Sally Face Walkthrough Episode 2

Sally Face Walkthrough Episode 2

Last Updated on 28 April, 2023

Sally Face Walkthrough Episode 2 – Complete and step-by-step guide to the sedond chapter or episode of the Portable Moose game, so you can complete it from start to finish

Explore a spooky journey with the youngster with a prosthetic face and a horrible past. Sally Face and his father move into an apartment that has strange occupants and a regrettable crime scene in the first episode, Strange Neighbors. They had no idea what fate still awaited them.

Discover the truth that lurks in the shadows by unraveling the frightening riddles of Sally’s world.

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Sally Face Walkthrough – Episode 2

Chapter / Episode 2 Walkthrough by Featherfall Studios.

First Steps

You return to being a youngster in the dream. When you find your mother seated on the ground with the picnic basket, turn right. You persuade her to let you leave so you can pet the dog. Right-turn and keep going until you reach the park’s entrance.

Wow, at this point your face is already covered in blood and injuries. What took place to you? Until you reach the ambulance, turn right and then turn right again. the ambulance, please.

Time has advanced once more. You are at Mrs. Sanderson’s apartment to assist her in clearing the clog in her toilet. The scene plays out just as Larry told it to you earlier. Turn left to enter the restroom.

Pick up the PLUNGER off the floor in the restroom. You see yourself in the sewage system.

Up until you spot the pony, turn right. The pony will tell you that he is thirsty and will beg you to give him some water. Turn left to reach the ladder, then climb it.

Take a few steps to the right and turn the wall switch. Nothing occurs. Take a couple more steps to the right and then climb the next ladder.

When you spot the switch in the wall, turn left. Switch it on. A green light illuminates. Take a few steps to the right and then climb the ladder.

Take a few steps to the right and turn the wall switch. A second green light turns on. Return to the first switch in the wall by descending two levels of the sewers.

The wall switch should be turned. The green light turns on this time. Take a few steps to the left and descend the ladder to reach the bottom level.

Now observe the crystal-clear blue water circulating through the sewers. Go directly to the pony. Continue straight to the door after crossing over the pony. To exit the sewers, go through the door.

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