Royale High Music Quest – Diamond Beach

Royale High Music Quest

Last Updated on 30 June, 2022

Royale High Music Quest – Diamond Beach Quest – Find the 40 notes and unlock the Antique Messenger Satchel accessory as reward

The Music Notes quest is one of the new Diamond Beach’s Quests

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Royale High Music Quest – Intro

  • How to start the Music Quest? Go to diamond beach and Interact with Albert Kim (below the car lift)
  • How to complete the quest? Collect 40 music notes
  • Music Quest Reward: Antique Messenger Satchel accessory

Royale High Music Quest – Locations & Tips

The locations are random, and there are more than 40 possible locations.

Possible spawn locations:

  • Behind or next to trees, rocks, walls
  • Inside buildings, behind or near furniture, near walls, etc.
  • Inside or next to alleyways and hidden areas behind and around buildings
  • Next to rocks, trees, columns
  • Around paths, columns, scaffolding
  • Around the stage, docks, etc.
  • Inside the caves – Tip: turn your lightning filters to colorful brightness
  • Around the lighthouse
  • Around flora on islands in the ocean

There are no notes in the following locations:

  • In the water at the sea
  • Bottom floor of Sundrop coffee
  • Behind the lines that limit the map
  • On top of buildings with billboards or on top of shops

In case it helps you, we leave you a video of 88 possible and contrasted locations

Video Guide with Locations

We’re not sure if as it says in the video there are 88 possible locations, but this Tilmorning video will almost certainly help you find a few notes and give you an idea of ​​the kind of places to find the rest.


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