Shindo Life Face Id Codes List – February 2024

Shindo Life Face Id Codes

Last Updated on 13 February, 2024

Shindo Life Face Id Codes List – Tons of Faces ids, how to change your Faces, and how to find all the available Faces

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Shindo Life Face Id Codes List – Best Faces

These are the best Faces we have found:

  • DS face (Kokushibo pack): 8604139992 > Link
  • Sharingan Broken Face: 1164078172 > Link
  • obito face: 5890113310 > Link
  • madara sharingan face: 2440933395 > Link
  • minato face: 1013375868 > Link
  • rock lee face: 2953907204 > Link
  • jiraya face: 417404361 > Link
  • sasuke ms face: 414933979 > Link
  • sasuke face: 1243769289 > Link
  • orochimaru right Eye: 2819587986 > Link
  • regular sharingan: 1131444614 > Link
  • sharingan Eyes itatchi mangekyo: 934345192 > Link
  • blue and white ms: 6022351891 > Link
  • hokage naruto face: 727692297 > Link
  • regular naruto face: 877365680 > Link

But there are tons of Faces, check the next section to find them

Shindo Life Face Id Codes List – How to find more Faces?

These are the steps to find new Faces:

  1. Go to the roblox page and enter “s” in the search box
  2. Choose> Search “s” in Library
  3. Enter Shindo Life Faces or Shindo Life Face in the search box, and select “Decals” in the drop-down on the right, then click on Search
  4. There are over 100,000 faces to choose from, so try to sort them by favorites or relevant
  5. Choose a face, go to its page to get it, and look at the url : So if you want the freckle face, the if is the number after library in the url: 12656209

How to Change your Faces?

These are the steps to change your Faces, but keep in mind that you will need rell coins to do it

  1. Open the game
  2. Go to the character customization Screen
  3. Tap the “+” button next to the Face (left menu)
  4. Enter the id of the face you want in the right and left face id text box area
  5. Yes, it’s not free, you need to buy neach face with rell coins, but if you need Rell Coins check the codes

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