Roundscape Adorevia Cheats & Codes

Roundscape Adorevia Cheats & Codes

Last Updated on 10 September, 2023

Roundscape Adorevia Cheats & Codes – Speed up, Skip Combat, Auto Kill, Unlimited Money, Gender change, Origin Change and more

Roundscape Adorevia Cheats & Codes – How to unlock cheats

Complete the warlock quest in Oakshire to unlock a new skill in the special tab to kill all enemies with just one shot. You will also receive a lot of extra gold for battles


Codes are 4 digit numbers you can enter in the cheat tab:

  • 1700: Speed up
  • 2931: Skip Combat
  • 1819: 2500 gp each time you use it

Gender Change Cheat

To change from male to female turn on switch 4983 and off 4982 and use the debug stone

To change from female to male turn on switch 4982 and off 4983 and use the debug stone

Origin Change Cheat

Turn on one of the origins and turn off the other

  • Noble: 400
  • Farmer: 10 and 361
  • Thief: 12 and 362
  • Templar: 379
  • Soldier: 378

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