Raid Shadow Legends Doom Tower Guide

raid shadow legends doom tower guide

Last Updated on 29 April, 2023

Raid Shadow Legends Doom Tower Guide – The best guide on how to progress and complete Doom Tower levels in Raid Shadow Legends. Are you going to miss it?

When your account reaches account level 40 in RAID: Shadow Legend, you can access the Doom Tower.

With 120 levels and a special boss on 12 of them, it is one of the toughest challenges in the game to complete.

There are a ton of great rewards waiting for you when you’re strong enough to push floors in the Doom Tower.

You might be taken aback as soon as Doom Tower is unlocked because, more than likely, the floors are considerably harder than where you are in the Campaign.

In this guide, we cover all you need to know about the Doom Tower in RAID: Shadow Legends, including possible rewards and the best teams to use.

Raid Shadow Legends Doom Tower Guide – About Doom Tower

Each floor in the Doom Tower is home to challenging boss fights and powerful foes. The enemies are stronger the higher the floor you are on.

A floor can only be challenged if all floors below it have been defeated.

The Doom Tower has 120 ordinary floors, 12 of which have bosses.

There are 12 special rooms in addition to the 120 ordinary floors; these rooms have special rules and rewards, but they are not necessary to complete in order to go to the following floor.

You will encounter different enemies and bosses on each floor of the Doom Tower because the rotation of these creatures resets every month. The boss floors you encounter remain constant.

The Doom Tower has two difficulties: Normal and Hard.

When your account achieves level 40, you can unlock the Doom Tower.

Raid Shadow Legends Doom Tower Guide – Fighting Strategies For The Doom Tower

When in the Bastion, select Doom Tower from the far right-hand menu by clicking the BATTLE button in the bottom right corner.

Select the floor you want to challenge inside the Doom Tower, create your team, then press Start.

You must overcome every floor below it, excluding secret rooms, before you can challenge one.

Naturally, you must also have a level 40 account in order to unlock Doom Tower and engage in combat there.

Floors featuring bosses and secret rooms require one silver key to enter for the first time in a new rotation, while floors without bosses cost one golden key to do so.

If you don’t succeed the first time you try to resolve a floor with a key, you don’t lose more keys by trying again and again.

After defeating a boss, you can choose to farm its floor repeatedly for one silver key per run.

The actual battle in the Doom Tower is conducted in three rounds of enemies, much like other campaign levels. The third round has a boss on boss floors.

The Doom Tower has floors with significantly tougher enemy teams than the Campaign levels, which is the difference between the two. In contrast to the Campaign, enemy teams in the Doom Tower have 5 enemies instead of 4.

Similar to the Campaign, Doom Tower’s Normal and Hard modes consist of two separate series of floors. In Hard mode, floors won’t be affected by what you do in Normal mode, and vice versa.

However, it’s likely that when you first obtain the Doom Tower, you’ll find it difficult to play on Normal mode. Therefore, we recommend you to put off facing Hard difficulty until after you’ve significantly improved.

After you defeat a boss, floors without bosses are locked until the following reset, whereas levels with bosses can be repeatedly farmed.

Raid Shadow Legends Doom Tower Guide – How To Gain Doom Tower Keys

At the end of each day’s daily reset in RAID: Shadow Legends, you get 10 of each type of Doom Tower key.

Rewards from difficult tasks and rewards from clearing the Doom Tower’s hidden rooms are two additional ways to gain Doom Tower keys.

We recommend you to utilize as many of the free filled-up Doom Tower keys as you can each day because you receive both types of them each day.

However, you might not be able to spend any right away because you might not yet be powerful enough to clear any floors in the Doom Tower.

When you reach a certain level of strength, it’s important for the game’s growth that you use your daily keys to access as much of the Doom Tower as possible.

Raid Shadow Legends Doom Tower Guide – Doom Tower Rewards

By defeating floors in the Doom Tower, you can get a variety of useful rewards that are essential to your progress.

Some of the rewards you can obtain from Doom Tower cannot be found elsewhere in the game or are challenging to find there.

The top-right corner of each floor’s icon in the Doom Tower shows the rewards that level offers.

You usually receive multiples of the resources or items displayed.

Every time Doom Tower is reset, the rewards rotate just like the enemies on each floor.

Here is a list of every reward you can obtain from completing the Doom Tower’s stages, including any hidden ones:

  • Rank charms
  • Rarity charms
  • Type charms
  • Substat charms
  • Chickens
  • Gems
  • Champion fragments
  • Silver
  • Glyphs
  • XP brews
  • Silver keys
  • Crafting materials
  • Potions
  • Energy
  • Skill books
  • Shards
  • XP boosts
  • Champions

There is only one place to find the crafting materials for artifacts that you can gather from the Doom Tower’s floors.

We strongly recommend starting to clear as much of the Doom Tower as you can each reset because every single reward on the above list is useful and will help you progress through the game.

Secret Rooms

The Doom Towers have 120 regular floors in addition to 12 secret floors, or “secret rooms.”

Starting at floor 5, secret rooms are found above every tenth floor, hence they can be found above floors such as five, fifteen, twenty-five, and so on. Secret rooms are identified by the SR# notation rather than the regular #F notation.

You do not need to clear the secret rooms in order to proceed to the next floor because they are extra stages in the Doom Tower.

We do, however, urge you to open secret areas if you can because they offer fantastic rewards.

Champion fragments and two silver keys are both given as rewards in secret rooms.

However, because they have special rules, secret rooms are more challenging to explore.

For instance, you can only bring rare champions into the first secret room in Doom Tower’s Normal mode.

However, clearing it rewards you with two silver keys, giving you a total of three silver keys.

Best Champions To Use

The enemies you’ll encounter in the Doom Tower are significantly more powerful than those you’ll see during the course of the Campaign’s Brutal mode, and the teams you’ll encounter on each floor have 5 champions instead of the usual 4.

Therefore, it seems sense that some of your champions would be having trouble in the Doom Tower, especially on the hardest floors with bosses.

In the Doom Tower, using a solid team of champions that complement one another is more crucial than using only five powerful champions.

You can utilize the following heroes on your team in the Doom Tower to help you conquer more floors:

  • Arbiter
  • Drexthar Bloodtwin
  • Warlord
  • Var-Gall
  • Doompriest
  • Visix the Unbowed
  • Scyl of the Drakes
  • Lydia the Deathsiren
  • Jareg

The greatest champions to utilize in the Doom Tower largely depend on the boss you are up against. These are all excellent choices that should be helpful in any situation but may not work against all bosses.

Later on, however, you’ll need to use team compositions designed to counter adversaries and bosses’ talents and mechanics. You’ll have a hard time scaling the Doom Tower if you don’t.

Even against floors without bosses, a great team composition becomes more crucial the higher up in the Doom Tower you climb. Especially on Doom Tower’s hard mode.

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