Rickenback Best Builds in The Diofield Chronicle – Skills, Weapons, Equipment and Abilities

rickenback best builds in the diofield chronicle

Last Updated on 4 October, 2022

Rickenback Best Builds in The Diofield Chronicle – Read on to learn more about Rickenback Madea, his best abilities and physiques, early, mid and late game weapons, abilities, and more!

About Rickenback Madea

Rickenback Madea is a skilled archer who has spent her life hunting on the frontier. She is a deadly sniper who can support her team in tough battles and use items and resources efficiently.

How To Recruit Rickenback?

Rickenback will automatically join your party at the start of Chapter 2: Stronghold Breached

Rickenback Best Builds in The Diofield Chronicle – Overall Skills

Stun Shot

Offensive Skill

        • Damages and stuns a target.

Concentrated Volley

Offensive Skill

        • Deal damage to a target. Mage takes extra damage.

Trap Caster

Offensive Skill

        • Set up tripwire traps. Enemies in contact with the wire take increased damage as the cooldown expires.

Rickenback Best Builds in The Diofield Chronicle – Early, Mid and Late Weapons

Replica Blow – Early

    • Highly accessible early in the game with decent Attack and bonus Luck.
    • Has Rain of Arrows and Trap Caster as Active Skills.

Elemental Bow – Mid

    • The best affordable Bow before reaching Weapon Development Rank 5.
    • Additional 24 points to Luck.
    • Has Rain of Arrows and Concentrated Volley as Active Skills.

Bow of Faith – Late

    • Has the highest Attack out of all the Bows.
    • Addional 41 points to both Technique and Luck.
    • Has Rain of ArrowsTrap Caster, and Concentrated Volley as Active Skills.

Rickenback Best Builds in The Diofield Chronicle – Accesories

Accessory Hp Atk Def Tec Lck
Knight’s Bangle 0 15 0 0 0
Sprightly Shoes 500 0 0 0 0
Nimble Necklace 0 0 0 30 0

Rickenback Best Builds in The Diofield Chronicle – Builds

Due to her passive character and gear effects, this build allows Rickenback to effectively deal critical hits and increase the chance of status effects.

Weapons and Skills

Bow of Faith

Rain of Arrows

Trap Caster

Concentrated Volley

Accessories and Passives

Dragon Claw Bangle

Level Headed

Chaos Ring

Status Effect Mastery

Character Abilities

Luck Boost

Status Effect Evasion

Fortune from Above

Rickenback Best Builds in The Diofield Chronicle – Abilities

Ability Description
Luck Boost Lv. 1: Attributes: Increases luck by 5.
Lv. 2: Attributes: Increases luck by 10.
Lv. 3: Attributes: Increases luck by 20.
Lv. 4: Attributes: Increases luck by 30.
Lv. 5: Attributes: Increases luck by 50.
Status Effect Evasion 25% chance to prevent status effects.
Fortune from Above Deals extra damage equal to 30% of your Luck.

Rickenback Best Builds in The Diofield Chronicle –  All Characters Quest 

Chapter Quest Name Reward
Chapter 2 Experience Over Training Shop Rank (2)
Chapter 2 Helpfulness 1000 G
Chapter 3 Growth 2000 G
Chapter 4 Vivacity 5000 G
Chapter 5 Determination 10000 G

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