Nikke The Goddess of Victory Tier List (2023)

nikke the goddess of victory tier list

Last Updated on 1 March, 2023

Nikke The Goddess Of Victory Tier List – All heroes ranked from best (Tier S++ to Tier F) to worst, along with their classes, elements, weapons and description of each of them.

Now that Nikke Goddess of Victory is now available worldwide, here’s a leaderboard detailing every NIKKE you roll in the game.

Note that Nikke requires multiple repetitions to reach its full potential, so this ranking was created with this in mind. For this reason, some SSR Nikke are rated higher than some SR Nikke, even though the latter perform better on a base.

This is also the reason why R Rarity Nikkeare not listed, as even with Max Dupes, they cannot achieve the same level of performance as higher rarity Nikke.

Also, as a reminder, this tier list is for informational purposes only and should not in any way limit the way you choose to play the game. While you’ll need to build higher quality content on the meta, all available units can enjoy all gameplay regardless of rarity.

Nikke The Goddess Of Victory Tier List

The characters are classified by Tiers, from Tier S (the best in the game) to Tier E (the worst, or least useful in the game).

Tier S

Tier S are the best characters of the game, really OP:

  • Modernia
  • Scarlet
  • Rupee
  • Alice
  • Drake
  • Privaty
  • Snow White
  • Harran
  • Liter
  • Noise
  • Pepper
  • Rapunzel
  • Centi

Tier A

Tier A are quite good characters, not the best but almost

  • Makima
  • Soda
  • Dolla
  • Emma
  • N102
  • Admi
  • Noah
  • Poli
  • Laplace
  • Sugar

Tier B

Tier B are average characters, choose them if you like them:

  • Power
  • Quency
  • Exia
  • Miranda
  • Anne
  • Ludmilla
  • Jackal
  • Sin
  • Yuni
  • Anis
  • Viper
  • Guilty
  • Epinel
  • Helm
  • Milk
  • Aria
  • Brid
  • Maxwell
  • Vesti
  • Yulha
  • Neve
  • Volume
  • Signal
  • Maiden

Tier C

Tier C are below the average characters, so if you use them, let it be because you like them a lot.:

  • Himeno
  • Cocoa
  • Yan
  • Mary
  • Christmas Rupee
  • Folkwang
  • Diesel
  • Guillotine
  • Rapi
  • Julia
  • Isabel

Tier D

Tier D are below the average characters, so if you use them, let it be because you like them a lot.:

  • Neon
  • Frima
  • Novel
  • Ether
  • Delta
  • Crow
  • Belorta
  • Soline
  • Eunhwa

Tier E

Tier D are the worst characters, try to avoid them at any cost:

  • Mica
  • Product 08
  • Product 23
  • iDoll Sun
  • iDoll Ocean
  • Soldier OW
  • Soldier FA
  • iDoll Flower
  • Solider EG
  • Product 12
  • Mihara

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