Raid Shadow Legends How to get Sacred Shards Guide

Raid Shadow Legends How to get Sacred Shards

Last Updated on 9 February, 2023

Raid Shadow Legends How to get Sacred Shards Guide – We explain how to get the best shards in the game, the ones with the best summoning rates

If you don’t like paying, it doesn’t mean you can’t get sacred shards, the game offers multiple possibilities to get them for free. Of course, they are as valuable as they are difficult to obtain. You can get 12 or 13 a month, totally free, but they will require effort and dedication

The easiest way to get Sacred Shards in Raid Shadow Legends is through gift codes, check the updated list here > Codes

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Raid Shadow Legends How to get Sacred Shards Guide

  • Daily login rewards: Sacred Shards are obtained in the Daily Reward number 78, so yes, you will have to connect many days (they do not have to be followed) but the reward is guaranteed
  • Progression rewards: There are Sacred Shards secured by reaching levels 60 and 100. Again, it’s slow farming, but safe farming, so don’t stop leveling up.
  • Star Rewards: You need 252 stars in the Hard, Brutal, and Nightmare mode of the Campaign and 655 stars in Faction Wars
  • Mission milestones: Complete the second milestone mission (requires 151 mission completion), to get a guaranteed Sacred Shard
  • Monthly quests: Complete all the monthly quests and you will get guaranteed Sacred Shards. It is another slow farming, since one of the monthly quests consists of completing all the daily quests of the month, so it will take you at least 30 days
  • Dungeon challenges: reach part 5 of dungeon challenges to get a Sacred Shard
  • Doom tower: Complete the Doom Tower in hard mode and you will get two Sacred Shards, the last one is obtained in the last level
  • Clan Boss: Deal enough damage to the Clan boss in Nightmare or Ultra Nightmare mode to get a chest with chances (not guaranteed) from Sacred Shard
  • Arena: The platinum Arena chest (highest tier) has a chance of a Sacred Shard
  • Events: Check the new events, sometimes they offer sacred shards as reward
  • Referrals: If you invited someone with your referral link and they reach level 60, you will get a guaranteed sacred shard
  • Packs: In general, we do not recommend them, they are not usually very profitable, but it never hurts to review them

Video Guide

So that you can see what is possible, and in case it helps you, we leave you this Swagbucks methods video guide, in which it explains how to get 3 Sacred Shards in 3 minutes

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