Royale High Trash Quest – Diamond Beach

Royale High Trash Quest

Last Updated on 30 June, 2022

Royale High Trash Quest – Diamond Beach Quest – Find the 75 Pieces of Trash and unlock the Swimmer Flippers accessory as reward

The Trash quest is one of the new Diamond Beach’s Quests

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Royale High Trash Quest – Intro

  • How to start the Trash Quest? Go to diamond beach and Interact with Dominic the lifeguard
  • How to complete the quest? Collect 75 Pieces of Trash
  • Trash Quest Reward: Swimmer Flippers accessory.

Royale High Trash Quest – Locations & Tips

The locations are random, and there are more than 75 possible locations.

Possible spawn locations:

  • Sand areas near the water
  • On the musician’s stage
  • Around and under the main dock and the jet ski dock
  • On the sand on the island with the jetskis
  • Around the beach umbrellas and sandcastles on the front beach
  • Around trees on the beach
  • Columns around the beach house
  • Around or possibly inside the lifeguard station

Although you have to collect 75 trash pieces, it is possibly one of the easiest missions to complete, as they appear everywhere. In any case we leave you a video to make it easier for you

Video Guide with Locations

In this RH Violet video guide you will see real locations of Trash pieces, and you will see how the 75 you need come together very quickly

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