Remmant 2 Safe Codes

Remmant 2 Safe Codes

Last Updated on 8 November, 2023

Remmant 2 Safe Codes – Guide & Solutions – Founder Ford’s Chest Code, Sewer Safe Code, Losom Asylum Safe Code

Remmant 2 Safe Codes – Guide

We start by explaining how to get the codes on your own, without spoilers. If you want the solution, scroll down, we leave it at the end of this guide

Sewer Safe Code

Look on the walls near the safe for numbers that can only be seen when you shine the flashlight. Once you know you need the flashlight, it’s pretty easy to get the solution.

Losom Asylum Code

This one is more difficult, you get the code for the nurse’s song, but to do this you must first get the three dolls and give them to her.

  • 1st Stone-Carved doll location: Asylum main floor > library > in the corner, ext to a medicine bag
  • 2nd Stone-Carved doll location: Asylum (outside) > Basement > Instead of going to the shed turn right > next to a pile of wood
  • 3rd Stone-Carved doll location: Asylum 3rd floor (requires Asylum Third Floor Key from the shed) > big square room

Remmant 2 Safe Codes – Solutions

In case you don’t care about spoilers and just want the solution

  • Founder Ford’s Chest Code = 0415
    • Reward: MP60-R SMG
  • Sewer Safe Code = 8531 / 5813
    • Reward: Rusted Heirloom Treasure
  • Losom Asylum Safe Code = 2971
    • Reward: Double Barrel Shotgun

About Remmant 2

Remnant II is the sequel to the best-selling game Remnant: From the Ashes, pitting humanity’s survivors against deadly new creatures and godlike bosses in terrifying worlds. Play on your own or cooperate with two friends to explore the depths of the unknown and prevent evil from destroying reality itself. To achieve this, players must rely on their own abilities and those of their team to overcome the toughest challenges and prevent the extinction of humanity.

A mix of fast-paced, methodical ranged and melee combat with cunning enemies and large-scale boss battles returns. Choose specific weapons and equipment that are optimal for the different biomes and battles that await you. High-level players will have to join forces against the bosses to overcome the challenge and try to obtain the greatest rewards.

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