, did you see the stalker again?
  2. It might really be a stalker. Let’s be serious.
  3. I’ll think about it. Tell them to reach me.
  4. Aren’t you moving to some place better?
  5. I think no one will get fired.
  6. Wow. So harsh.
  7. Don’t be so rigid and help Jaehee.
  8. I want to grow a pretty garden with Yoosung…
  9. Since everyone is so worried… I hope it’s solved fast!
  10. Jaehee, Jumin, good luck on the meeting~


  1. Please do something about the bomb.
  2. When will you come to remove the bomb?
  3. Omg. You want me to live with the bomb?
  4. I want to know specifically why V made that decision…
  5. What should I do if there’s an intruder? (Alt Selection 2)
  6. This is hard…
  7. I’ll trust V’s decision for now.
  8. Please find a solution asap.


  1. Yoosung, the bomb problem’s solved. You can relax now.
  2. I don’t think it’s going to be solved just by me moving or hiring security.
  3. I understand your worry, Yoosung, but we all prepared for the party together. It’s important too.
  4. Did V every lie to you, Yoosung?
  5. Instead of letting the doubt rot… I think you should talk to V yourself.
  6. I hope… there was a legitimate reason why he had no choice.
  7. Yoosung,… first, calm yourself down.
  8. Nothing will be solved by getting agitated.
  9. First I think Yoosung should talk to V.
  10. Thanks for worrying…
  11. Everything will be fine. ^^
  12. I’m going to miss you, Yoosung.


  1. Will Yoosung be okay?
  2. What kind of unresolved issues?
  3. How unfortunate…
  4. I miss Yoosung.
  5. Please do it.
  6. Seven… are you feeling okay?
  7. Seven is so popular…
  8. But I don’t think V’s a bad person.
  9. Will you contact V and have him talk to with Yoosung?
  10. …Even that would be fine.
  11. I don’t want to know what Seven does…
  12. I think Yoosung will be back in around 2 hours.
  13. Jaehee, are you busy?
  14. Ya
  15. I think both of them are trying their best to protect me.
  16. Jaehee, let’s talk alter.


  1. Yoosung, you’re here~!
  2. Is there a chance your phone is bugged…?
  3. What the hell is really happening?
  4. Wasn’t there enough evidence… about the cause of her death?
  5. That’s why the RFA was so important to you…
  6. Yoosung… It must have been so hard for you.
  7. I don’t think it’s that simple to forget someone… V.
  8. Yoosung… I feel so bad.
  9. Please just answer some of Yoosung’s questions.
  10. Are you serious!?
  11. That was good at least.
  12. He lured me with this app.
  13. Alright… I understand.
  14. Having too many secrets will only fuel doubts, V.
  15. I don’t feel that you have any bad intentions V… In my opinion at least.
  16. … Rika was mentally ill?
  17. Yoosung… are you okay?
  18. Calm down.


  1. Seven… did you hear anything from Yoosung?
  2. Is it that shocking?
  3. Calm down~!
  4. Please do your best, Seven.
  5. Thank you. ^^


  1. Jumin, did you see V’s conversation with Yoosung?
  2. Please tell them to contact me~!
  3. Seeing that he want to intrude the apartment, the information must be what he wants.
  4. Yeah. Why did they bother to lead me inside?
  5. That’s scary… I should change the password.
  6. It’s because they want to come in here themselves to take the information.
  7. Maybe they wanted to use me… to get information for them?
  8. Jaehee, that is impossible.
  9. I can’t believe you were beginning to doubt me.
  10. I hope that at least the party’s not affected in this situation.
  11. Think Jumin’s trying to protect Jaehee right now?
  12. Everyone’s hearts will be torn…
  13. Yes, alright.
  14. Jumin, thanks for your words.


  1. Zen, did you stalker come back?
  2. For real!?
  3. It’s real… What are you going to do?
  4. Maybe it is the person who say “The Jalapeno Topping was Pretty Spicy”.
  5. Zen, do you think you can sleep tonight?
  6. Yeah… I think that will be the safest place on earth. Take care of yourself.

Mystic Messenger Yoosung Route Walkthrough Day 8 Completed

Mystic Messenger Yoosung Route Walkthrough – Day 9


  1. Jaehee, did you get to Jumin’s place safely?
  2. What did the email say?
  3. He’ll get there safe.
  4. The cat’s so cute…


  1. Zen, did you get there okay?
  2. Isn’t Seven more dangerous than a stalker?
  3. Still no progress?
  4. Please… make me safe. I’m begging.
  5. Health is the most important, so take breaks in between.
  6. I hope everything goes well.
  7. Yoosung had no choice but to get mad. Because of V trying to hide everything.
  8. Do you think they’re really strong?
  9. You should clean up a bit.
  10. It might be from an enemy.
  11. Seven, good luck!


  1. Yoosung~ You have to eat breakfast okay?
  2. Nothing happened. Thanks for worrying.
  3. Don’t feel sad. It’ll be okay soon.
  4. Why didn’t you say anything?
  5. You’re not saying… Did Rika do that to V…?
  6. Yoosung… Are you okay?
  7. It’s not treatable…?
  8. Yoosung, are you okay?
  9. But still.. It’s your eyes…
  10. Yoosung just left! Do you think he’s okay?
  11. He didn’t want to hurt Yoosung because he thought so highly of her.
  12. I’m sure you were a very good friend to V.
  13. Don’t worry about me. Yoosung will get better soon, right?


  1. Zen, did you know that V hurt his eyes?
  2. How did you know he hurt his eyes?
  3. I feel like I’m surrounded by chaos… But it’s all going to be over soon, right?
  4. I’m so worried about Yoosung.
  5. I want to see V become bright again.
  6. If what V said is all true… I feel sorry for V.
  7. That’s the best thing that can happen. It will happen.
  8. It’s so creepy…
  9. Jaehee, you’re amazing…
  10. He hasn’t… fainted in his room, right?
  11. Seven will take care of it.
  12. Did you find any more potential guests?
  13. Please tell him to reach me.
  14. Jaehee, I’m counting on you.


  1. Yoosung! Are you okay?
  2. Yes.
  3. Really? It seemed suspicious.
  4. Why Zen…?
  5. Yoosung, I think it’d be best for you to hide yourself too.
  6. I can protect you if yo u come here.
  7. Yes… That person made me come here.
  8. Since there’s a bomb… I’m safe, right?
  9. Then I feel a bit better.
  10. To figure out what they want… we have to find more information.
  11. A hideout place…? Is the group a big organization or something?
  12. Seven, you’re going there by yourself!?
  13. Seven… It’s too dangerous. Think about it again.
  14. I’m worried, Seven…
  15. Yoosung… It’s too dangerous.
  16. Yoosung… thank you for stepping up for me.
  17. Yoosung… you are precious to me too. So don’t make any dangerous decisions.
  18. Yoosung is not a loser.
  19. If you want it so bad… I respect your opinion, Yoosung.
  20. Die!?
  21. Why working gloves?
  22. Come back safe… I’ll be waiting.
  23. Yes… I want to see you.
  24. I love you too, Yoosung.


  1. Yoosung left.
  2. Yoosung will succeed. I’m sure of it.
  3. But you trust V’s judgement right, Jumin?
  4. You’re saying I’m a good influence, right?
  5. What time does it begin?
  6. Do you think he can come to the party?
  7. Stop sending messages and actually talk to each other.
  8. You guys were childhood friends?
  9. So cold…
  10. Thanks, Jumin. Have a good evening.


  1. Seven and Yoosung… do you think they’ll be okay?
  2. We’ll find out when Yoosung and Seven return.
  3. Yoosung will be safe, right? (Alt Selection)
  4. Seven’s like that too?
  5. I believe it will. Don’t worry too much, Zen.
  6. Invite him. The party will be held for sure.
  7. Okay. I’ll try to stay as calm as I can.


  1. Do you think Yoosung’s doing well…?
  2. It is a very difficult puzzle.
  3. Wasn’t there anyone else who knew of Rika’s condition?
  4. Anything else other than that?
  5. Maybe he doesn’t want to harm you in any way?
  6. V probably made the best decision for everyone.
  7. Rika is very beautiful.
  8. V will tell you everything some day…
  9. I’m going to stay up.


  1. V, will Yoosung be okay!?
  2. I know that you are sorry… but don’t I have the right to know about our enemies? I feel like you’re just trying to hide everything.
  3. Are you sure?
  4. That’s what you came to say.
  5. Thanks for talking to me, V.

Mystic Messenger Yoosung Route Walkthrough Day 9 Completed

Mystic Messenger Yoosung Route Walkthrough – Day 10


  1. Jaehee, did you hear from Yoosung yet?
  2. There is nothing for you to be sorry about.
  3. They will return.
  4. Thank you for telling me that.
  5. Everything will be fine, Jaehee.


  1. Are you two both not sleeping?
  2. Doesn’t Jumin sleep?
  3. I really want Yoosung to come back soon…!
  4. Yoosung has changed so much it’s surprising
  5. I think Yoosung totally fell for me.
  6. Jumin has a lot of financial power so he could have dealt with it somehow…
  7. I feel like you’d be a devoted believer, Jaehee.
  8. Let’s stop talking about this and just wait for them to reach us.
  9. Jaehee, don’t work too hard.


  1. Jumin, did you hear from them yet?
  2. Everyone has to be safe.
  3. We don’t have much time… but can you still tell them to reach me?
  4. It’s only meaningful if everyone’s safe.
  5. Thank you for saying that. Sleep well, Jumin.


  1. Zen, you haven’t heard anything from Yoosung yet?
  2. I would have felt so alone if even you went along.
  3. To who?
  4. Everything will be fine.


  1. Zen is being too nervous.
  2. He’s right.
  3. Not really surprising. Not really funny.
  4. Jumin, you’re funny in a different sense.
  5. Would he have really?
  6. I think you two have deep faith in each other.
  7. Okay. Thanks for worrying.


  1. Zen… are you okay?
  2. I wish they told us exactly what they were going to do…
  3. V said he would make sure they’d come back. I want to believe him.
  4. Yes… they will come back.


  1. Yoosung! You’re back. I’m glad. I’m so glad!
  2. What happened?
  3. Just tell me, please?
  4. Anyways, I’m glad you’re safe…
  5. We can see each other now?
  6. Just get some rest for now. You did so well.
  7. I love you…
  8. Okay. I’m so glad your back. Get some rest, Yoosung.


  1. I’m so glad Yoosung is safe!
  2. Did everything go well?
  3. Everyone’s safe now, right?
  4. So they really did want the information in this apartment?
  5. I can’t wait until I finally get to meet Yoosung…!
  6. Seven seemed really lifeless.
  7. Sleep tight, Jumin.


  1. I’m glad everything worked out.
  2. We have to believe that everyone is safe now.
  3. It’s all thanks to everyone not losing hope and waiting.
  4. If this party doesn’t work out, we can try again next time!
  5. I’m confident.
  6. A white shirt and jeans
  7. Hurry and go, Jaehee.


  1. I’m so excited…
  2. But I haven’t heard anything from Yoosung…
  3. I can’t believe I’m going to see Yoosung tomorrow. It feels like a dream.

Mystic Messenger Yoosung Route Walkthrough Day 10 Completed

Mystic Messenger Yoosung Route Walkthrough – Day 11

  1. How long do I have to wait before I go to the party?
  2. But why haven’t we heard anything from Yoosung?
  3. I want to see him!
  4. I think he used up his brainpower.
  5. I’m an adult. Don’t mind things like that.
  6. (any)


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