The Beast Inside Safe Code

The Beast Inside Safe Code

Last Updated on 8 November, 2023

The Beast Inside Safe Code – We explain how to solve the puzzle, and we give you the solution at the end, to open the safe of Chapter 5 They are Watching

The Beast Inside Safe Code – Guide

The Safe combination can be extracted from the clues that you will find in the book on the shelf. The clue is “Remember the answer is not present”, which means that the numbers are not present on the following pages. On the following pages you will see on the left the position of the number in the code, and on the right a bunch of numbers. Find the missing number on the right and place it in the position marked on the left.

For example, go to the next page after “Remember the answer is not present”. On the left page mark the first position, and on the right page, the missing number is 7. So the first of the 4 numbers in the combo is 7. We leave you the complete solution at the end of this guide, in case you need help, but so as not to spoil it for anyone who wants to try it on their own.

Video Guide

Obviously, if you make it to the end, there are spoilers in this asasasasasas video guide. But you can stop the video whenever you want and it may help you understand the puzzle

The Beast Inside Safe Code – Solution

The puzzle is not very difficult, but in case you want to get straight to the point and don’t want to waste time searching:

Safe code = 7516

About the game

Boston, 1979. Adam, a CIA cryptanalyst, leaves the big city behind to move to the country with his wife, Emma. His bosses fear he can’t be safe there, but Adam thinks he needs a secluded spot in the middle of the woods so he can crack the military code. Their work could alter the course of the Cold War. But this place will be the complete opposite of the peace and tranquility they expected to find…

In the attic, Adam finds a mysterious diary written by a man named Nicolas Hyde, a supposed former resident of the house who lived there during the 19th century. Once opened, the diary unleashes nightmares from the past in Adam’s time, putting his and Emma’s lives in great danger. Everything gets even murkier when these two stories inevitably collapse. The distant past and its eternal prisoner, Nicolas, against Adam, a cryptanalyst during the Cold War. How far will this go? In tangled timelines, who can you trust?

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