OSRS Smithing Training – Free to Play F2P

OSRS Smithing Training

Last Updated on 6 January, 2022

OSRS Smithing Training – Free to Play F2P – Best method for training and level up your smithing skill totally free

In this guide we explain what to do depending on the level you are at, and to what level to develop this activity, to optimize your experience farming and leveling up, the fastest way.

This guide is only for Old School RuneScape free to play players F2P, Old School RuneScape pay to win players have other mechanisms to speed up the leveling process

OSRS Smithing Training – Levels 1-29: The Knight’s Sword

Completing the mission The Knight’s Sword is the fastest way to reach level 29 in Old School RuneScape thanks to the reward

Levels 1-5: Bronze axes

Smith bronze axes to level 5 for 12.5 experience each > Ending Experience = 400

Levels 5-9: Bronze scimitars

Smith bronze scimitars from levels 5 to 9 for 25 experience each > Ending Experience = 575

Levels 9-18: Bronze warhammers

Smith bronze warhammers from levels 9 to 18 for 37.5 experience each > Ending Experience = 2,550

Levels 18/29-33: Bronze platebodies

Smith bronze platebodies from levels 18 or 29, if The Knight’s Sword has been completed, to 33 for 62.5 experience each > Ending Experience = 14,750

OSRS Smithing Training – Levels 33-48: Iron platebodies

Smith iron platebodies from levels 33 to 48 for 125 experience each > Ending Experience = 64,750

OSRS Smithing Training – Levels 48-68: Steel platebodies

Smith steel platebodies from level 48 to 68 for 187.5 experience each > Ending Experience = 522,000

OSRS Smithing Training – Levels 68-88: Mithril platebodies

Smith mithril platebodies from levels 68 to 88 for 250 experience each. This is about 150,000 to 176,000 experience per hour > Ending Experience = 3,780,750

OSRS Smithing Training – Levels 88-98: Adamant platebodies

Smith adamant platebodies from levels 88 to 98 for 312.5 experience each. This is about 215,000 experience per hour with the use of energy potions > Ending Experience = 7,420,000

OSRS Smithing Training – Levels 98-99: Rune equipment

Smith rune platebodies for the fastest experience at level 98 for 375 experience each by drinking a dwarven stout for a +1 Smithing boost for one minute. Maintain energy with energy potions.

Alternatively, to save money smith with lower experience rates, smith rune platelegs, rune plateskirts, or rune 2h swords to sell or cast High Alchemy on for profit

We hope that this guide has been useful for you, and that you have sped up your level-up process. If you have any questions, leave us a comment and we will try to help you

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