Shindo Life Pants Id Codes List

Shindo Life Pants Id Codes

Last Updated on 16 February, 2023

Shindo Life Pants Id Codes List – Tons of Pants ids, how to change your Pants, and how to find all the available Pants

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Shindo Life Pants Id Codes List – Best Pants

These are the best Pants we have found:

  • Shindo Life Shindo Pants: 6013607573 > Link
  • Adam Ainosuke Shindo SK8 The Infinity pants: 6462401517 > Link
  • Naruto Shindo pants: 6245087584 > Link
  • Shindo Academy Blue Flames pants: 6134574361 > Link
  • Shindo Academy Obsidian pants: 6134582960 > Link
  • Kakashi Shinobi Uniform (Naruto) pants: 4884437875 > Link
  • Rogue Lineage White Shinobi pants: 6070923600 > Link
  • Rogue Lineage Shinobi pants: 5161705136 > Link
  • Kirigakure (Hidden Mist Village Shinobi) pants: 4919622951 > Link
  • Shinobi Sensei pants: 4152379891 > Link
  • Basic Konoha Shinobi Pants (Puch, Kunai) pants: 2384643438 > Link
  • Trap Life Jeans w/ Air Max Lava 1s pants: 2569087440 > Link
  • Life Guard Shorts pants: 7505361053 > Link
  • Pretty Life Amazing Friends Lovely Personality: 1160559512 > Link

But there are tons of Pants, check the next section to find them

Shindo Life Pants Id Codes List – How to find more Pants?

These are the steps to find new Pants:

  1. Go to the roblox page and go to the avatar shop (top menu)
  2. Left Menu > Clothing > Pants or all clothing
  3. Enter Shindo Life and search, you can sort by relevance, favorites…. or whatever you want
  4. Choose a Pant or a complete outfit, og to its page, like if you were going to buy it, but don’t buy it
  5. Copy the number from the url, example:, copy just 1160559512, it is the id

How to Change your Pants?

There are not many independent pants, almost all of them are part of an outfit. If you only want the pants, paste the id only in pants, if you want the complete outfit, paste the same id in pants and shirt

These are the steps to change your Pants, but keep in mind that you will need rell coins to do it

  1. Open the game
  2. Go to the character customization Screen
  3. Tap the “+” button next to the Outfit (left menu)
  4. Enter the Pant id and buy it with rell coins, if you have the id of a complete outfit enter the outfit id
  5. Enjoy all the new outfits, if you need rell coins Rell Coins check the codes

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