Signalis Sword Safe Code – Incinerator Room keycard.

Signalis Sword Safe Code

Last Updated on 13 November, 2022

Signalis Sword Safe Code – A guide to find the Sword Safe Code and solve the puzzle in the Nurse’s room to get the Incinerator Room keycard

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Video Guide – Incinerator Room keycard

Perhaps the easiest thing is to watch a video how to complete the puzzle. Although of course we leave you all the explanations in the next section. But if you want to go easy, start with this video guide from gotanyrizla

If after watching the video you want more information to understand the logic of the puzzle, continue reading in the next section

Signalis Sword Safe Code

Signalis’ sword safe code is 28093. When you open the safe, you will receive the Eidetic Module and the Incinerator Room keycard.

Elster will wind up at a new facility area after falling through the hole in the original one. The radio is your priority, but bear in mind that there will be plenty more diseased Replikas surrounding. Save your ammunition and, if necessary, use stun prods.

When you arrive, enter through the west door and summon the elevator. When it comes, enter the room and take the Maintenance Key from the shelf. Then return to the previous place.

Proceed through the north entrance. This will lead you to a corridor with a closed door at the end. Unlock the Miantenenance panel, then unlock the door by changing the blue teeth on the lockpicking gadget to match the cylinder heights.

Go through the rooms, checking each one for objects in the Office, First Aid Station, and Evidence Storage, which features a locked Butterfly Box. Take the keycard from the East Wing and open the door on the right.

This will lead to two doors on the north wall, but you’ll want to walk via the door on the south wall’s far right. This will take you to the Kitchen, which has a closed door leading to Mensa. After dealing with the Replika, proceed south into the Pantry. Go through the door with the Mensa keycard.

Mensa will have two Replikas. Avoid or battle them, but walk via the southern entrance. This will take you to another region with a number of doors. To get to the Rationing Office, go through the door against the wall on the right. Take the West Wing keycard and exit through the south left door.

This is going to be a bathroom with a broken butterfly key. Take it, then return to the elevator area to open the West Wing.

Pass through the north door, through the mine shaft, and into the Locker Room. To reach the Showers with the second half of the Broken Butterfly Key, exit through the north entrance. Combine them and proceed out the right door.

Continue through the chambers, battling any Replikas along the way, until you reach another corridor with two doors on the north side. Check the door to the left for a bloodied chamber with a frequency list

From there, you may return east to the Butterfly Box and open it. When you pick up the relic within, you’ll be transported to a new location.

Investigate the room on the right in first-person mode and take the Radio from the computer desk. Return to Evidence Storage by returning outside and tuning your radio to the frequency on the lock.

You’ll receive the Safe codes you need depending on the sign on the Safe using the Radio and the list of frequencies. Unlock the Safe in the Office with the TREE frequency code to obtain a Protektor ID Card. Use this to activate the elevator controls and travel to Floor 3.

When you arrive, enter via the far right door. This will send you to the beginning of a corridor with a Replika roaming about. Avoid or kill it as you walk south, then enter the waiting area through the left entrance.

There will be a SWORD piece of paper with a Cipher according to the code from the SWORD frequency. This reveals the sword safe code, 28093, which equates to NFEKB when encoded using the Cipher. Return to the corridor and enter the door opposite the Waiting Room.

This will lead you to another corridor with several doors and two Replikas. Enter the Nurse’s Station through the door on the far right of the north wall. The sword safe will be located along the north wall. To obtain the Eidetic Module and the Incinerator Room keycard, enter the alphabetic sword safe code.

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