Signalis Endings Guide – Unlock x4 Endings

Signalis Endings

Last Updated on 11 November, 2022

Signalis Endings Guide – Unlock x4 Endings – Promise Ending, Leave Ending, Memory Ending and Secret Ending (Key of Love, Key of Sacrifice and Key of Eternity locations)

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Signalis Endings Guide – Promise Ending

These are the tips to unlock the Promise Ending:

  • Take your time, the longer the game lasts the better
  • Kill all the enemies you can (a good way to extend the game)
  • As long as you have your enemies controlled, play with low health as much as you can
  • Take as much damage as you can
  • Die often when facing bosses, and several times when facing the final boss
  • Avoid talking to NPCs and spending time in safe zones

Signalis Endings Guide – Leave Ending

These are the tips to unlock the Leave Ending:

  • Kill only essential enemies to progress
  • Heal as fast as you can
  • Talk to as many NPCs as you can
  • Check all the doors, even the ones that are locked
  • Spend at least 10 minutes in each safe zone

Signalis Endings Guide – Memory Ending

These are the tips to unlock the Memory Ending:

  • It’s almost a speedrun, you must complete the game in less than 6 hours
  • Avoid killing unnecessary enemies, run and kill the righteous ones
  • Also Avoid being hurt
  • Avoid talking to NPCs
  • And avoid spending time in safe areas

It’s like the previous ending, but at full speed

Secret Ending

These are the tips to unlock the Secret Ending

Unlock the safe before fighting the final boss, to unlock the safe you will need x3 keys:

  • Key of Love: 2F Leng –Isolation Room – cage to the bottom right & radio frequency = 096.000.
  • Key of Eternity: 8F Leng > room after the dark room that requires the flashligh > shelf between beds & radio frequency = 065.000.
  • Key of Sacrifice: Rotfort (Itou Store Backroom > Boxes & radio frequency = 240.000

After getting all three keys, solve the puzzle in Rotfort and open the safe on the other side of the passage.

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