Safe Code Coffee Shop MW2 – Alone Mission

Safe Code Coffee Shop MW2

Last Updated on 8 November, 2023

Safe Code Coffee Shop MW2 – How to get there, the code, and the weapons you will get – Silenced .50 GS pistol & Crossbow

If there is something you are going to miss in the Alone mission, it is weapons. You’ll encounter enemies everywhere, but you start with nothing to confront them with. So we explain how and where you can get what you need

Safe Code Coffee Shop MW2 – Location

In case you didn’t make it to the Coffee Shop. Progress in the Alone mission, in the Almas territory. You will have to advance a lot and survive in the streets until you find a green door. There you will have to sneak through the window, deactivate the trap and go up the stairs. Once at the top you will see a dying man, and right after that the coffee shop. Ignore the dying man and go directly to the coffee shop. And don’t go down to the lower levels, see the door that has “no entry” written on the left? Well, enter (you will need a pry tool), there is the safe, and the code is 10-10-80. Use it to open the box and get the seven round Silenced .50 GS pistol and throwing knives

  • Location: Coffee Shop
  • Safe code: 10-10-80
  • Reward: Silenced .50 GS pistol and throwing knives

Safe Code Coffee Shop MW2 – Second Safe

The next safe is not far away, although it is already outside the Coffee Shop. Now that you have opened the first safe, you must advance and make your way through the lower levels until you can exit through a door on the left of the building. You will enter an alley, and next to the white car is the blue door whose interior houses the second safe. Enter the code 37-60-80 and you will get a crossbow and two-bolts of ammo.

  • Location: Workshop
  • Safe code: 37-60-80
  • Reward: Crossbow and throwing knives

We hope you got the weapons quickly

Video guide

In case you couldn’t find the coffee shop with the explanations, we leave you this video guide from stalker84sor that we hope will help you

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