Sally Face Walkthrough Episode 1

Sally Face Walkthrough Episode 1

Last Updated on 28 April, 2023

Sally Face Walkthrough Episode 1 – Complete and step-by-step guide to the first chapter or episode of the Portable Moose game, so you can complete it from start to finish

Explore a spooky journey with the youngster with a prosthetic face and a horrible past. Sally Face and his father move into an apartment that has strange occupants and a regrettable crime scene in the first episode, Strange Neighbors. They had no idea what fate still awaited them.

Discover the truth that lurks in the shadows by unraveling the frightening riddles of Sally’s world.

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Sally Face Walkthrough – Episode 1

Chapter / Episode 1 Walkthrough by Featherfall Studios.

First Steps

You, Sally, are in the hospital following a terrible accident when the game starts. But what took place with you? Well, we still need to find out about that.

The light by the door should be turned on. Take note to the dog portrait on the wall. Answer the ringing phone now. Select any conversational option. The caller resembles your father. Move the filing cabinet so that it is resting against the wall by taking a few steps to the right. Search for and take the KEY from the floor beneath the filing cabinet. Now exit your room through the left-hand door.

Hey, hold on a second! Your previous room is now a brick wall! These hallways are very confusing. Go to Room D.

The number 3 is written on the wall at the end of the corridor. Go inside Room O now.

Go to Room G. Similar to the image in your hospital room, that says “DOG” in capital letters.

You have your very first vision. You’re in the rain outside. The mourners can be seen here. Take a few steps to the right and turn to face the dog. After telling you that he buried someone alive, the dog vanishes. I wonder about whom he is speaking. Take note of the tree’s number 6. Take a few steps to the left and turn to face the grave. Climb into the grave from below.

Pay close attention to Number 4 on the wall. You’re back in the hospital hallways after taking a few steps to your right.

The ‘Batteries Not Included’ door is locked, so try to open it. Examine the keypad. Recall the last three numbers you saw. keypad and enter the number 364. Open the ‘Batteries Not Included’ door once more, and you will now be in the room.

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