Persona 5 Strikers Trophy Guide

Persona 5 Strikers Trophy Guide

Last Updated on 25 October, 2022

Persona 5 Strikers Trophy Guide – Guide to Unlock the 47 Trophies (x37 Bronze, x6 Silver, x3 Gold and x1 Platinum)

Persona 5 Strikers Trophy Guide – Bronze Trophies

  • Cage of Lust Closed: Completed the Shibuya Jail – Unmissable > Story related Trophy.
  • Cage of Vanity Conquered: Completed the Sendai Jail – Unmissable > also Story related Trophy.
  • Humanity’s Companion: Completed the Jail of the Abyss – Unmissable > also Story related Trophy.
  • Cage of Gluttony Torched: Completed the Sapporo Jail – Unmissable > also Story related Trophy.
  • Cage of Desolation Condemned: Completed the Okinawa Jail – Unmissable > also Story related Trophy.
  • Back in Business: Witness the Phantom Thieves’ reunion – Unmissable > also Story related Trophy.
  • Cage of Wrath Collapsed: Completed the Kyoto Jail – Unmissable > also Story related Trophy.
  • Cage of Arrogance Cracked: Completed the Osaka Jail – Unmissable > also Story related Trophy.
  • Farewell to the Past: Wolf awakened his Persona – Unmissable > also Story related Trophy.
  • A Newfound Heart: Sophia found strength of heart – Unmissable > also Story related Trophy.
  • It’s Showtime!: Activated Showtime – 1st time you activate Showtime.
  • Seeker of Power: Used Incense – Once you receive a incense item (requests reward), use it
  • Unshakeable Teamwork: Performed an All-Out Attack 150 times – Hit an enemy’s weakness, to knock it down, then press Circle to trigger All-Out Attack, but you need to perform it 150 times
  • Know Your Enemy: Hit the enemy’s weakness 300 times – Hit the weakness of the same boss over and over
  • Phantom Striker: Defeated 200 enemies with a Phantom Dash – Activate phandom dash pressing Triangle while interacting with lamps, skates, chandeliers…
  • All That Glitters: Defeated 10 Treasure Demons – Treasure Demons are like red jewels in jails. Leveling up the Treasure Hunter Bond skill will increase the encounter rate for Treasure Demons.
  • Best Friend: Maxed out a BOND skill level – See “Eternal Bonds” trophy.
  • Eye for Talent: Spent Persona Points to strengthen a Persona’s stats – Level up your Personas using Persona points in the Velvet Room
  • Knife in the Dark: Perform 50 ambushes –  Get behind an enemy and press Triangle for a sneak attack x50 times
  • What are Friends For? — talk to each of your friends every day and finish their requests as soon as possible, some requests unlock more requests
  • Who Dares Wins: Defeated a Dire Shadow – Dire Shadows are the enemies surrounded by lightning which you can find in each palace
  • Ultimate Trump Card: Obtained all Master Arts for Joker –  See Master Thieves trophy.
  • Jolly Roger: Obtained all Master Arts for Skull – See Master Thieves trophy.
  • Gentleman Thief: Obtained all Master Arts for Mona – See Master Thieves trophy.
  • Flame Dancer: Obtained all Master Arts for Panther – See Master Thieves trophy.
  • Peerless Blade: Obtained all Master Arts for Fox – See Master Thieves trophy.
  • Fist of Justice: Obtained all Master Arts for Queen – See Master Thieves trophy.
  • Sophisticated Lady: Obtained all Master Arts for Noir – See Master Thieves trophy.
  • Technological Marvel: Obtained all Master Arts for Sophie – See Master Thieves trophy.
  • Repentant Fang: Obtained all Master Arts for Wolf – See Master Thieves trophy.
  • A Helping Hand: Completed a request – Futuba gives you the first request August 2nd
  • Item Sweeper: Obtained a total 200 items from the Jails – There are a lot of items or floating cubes in each jail
  • Short Order Cook: Cooked food for the first time – Unmissable > Story related Trophy
  • Master Chef: Cooked 12 types of food – Before leaving each city  visit all the shops there to buy dish recipes, also buy as many ingredients as possible to cook. There are 19 recipes, but you only need 12 for the trophy
  • Impulse Buyer: Bought something during a limited time sale – access Sophia’s shop in your RV and buy something
  • A Little Memento: Obtained a souvenir for the camper – speak to Yusuke on August 8th before you leave Sendai to get the souvenir. But you have to talk and clear requests for your friends regularly
  • Treasure Hunter: Opened 50 treasure chests – unlock the Safecracker Bond skill and level it up. But Chests respawn on revisiting Jails, so it is quite easy

Persona 5 Strikers Trophy Guide – Silver Trophies

  • Walk Your Own Path: Completed the Tree of Knowledge – Unmissable > Story related Trophy.
  • Death Defied: Defeated the Reaper – To fight the Reaper you need to:
    • Complete the main story
    • Defeat all the story bosses in a rematch through the requests
    • Defeat all the sub-bosses you will get a request for
    • Beat all the bosses in a second rematch
  • Mask Connoisseur: Complete the Inmate Registry – Obtain all Personas, the final persona is only available in New Game+
  • Best of the Best: Trained all Phantom Thieves to level 70 – If you need xp, you can get 10k xp in each fight Repeating the strong enemy request in Sendai Jail
  • The Most Daring of All: Defeated all Dire Shadows – Dire Shadows are the enemies surrounded by lightning which you can find in each palace, and there are 8 jails, so there are 8 Dire Shadows to defeat
  • Those Who Heed the Call: Completed 50 requests – requests must be manually handed in via the menu, and are missable, so don’t progress to the next area until you have completed them

Persona 5 Strikers Trophy Guide – Gold Trophies

  • Eternal Bonds: Maxed out all BOND skill levels –  This is one of the last trophies, because you have to farm bond experience in the final dungeon, the Metatrom Request in the final Jail
  • Master Thieves: Obtained all Master Arts for all characters – Each character has 4 skills or combos to unlock. To unlock a skill you will have to fill a progress bar you can view under Status – Master Arts. Fill all the 4 bars with each character
  • No Looking Back: — Started New Game+ on Merciless difficulty – Defeat the Reaper > Save Game > Reload the game > Yes (when asked to start a New Game+ Run) > Merciless Dificulty > Start the run > Reload your save if you don’t want to play in Merciless Dificulty

Platinum Trophy

  • True Phantom Thief: Earned all the previous trophies

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