Royale High OceanOrbs Quest – Diamond Beach Herbs

Royale High OceanOrbs Herbs Quest

Last Updated on 30 June, 2022

Royale High OceanOrbs Quest – Diamond Beach Herbs Quest – Find the 10 ingredients and unlock the Froggie Bucket hat accessory

The OceanOrbs Herbs quest is one of the new Diamond Beach’s Quests

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Royale High OceanOrbs Quest – Intro

  • How to start the Music Quest? Go to diamond beach and Interact with OceanOrbs, inside the Ocean’s Nursery building
  • How to complete the quest? Collect 10 ingredients
  • Music Quest Reward: Froggie Bucket Hat accessory

Royale High OceanOrbs Quest – Locations & Tips

The locations are random, and there are more than 10 possible locations.

It is not one of the most difficult missions and it should not cost you too much. But we can’t help you much because you can find the ingredients anywhere. They are both indoors and outdoors, in the city and on the roads. Perhaps the only advice we can give you is that when you check the roads, be sure to check the outer limits of the road as well.

In case it helps you, we leave you a video of 10 possible and contrasted locations

Video Guide with Locations

A video guide, made by Royale Dior, where the youtuber shows the 10 locations where he found the ingredients

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