Solar Ash Trophy Guide

Solar Ash Trophy Guide

Last Updated on 3 December, 2021

Solar Ash Trophy Guide – All the trophies and tutorials to unlock them all, a guide to unlock the All Done platinum trophy

Solar Ash Trophy Guide – All Trophies List

  • All Done: Attain all Trophies
  • Your Eyes Are Open: Activate Cyd (Story Related)
  • All Systems Go: Fully power the Starseed (Story Related)
  • The Aggrieved Stranger: Complete Lyris’ Quest (check the guide)
  • Crust Station Vacation: Complete Ames’ Quest (check the guide)
  • Ahrric’s Pilgrimage: Complete Ahrric’s Quest (check the guide)
  • A Helping Hand: Complete all NPC quests (the x3 previous quests)
  • Hobbyist Archaeologist: Collect 1 Voidrunner Stash
  • VoidSprinter: Complete the game in under 3 hours
  • Speedy Slayer: Kill 5 enemies in under 5 seconds
  • Aerial Assailant: Kill 3 enemies without touching the ground
  • Pretty Fly: Remain airborne for 10 seconds
  • Plasma Drive: Collect 1000 Plasma
  • Plasma Overdrive: Collect 5000 Plasma
  • Universal Donor: Collect 10000 Plasma
  • Reliquarian: Collect all Voidrunner Stashes (check collectibles)
  • A Veruki’s Tale: Find 5 of Tarragon Danderpaw’s lost journals (check collectibles)
  • There and Back Again: Find all of Tarragon Danderpaws’ lost journals (check collectibles)
  • Glutton For Punishment: Complete the game on Hardcore Mode
  • Rei-gn Supreme: Attain 100% completion on a save file

Secret Trophies

  • Wyrmslayer: Destroy the Remnant in the Crater (Story Related)
  • City Slicker: Destroy the Remnant in the Broken Capital (Story Related)
  • Tripod Toppled: Destroy the Remnant in Ironroot Basin (Story Related)
  • Head In The Clouds: Destroy the Remnant in the Eternal Garden (Story Related)
  • Disarmed: Destroy the Remnant in the Mirrorsea (Story Related)
  • Towers of Power: Destroy the Remnant in the Luminous Peak (Story Related)
  • Urban Explorer: Locate Cyd in the Broken Capital (Story Related)
  • Rooting For You!: Locate Cyd in Ironroot Basin (Story Related)
  • So Mush More: Locate Cyd in the Eternal Garden (Story Related)
  • Beach Day: Locate Cyd in the Mirrorsea (Story Related)
  • A Lava-ly Time: Locate Cyd in The Luminous Peak (Story Related)
  • Moving Forward: Destroy the Starseed and free Echo (1st of two Endings, just destroy de starseed)
  • Return to Forever: Activate the Starseed (2nd of two Endings, just destroy de starseed)

Solar Ash Trophy Guide – Guides

Guides for the three NPC’s quests:

  • The Aggrieved Stranger: Find her in Broken Capital (top of 1st area’s building), next locations
    • Top of the clocktower
    • Apartment building towards the back left of the area
    • Ironroot Basin > Dross Harvester
    • Ironroot Basin > Forest Altar
  • Crust Station Vacation: Find him in Mirrorsea area > Talk to him again (on the ship, top of 1st area)
    • Lernaea squad: Before the dam, there is a crashed ship > Red device
    • Cymothoae Squad: underneath the Anomaly in the Falling Waters district
    • Gnathia Squad: crashed into the tower in the Falling Waters district
    • Argulus Squad: crashed into a cliff in the Industrial Sector
    • Trophy: underneath the Senate Pavilion > hole
  • Ahrric’s Pilgrimage: area leading from the Broken Capital to the Eternal Garden
    • Eternal Garden > Talk to Ahrric
    • Eternal Garden > right of Cyd > anomaly behind a door > lower level to the right > Elder
    • Dark area underneath the central building > destroy the anomaly > Elder
    • Luminous Peak > same island as Cyd > lower area near the red mushroom
    • Luminous Peak > go through the large tower > long grind rail > archway on the right > end of this corridor
    • Crystal Palace > find Ahrric

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