Ys IX Trophy Guide

Ys IX Trophy Guide

Last Updated on 12 December, 2021

Ys IX Trophy Guide – The help you need to unlock all the trophies – Locations, video guides, tips, explanations…

Ys IX Trophy Guide – Bronze Trophies

  • Paragon – Complete Boss Rush: video (lunatic mode)

  • Indomitable Champion – Complete Boss Rush without retrying:
  • Fleeting Mirage – In Time Attack, defeat the boss without taking damage: Spam your skills with the first boss, after you finish the game
  • Greased Lightning -In Time Attack, defeat the boss in 30 seconds or less: Spam your skills with the first boss, after you finish the game
  • Raging Bull, the Unyielding – Explore Balduq with the Raging Bull as leader: Play with Yufa enough hours
  • Renegade, the Cunning – Explore Balduq with the Renegade as leader: Play with Jules enough hours
  • Doll, The Resplendent – Explore Balduq with the Doll as leader: Play with Anemona enough hours
  • Hawk, the Peerlees – Explore Balduq with the Hawk as leader: Play with Credo enough hours
  • White Cat, the Nimble – Explore Balduq with the White Cat as leader: Play with Krysha enough hours
  • Crimson King, The Radiant – Explore Balduq with the Crimson King as leader: Play with Adol enough hours
  • Conqueror of the Nox – Clear all Grimwald Nox: regardless of rank
  • Zenith of the Grimwald – Achieve an S in a Grimwald Nox: video guide

  • Showstopper – Use Extra Skills 100 times: LT + RT while in boost mode
  • Overdrive – Use Boost Mode 100 times: LT + RT
  • Impervious – Use Flash Guard 100 times: flash guard = perfect guard
  • Heartbreak – Inflict Break 1000 times: Attack the enemies’ weakness to break them
  • Lemures Exterminator – Defeat 1000 Lemures: Just play and defeat lemures
  • Banisher of Dawm – Defeat the ultimate Lemures, Vakh Medios (no Time Attack): Super Boss…Video guide >

  • Culling the herd – Defeat 2000 Monsters: Just play and defeat monsters
  • Apex Predator – Reach lv.99 with any character: Easier in New game +, but you can also reach lv 99 with Tempest Elixirs
  • Dressed to Kill – Forge Ultimate Weapons for all 6 Monstrums: You will get the schematics during Balduq Fortress – Abyss’s Fool’s Jail, but You need to have all 6 weapons at the same time
  • Dressed to Kill – Forge an Ultimate Armor: You will get the schematics during Balduq Fortress – Abyss’s Fool’s Jail
  • Virtuoso – Reach max level with all skills: spam your skills over and over and use the Warrior accessory
  • Haute Cuisine – Have 1,000,000 Gold in possession: Video with locations

  • Errant Millionaire – Have 1,000,000 Gold in possession: Before the end of the game, SAVE and sell all your equipment
  • Twilight Gaurdian – Have obtained a total of 2000 NOX points: Complete sidequests and also fight several lemures
  • Shopaholic – Attain 100% of Shops discovered: talk to each shop owner (last shop appears in chapter 8)
  • Intrepid Tourist – Attain 100% of graffiti discovered: Video with locations

  • Art Critic – Attain 100% of graffiti discovered: marked with a small blue !, super easy to find
  • Fields of Blue – Attain 100% of Azure Petals found: Video with locations

  • Hermetic Bastion – Attain 100% of Ritual Relics enhanced: fully enhance the Relics by talking to Dogi.
  • Ambassador of the Dandelion – Attain 100% of Affinity with all characters: Level 2 > Give them gifts from the shops, Level 3 > Sidequest near the end of the game
  • I would walk 300 Krimelye – Travel a total distance of 300 Krimelye: Just play until you unolock it
  • Material Girl – Attain 100% of all Materials entries in your Journal: Hit Harvesting Points as you play, you can also buy them from Morbihan in the Dandelionafter chapter 4

Ys IX Trophy Guide – Silver Trophies

  • Achieve an S on all Grimwald Nox – Achieve an S on all Grimwald Nox: increase the affinity of your Dandelion crew and increase the level of the relics
  • Monster Zoologist – Attain 100% of all “Monsters” entries in your Journal: Here is the complete list:

  • Debonair Socialite – Attain 100% of all “People” entries in your Journal: > Complete all the main & side quest (good samaritan trophy) and you will get this one
  • Good Samaritan – Attain 100% of all quests: > check all the side quests here
  • Seeker of Fortune – Attain 100% of all Treasure Chests: > check the chests locations here
  • Nightmare Survivor – Clear the game on Nightmare difficulty or above: Easier done in New Game +

Ys IX Trophy Guide – Gold Trophies

  • Cartographer – Complete the map of Balduq: 100% fill in the map (including dungeons), it’s hard, but during Chapter 6’s dungeon you will find a sacramental that will help you a lot > check the map completion here

Platinum Trophies Guide

  • King of the Monstrums: Collect all the previous trophies

Other Trophy Guides:

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