Saint Seiya Legend of Justice Tier List

Saint Seiya Legend of Justice Tier List  - What you should aim for, and the Tier List

Last Updated on 15 September, 2022

Saint Seiya Legend of Justice Tier List  – What you should aim for, and the Tier List (Target Characters ranked from Tier S to Tier D)

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Saint Seiya Legend of Justice Tier List – List

Try to aim for Tier S, they are very easy to get, and at worst some Tier A, which are also pretty good.

Tier S

Tier S are the best characters of the game, really OP:

  • Shaka
  • Saga
  • Aioros

Tier A

Tier A are quite good characters, not the best but almost

  • Argethi
  • Deathmask
  • Moses
  • Doko
  • Athena
  • MU
  • Aphrodite

Tier B

Tier B are average characters, choose them if you like them:

  • Misty
  • Miro
  • Shura
  • Aioria
  • Sirius
  • Shaina

Tier C

Tier C are below the average characters, so if you use them, let it be because you like them a lot.:

  • Camus
  • Aldebaran
  • Ptolemy
  • Marine
  • Babel
  • Crow Jamian
  • Cerberus Dante

Tier D

Tier D are the worst characters of the game, even if you like them a lot, we recommend you avoid them:

  • Musca Dio
  • Dragon Shiryu

About Saint Seiya Legend of Justice Tier List – About

Players who pre-register will have access to exclusive rewards, such as the 4-star Phoenix Ikki when the game officially releases in July, and other rewards such as a:

  • Gold Knight (if additional conditions are reached)
  • Other Knights reward…

Game from under the supervision of Kurumada Masami (the original screenwriter), the game challenges you to take Seiya, Ikki, Shiryû, Hyôga and Shun to the sanctuary, face the 12 gold knights, end the Master’s conspiracy and save the goddess Athena. , under a 3D design in which you can unleash legendary abilities and elemental attacks to defeat your enemies. 88 knights that can be assembled, the job is to build the strongest team possible, recruiting knights such a:

  • Phoenix Ikki
  • Dragon Shiryû
  • Virgo Shaka
  • Gemini Saga

Where they will have six items, five types of protectors, restraining attributes, and abilities of control.  The game is currently in beta version.

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