Signalis Incinerator Puzzle Solution – Fire Key

Signalis Incinerator Puzzle Solution

Last Updated on 11 November, 2022

Signalis Incinerator Puzzle Solution – A guide to solve the Incinerator Puzzle in the Incinerator Room to get the Fire Key

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Video Guide – Fire Key

Perhaps the easiest thing is to watch a video how to complete the puzzle. Although of course we leave you all the explanations in the next section. But if you want to go easy, start with this video guide from Mista FiOth

If after watching the video you want more information to understand the logic of the puzzle, continue reading in the next section

Signalis Incinerator Puzzle Solution

Signalis’ Incinerator Room puzzle features two incinerator chambers, one closed and one open. In order to obtain the Fire Key, you must first unlock the locked chamber. To do so, adjust the dials on the panel to the left of it.

You must first obtain the Incinerator Room Key. After exiting the elevator, proceed through the door on the east wall. This will take you to a corridor with a Replika in it. Proceed to the south and exit the entrance on the left.

This brings you to the Waiting Room. Except for a large entrance at the north and several empty chairs around the walls, it’s mostly empty. The SWORD Cipher is kept in the chairs opposite where you entered. Return to the corridor after reading it.

Enter another hallway through the door across from the Waiting Room. There will be two Replikas in this room. Following them will be a door in the north wall leading to the Nurse’s Station. The SWORD Safe is located in this chamber. To open the Safe Code and obtain the Incinerator Room Key, use the SWORD radio frequency and the Cipher.

Return to the main hallway and enter the door directly across from the elevator chamber. To access the Morgue, enter via the entrance on the north wall on the right. You may dodge the Replikas by going around the edge and entering the Incinerator Room at the top.

Go to the panel between the incineration chambers and grab the Thermite Flares on the table to the left. Turn the CO2 dial to the left five notches, the Gas dial to the right five notches, and the O2 dial to the left eight notches. Then, on the right side of the panel, pull the lever to switch off the active incinerator. This will allow you to open it and obtain the Fire Key

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