Safe Codes & Door Codes Stray

Safe Codes & Door Codes Stray

Last Updated on 10 September, 2023

Safe Codes & Door Codes Stray – All the codes available for safes and doors that you will find in Stray.

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Safe Codes & Door Codes Stray

Some puzzles will not be easy to solve, for that reason you are reading this article, so that we can provide you with the codes and you can advance in Stray easily.

  • 1 The Flat Digicode – Code Id: 3748
  • 2 The Slums Alley Safe – Code Id: 1283
  • 3 The Slums Library Safe – Zone: Key from the library backroom
  • 4 The Slums Secret Lab Digicode – Code Id: 2511
  • 5 Midtown Merchant Shop Safe – Code Id: 8592 or 8542

All safes have items, which are absolutely essential to progress within Stray.

Some items are directly related to the story, and which will make the gameplay easier for you.

The two “2” digital codes are also required to progress through the game.

Safe Codes & Door Codes Stray – About the Game

As we progress through the game, we can discover new areas and places, the idea of the game is that we enter a world that has never been explored.

The Stray game has open world elements, with a focus on atmosphere, exploration, and art.

We will put ourselves in the shoes of a stray cat who finds himself in a world populated by robots and ventures to return to his family.

As a curious cat, which is what we will be in the game, we have to progress, discovering and guessing different riddles to advance in the Stray game, as a curious fact, we will be accompanied by our robot friend called B12, which will help us to talk with the rest of the robots and some additional data, which we can save.

In the following video you can see a review of Stray, where you will know all the important points to take into account, in case you want to buy the game.

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Safe Codes & Door Codes Stray by Annapurna Interactive

The Cat Hero, Stray by Annapurna Interactive

When you start on Stray, you meet the cat hero. They have no names, they are wounded and alone. But this is not an alley cat. In a strange city populated only by robots, his only goal is to find a way to his home.

Brought to life by a team of cat lovers at BlueTwelve Studio, the cat possesses all the loving traits you’d expect from a fearless feline lead.

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