Slime Isekai Memories Reroll Guide & Tier List

Slime Isekai Memories Reroll Guide

Last Updated on 26 January, 2023

Slime Isekai Memories Reroll Guide & Tier List – Protection & Battle Characters – How to Reroll, what you should aim for, and the Tier List (Target Characters ranked from Tier S to Tier E)

Slime Isekai Memories Reroll Guide & Tier List – Reroll Steps

These are the steps to reroll for a Protection Character (*):

  1. Launch Slime Isekai Memories on your device
  2. Clear the first stage of chapter 1, click through all the dialogue with the goblins and build a Goblin’s House and Training Grounds
  3. Do the forced 10 pull: Use rewards to roll and get gacha banner characters.
  4. if you don’t like what you got: Immediately quit the app
  5. Launch Slime Isekai Memories again and Click on the “Menu” button (lower-left corner of the screen) and click on “Delete Game Data”.
  6. Choose your language, and press “YES” for Confirm Shorter Tutorial
  7. Accept all terms and name your Chancellor (you can change it later)
  8. Go back to step 2

(*) You don’t have to complete step 2 to reroll for a Battle Character, and any battle character will do, but Protection Characters are much better. So it is worth spending a little more time to get it

What you should aim for?

Of course, what interests you is a Protection Character, any of them is infinitely better than any battle character, but we explain which is the best Protection Character, and in case you want to settle for a Battle Character we also tell you which ones they are the best

Protection Characters:

Anyone will do, but Veldora Tempest: Storm Dragon is the best possible

  • Veldora Tempest: Storm Dragon (wind) – The Best
  • Elemental Colossus: Golem (earth)
  • Orc Disaster: Starved (darkness)
  • Ifrit: Burning Spirit (fire)
  • Charybdis: Swimming Calamity (space)
  • Milim Nava: Bellicose Dragoneye (water)
  • Ramiris: Fairy of the Labyrinth (light)

Battle Characters:

Anyone will do, but Hakurou: Instructor of the Flashing Sword and Milim Nava: Dragon Majin stand out above the rest for their extremely high offensive capacity

Slime Isekai Memories Reroll Guide & Tier List – Tier List

Battle Tier List

  • Masked Hero [Time Traveler] – Tier S
  • Milim Nava, Powerful Princess – Tier S
  • Shuna, the Beachside Princess/Swimsuit – Tier S
  • Rimuru Tempest, The Trude Demon Lord – Tier S
  • Milim Nava [Dragonoid] – Tier S
  • Luminus Valentine, the Elegant Blood – Tier S
  • Diablo, the Necromancing Devil – Tier S
  • Shion, the Charming Purple Ogre – Tier S
  • Hinata, the Dead End Striker – Tier S
  • Shion [Runaway Bride] – Tier S
  • Diablo [The Black Progenitor] – Tier S
  • Rimuru Tempest [Chancellor of Tempest] – Tier S
  • Alice Rondo [Brave Knight Girl] – Tier S
  • Velzard [The White Ice Dragon] – Tier S
  • Diablo [Ebony Demon] – Tier S
  • Milim Nava [The Dragon Fist] – Tier S
  • Luminus [The Queen of Nightmares] – Tier S
  • Carrion [Beastmaster] – Tier S
  • Veldora [Seal Releaser] – Tier S
  • Gazel Dwargo [King of an Armed Nation] – Tier S
  • Daggrull, the Proud Giant Fist – Tier B
  • Treyni, the Spider Witch – Tier B
  • Deeno, the Sleeping Ruler – Tier B
  • Leon, the Platinum Saber – Tier B
  • Adalman, the Wight King – Tier B
  • Milim Nava [The Enthusiastic Player] – Tier B
  • Ramiris [The Creator] – Tier B
  • Milim Nava [The Proud Dragon Demon Lord] – Tier B
  • Leon Cromwell [The Flashing Blade] – Tier B
  • Guy Crimson [The Beginning] – Tier B
  • Treyni [Budding of Deep Green]  – Tier B
  • Shizue [Conqueror of Flames] – Tier B
  • Souei [Successful Shinobi] – Tier B
  • Rimuru Bridegroom – Tier B
  • Shuna [Holy Princess] – Tier B
  • Souei [Spy in Shadows] – Tier B
  • Luminus Valentine [Queen of Yule] – Tier B
  • Beretta [Arch Golem] – Tier B
  • Rimuru Tempest [Lord of Wisdom] – Tier B
  • Gobta [Captain of the Goblin Riders] – Tier B
  • Leon Cromwell [The Platinum Devil] – Tier B
  • Shion [Steel Annihilator] – Tier B
  • Guy Crimson [Lord of Darkness] – Tier B
  • Hakurou [Instructor of Flashing Sword] – Tier B
  • Milim Nava [Manifestation of the Dragon] – Tier B
  • Benimaru [Undefeated General] – Tier B
  • Veldora Tempest [The True Butler] – Tier C
  • Shizue Izawa [Date Night Beauty] – Tier C
  • Rimuru Tempest [Harmonizer of Monsters and Humans] – Tier C
  • Rimuru Tempest [The Master of Maids] – Tier C
  • Hinata Sakaguchi [Captain of the Holy Knights] – Tier C
  • Rimuru Tempest [Awakened Demon Lord] – Tier C
  • Ranga [Tempest Star Wolf] – Tier C
  • Milim Nava [One of Oldest Demon Lords] – Tier C
  • Benimaru [Samurai General of Hellfire] – Tier C
  • Frey [The Sky Queen] – Tier C
  • Kenya Misaki [Heroic Vessel] – Tier C
  • Alice Rondo [Golem Master] – Tier C
  • Benimaru [Crimson Ogre Warrior] – Tier D
  • Shuna [Pink Ogre of Heavenly Light] – Tier D
  • Shuna [The Holy Sunrise] – Tier D
  • Souei [Instant Spy] – Tier D
  • Shion [Purple Smash] – Tier D
  • Rimuru Tempest [Reincarnated] – Tier D
  • Milim Nava [Delighter in Everyday Life] – Tier D
  • Trya [Summer Breeze of Benevolence] – Tier D
  • Shuna [Pink Ogre Princess] – Tier D
  • Gobta [Hobgoblin Ascendant] – Tier D
  • Phobio [Leopard Fang] – Tier D
  • Hakurou [White Slash] – Tier D
  • Yuuki Kagurazaka [Grandmaster] – Tier D
  • Kurobe [Steel Heart of Forge] – Tier D
  • Myulan [Leisurely Lady] – Tier D
  • Kurobe [Immobile Black Ogre] – Tier D
  • Gale Gibson [Earth Spirit Lodger] – Tier D
  • Ranga [Loyal Horn] – Tier D
  • Albis [The Golden Serpent] – Tier D
  • Suphia [White Tiger Claw] – Tier D
  • Grucius [Lupine Fighter] – Tier D
  • Shion [The Bold Servant] – Tier E
  • Rimuru Tempest [Swordsmanship Forge] – Tier E
  • Ranga [Loyal Wolf] – Tier E
  • Benimaru [Next Clan Leader] – Tier E
  • Benimaru [Valiant Kijin] – Tier E
  • Souei [Blue Gale] – Tier E
  • Shion [Ardent Attendant] – Tier E
  • Geld [Orc King] – Tier E
  • Gelmud [Secret Operator] – Tier E
  • Chloe Aubert [Lovely Innocence] – Tier E

Protection Tier List

  • Veldora Tempest, Dragon Guardian of Tempest – Tier S
  • Veldora Tempest [The Mighty Roar] – Tier S
  • Hakurou [Ultimate Blade] – Tier S
  • Shizue Izawa, the Dream/Runway Bride – Tier S
  • Milim Nava, the Summer High – Tier S
  • Chloe Aubert [Quiet Knight Girl] – Tier A
  • Orc Disaster [Starved] – Tier A
  • Gabiru, the Badlands Dragonewt – Tier A
  • Charybdis [Swimming Calamity] – Tier A
  • Rimuru[the Chancellor of Prosperity] – Tier A
  • Rimuru Tempest [Stately Sovereign] – Tier B
  • Rimuru Tempest [The Chancellor of Prosperity] – Tier B
  • Shion [The Talented Secretary] – Tier B
  • Ramiris [Fairy of the Labryrinth] – Tier B
  • Soka [The Lovestruck Maiden] – Tier B
  • Milim Nava [Bellicose Dragoneye] – Tier B
  • Veldora Tempest [Storm Dragon]  – Tier C
  • Elemental Colossus [Golem] – Tier C
  • Ifrit [Burning Spirit] – Tier C
  • Shuna [The Faithful Housemaid] – Tier C
  • Veldora Tempest [Proud Kin of Dragons] – Tier D
  • Salamander [The Flame Master] – Tier D
  • Sky Dragon [Soaring Dragon Calamity] – Tier D
  • Gard Mjolmire [The Competent Merchant] – Tier D
  • Kaijin [The Forge Artisan] – Tier D
  • Fuze [Guildmaster] – Tier D
  • Vesta [Seeker] – Tier D
  • Light Spirit [Heroic Conductor] – Tier D
  • Psychic Elf [Fortuneteller] – Tier D
  • Butterflies of the Night Owner [Bewitching Shopkeeper] – Tier D
  • Garm [The Armor Artisan] – Tier D
  • Haruna [The Affectionate Hobgoblin] – Tier D
  • Gobuichi [The Hobgoblin Chef] – Tier D
  • Dord [The Skilled Artisan] – Tier D
  • Myrd [The Construction Artisan] – Tier D

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