Sally Face Walkthrough Episode 3

Sally Face Walkthrough Episode 3

Last Updated on 28 April, 2023

Sally Face Walkthrough Episode 3 – Complete and step-by-step guide to the third chapter or episode of the Portable Moose game, so you can complete it from start to finish

Explore a spooky journey with the youngster with a prosthetic face and a horrible past. Sally Face and his father move into an apartment that has strange occupants and a regrettable crime scene in the first episode, Strange Neighbors. They had no idea what fate still awaited them.

Discover the truth that lurks in the shadows by unraveling the frightening riddles of Sally’s world.

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Sally Face Walkthrough – Episode 3

Chapter / Episode 3 Walkthrough by Featherfall Studios.



First Steps

You are Dr. Enon in the game. After your previous meeting with Sal, you decide to go to his old apartment building to determine whether he is speaking the truth or not. Turn left, then keep going left to the tree. Uprightly enter the treehouse.

Ground-level search boxes yield no interesting results. Seen on the wall is a photo of Larry’s parents. Look at the shelves to the right; they only contain garbage and tools. There is still nothing intriguing on the floor to the right. You were really hoping to uncover some evidence to back up Sal’s account. But just as you’re about to leave, Larry’s ghost shows up.Larry begs for your assistance in freeing Sal from prison. You drop out of the tree house after becoming dizzy from the shock. Sadly, you die from the fall.

Once more playing as Sal, you discover yourself in… nothingness. Just a blank, white space. You hear a voice speaking, but it is speaking backwards.

“Remember what I told you. In the White Room, please locate me.

The Phantom continues to speak to you, but his voice is still so distorted that you are unable to understand him. The Phantom then commands you to RUN! Run till you come to the doorway.

You’re on death row, and journalist Clare Nettles is speaking with you. You decide to elaborate on your story since your trial is still a few hours away.

You are a stick figure drawn on a notebook page. Once you spot Mr. Dark-Triangle-Head, turn right. You can try to chat to him, but he doesn’t like to talk. Continue to turn right until you reach Mr. Light-Triangle-Head. When you speak with him, he will tell you about the Wise Prophet. descend the ladder.

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