Ragnarok Origin Is It a Pay-to-Win Experience?

Ragnarok Origin Is It a Pay-to-Win Experience?

Last Updated on 21 August, 2023

Ragnarok Origin Is It a Pay-to-Win Experience? Explore the dynamics elements. Understand the game’s in-game currency system and …

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Ragnarok Origin Is It a Pay-to-Win Experience?

Explore the dynamics of Ragnarok Origin and its pay-to-win elements. Understand the game’s in-game currency system and uncover effective strategies to progress. Find out whether investing real money is necessary to succeed in Ragnarok Origin.

Understanding the Pay-to-Win Concept in Ragnarok Origin The gaming universe has seen a wave of games adhering to the gacha model for quite some time. Prominent titles like Genshin Impact and the more recent Honkai Star Rail have adopted the in-game currency model where players can wish for five-star characters or weapons. Ragnarok Origin, with its microtransactions system for purchasing in-game items, is no different. This leads to a fundamental question: does Ragnarok Origin fall into the pay-to-win category? Can you only progress to a specific level by shelling out real money? Let’s delve into the dynamics of Ragnarok Origin and uncover whether it truly is a pay-to-win game.

The Pay-to-Win Paradigm in Ragnarok Origin Notorious for incorporating controversial pay-to-win strategies, mobile games often lock advancement and high ranks behind real money paywalls. For instance, in Diablo Immortal, players discovered the algorithm required them to spend hefty sums to acquire top-tier armor. Does Ragnarok Origin follow this disconcerting trend? Is there a pay-to-win reality in Ragnarok Origin?

The answer to this is twofold, and it’s both affirmative and negative. Ragnarok Origin isn’t wholly a pay-to-win game. However, it does include certain armors exclusive to players who spend real money. Some items, like the coveted Night Fairy costume, can only be procured if players are fortunate enough to draw them from the vast selection of roll-for items. These items possess superior strength compared to the gear earnable in-game, making them highly desirable and luck-dependent.

Art of Earning In-Game Currency in Ragnarok Origin

Ragnarok Origin offers several in-game currencies, each serving a distinct purpose. These include:

  • Nyan Berry
  • Diamonds
  • Zeny
  • Eden Coin
  • Tokens

Each currency type enables purchases in its respective tabs. For instance, diamonds, which can be earned by participating in events, boss hunts, and dailies, are spent in the diamond shop.

To amass Zeny, participation in events is essential. Zeny is the primary currency for making weapon, armor, and card purchases. Eden Coins and Tokens, on the other hand, can be obtained through events, guild contributions, aiding new players, or mentoring students at the academy.

RO offers several avenues for players to earn in-game currency and progress. While certain items and armors are exclusive to paying players, a majority of the gaming experience remains accessible to everyone. Thus, whether you choose to play for free or invest real money, Ragnarok Origin ensures a rewarding gaming journey.

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