OSRS Firemaking Training – Old School RuneScape

OSRS Firemaking Training

Last Updated on 6 January, 2022

OSRS Firemaking Training – Old School RuneScape – the fastest farming method and also a budget farming method

OSRS Firemaking Training – Intro & Overview

The fastest Firemaking experience is gained by burning the highest-tier log available, check this list:

  • Normal Log – Level 1: Exp = 40 | Xp/hour = 59,400
  • Oak Log – Level 15: Exp = 60 | Xp/hour = 89,100
  • Willow Log – Level 30: Exp = 90 | Xp/hour = 133,650
  • Maple Log – Level 45: Exp = 135 | Xp/hour = 200,475
  • Yew Log – Level 60: Exp = 202,5 | Xp/hour = 300,712

Check from which levels you should change the log in the next section

OSRS Firemaking Training – Fastest Farming Method

Level 1 to 45

Level 1-15 – Normal logs:

Normal logs from trees, evergreen, dead and dying trees can be cut nearly everywhere in Gielinor ranging from Lumbridge to the Wilderness

Level 15-30 – Oak logs:

oak trees can be cut almost everywhere

Level 30-45 – Willow logs:

Willows can be cut near the River Lum in Lumbridge, near Edgeville, near the sea south of Draynor Village bank, south of the cabbage patch north-west of Draynor Village, or in Rimmington

Some people also use Willow Logs to reach level 99. Willow logs are a cheap, albeit slow, route to achieving level 99 in Firemaking. Burning willow logs grants 90 experience per log

Level 45 to 90

Level 45-60 – Maple logs:

Many players choose to burn maple logs from level 45 until level 99

Level 60-99 – Yew logs:

These can be cut yourself, but it is much more efficient overall to buy them from other players

OSRS Firemaking Training – Budget Farming Method

Use the same training route or scheme, but when you get to level 60, keep burning Maple Logs up to level 99. Although it is less efficient, it is much cheaper not only than Yew Logs, but also than Willow Logs.

We hope that this guide has been useful to you and that you have managed to solve the main doubts of the training process, leave us a comment if you need anything else

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