Ship Of Fools Characters Tier List

ship of fools character tier list

Last Updated on 7 September, 2023

Ship Of Fools Characters Tier List – For Ship Of Fools players, this guide provides you with a list of character levels, let’s take a look at them.

Ship Of Fools Characters Tier List – Lotte Tier

Crazy starting trinket, some of the most powerful ammo in the game seem to be the ones that are said to be of “limited” use, and they load a twin cannon, which also doubles their passive weapon value.

The real power lies in stockpiling planks, harpoons, and most importantly, money. Funding basically turns any run into easy mode. You’ve won over 1000+ cash before completing District 1. If you can earn gold to damage trinkets, you can basically kill every enemy and boss in the game in one shot.

Coins, planks and harpoons are also fired every 3rd time, so all % chance trinkets are 3x more likely to proc because each hit is handled separately.

Best used with Double Shot and Grape Cannon, if you decide not to use those 3 items, the starter trinkets are still very powerful with high capacity bombs and ammo.

Seems to scale regeneration speed based on ammo type and max capacity, so +capacity artifacts and trinkets work best for her.

Ship Of Fools Characters Tier List – S Tier


Can’t really tell if Hink or Quill are better at shooting, so I put them both at S tier, I haven’t quite figured out how their trinkets work, but it seems to be proportional to what they hit, ie penetrating Birds, for example, increase their damage by 1 for each enemy they impale on their next hit. The base damage increase of the Fool’s Ship is very large. She doesn’t seem to be as dependent on good jewels as Hink is, but good shot jewels don’t seem to be particularly rare either.


Very powerful trinkets, once you infuse some trinkets trigger all effects and spray them into an area on critical strike. If you get the Berserk trinket it crits on almost every hit, many trinkets also add a small percentage to crit chance, some have a high percentage, both Hink and Quill are good picks for gunners.


Very powerful trinket, you load up your guns and you or your archer friends can take them down with huge buffs, the damage and speed increases are pretty obvious and somewhat self-explanatory, a direct buff per load of ammo.

Ship Of Fools Characters Tier List – A Tier


Best Paddle users, quick attacks work well with in-game artifacts and trinkets. Quick to fend off boarders and melee fighters, while your buddy cannon cannon, there’s really not much to say Wearing a piece of jewelry can quickly become silly.


Places all types of egg ammo, seems to work on egg related relics too, seems like mostly normal eggs, but eggs are very powerful ammo, especially early on, just RNG heavy, the eggs you get sometimes get ahead of you Ended up getting one even in the super early stages.

Ship Of Fools Characters Tier List – B Tier


Krillstoph is solid, the trinket lets you quickly parry melee attackers in a tricky spot, the only reason I put it here instead of A is because I think when you pick a character dedicated to paddling based on the current boss Todd is usually more useful when we have fights. Not much to say, really just didn’t stand out.


Spare a harpoon on use, really powerful with the right combination of relics and trinkets, but probably very dependent on the RNG to get those. I’ve never really had a problem with huge harpoons in barrels, so saving never felt too big to me, Lotte kind of makes it irrelevant, and loaded harpoon ammo works with all trinkets regardless How easy it is to be an A-level solo if you’re lucky, but otherwise nothing special.

Ship Of Fools Characters Tier List – C Tier


The problem with Finley’s starting trinkets is that you only really benefit from damage to your ship when it takes damage, which you’re trying to avoid, and seem to mostly provide money and harpoons, but can also provide things like shields. Basically the only starting trinket in the game that doesn’t have a constant value throughout the run. Avoiding damage does not give you an advantage.


Similar issue to Finley, gives a few seconds of rage when stunned or knocked down, useful to trigger if your buddy hits you, sort of a solo only D class, you have to make your buddy take the time to Trigger it, which can be best spent on general shoots. Good at when you need to paddle and step on each other’s toes. Rage is a powerful effect, so it’s worth doing, especially if you’re unlucky early on on the run. But generally not high uptime.

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