Artery Gear Fusion Reroll Guide & Tier List

Artery Gear Fusion Reroll Guide

Last Updated on 26 January, 2023

Artery Gear Fusion Reroll Guide & Tier List – How to Reroll, what you should aim for, Banners, and the Tier List (Target Characters ranked from Tier S to Tier D)

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Artery Gear Fusion Reroll Guide & Tier List – Reroll Steps

These are the steps to reroll

  1. Launch Artery Gear Fusion on your device
  2. Log in as a guest account
  3. Crystal Farming: You need 1800 forging crystals for a x10 Pull, to farm the crystals:
    • Complete PvE Stages, Missions and event quests
    • Tap on Boarding Celebration (lower left corner) for x3 chests
    • Login for x3 days (x540 crystals on the 1st day)
  4. Banners:
    1. Spend your coins on the Regular & Event Banners: Go for Sirius and Alice or Milvus and Shyura
    2. Server Launch Celebration (Only if you got Sirius and Alice or Milvus and Shyura on the previous banner): keep rerolling until you get Ginga
  5. Reroll: delete the game’s cache and data > and re-download the patch file

In short, get coins to reroll the Regular and event banners to get Sirius and Alice or Milvus and Shyura, and then use the Server Launch Celebration Banners (you have infinite tries) to get Ginga.

What you should aim for?

The important thing and where you should waste time is getting Sirius and Alice or Milvus and Shyura in the Regular and Event banners, since they will also require you to farm a lot of crystals

The Server Launch Celebration banner can also give you very good characters, but it’s secondary, since you have infinite tries. And it’s only worth trying if the Regular and Event banners have given you what you wanted.

Although in case you are interested, we will provide you with the complete tier list below, with all the characters in the game

Artery Gear Fusion Reroll Guide & Tier List – Tier List

All the characters in the game classified by Tiers, starting with Tier S, the best in the game

  • S-Tier: Sirius, Shyura, Alice, Roco, Chihaya, Milvus, Morris, Ginga, Hearin, Greer, Kaludia
  • A-Tier: Senha, Veronica, Ghost, Shilin, Suriel, Rosemary, Goya, Katie, Grace, Komachi, Cerulean, Feidy, Lila, Nina, Verbana
  • B-Tier: Foxy, Quinn, Zero Four, Kanna, Ruri, Roko, Kagari, Shinobu, Phantom, Benny, Hokuto, Cindy, Touka, Della, Maika, Corax, Ryza
  • C-Tier: Winnie, Grey, Kurumi, Teufel, Nemophila, Lydia, Nio, Neisa, Chitose, Dean, Diancht, Iberis, Acacia, Onean, Timy, Blue, Meko, Beidou
  • D-Tier: Valeria, Pele, Michelle, Tony, Angelica, Caroline, Erica, Ivey, Margot, Rhoeas, Andie, Sonya, Sylvia, Shinonome

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